China Development Bank: to delay the disclosure of 2020 Annual Report
Recalling 2021-05-04 14:34:29
The annual report season is drawing to a close ,4 month 30 Japan , The National Development Bank ( Hereinafter referred to as “ China Development Bank ”) The announcement said , Disclosure will be delayed 2020 Annual report .

 The National Development Bank : Disclosure will be delayed 2020 Annual report

Announcement shows that , Thanks to CDB 2020 The relevant review process of the annual report has not yet been completed , Unable to 2021 year 4 month 30 It was disclosed to the public a few days ago . Is speeding up the process , Disclose as soon as possible 2020 Annual report .

according to the understanding of , CDB has postponed the disclosure of its annual report for two consecutive years . It was also last year 4 month 30 A notice was issued on May , Affected by the epidemic , Not yet completed 2019 Review process of annual report .

The data shows , CDB mainly carries out medium and long-term credit and investment and other financial business , Serve the major medium and long-term development strategy of the national economy . By 2019 end of the year , Total assets of CDB 16.5 Trillion yuan , Loan balance 12.2 Trillion yuan .