Powder suction drainage: evaluate the advanced play of drainage, share the whole set:
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 Suction drainage : Evaluation of advanced play , Full share :

Suction drainage : Evaluation of advanced play , Full share :

Hello , This is fingertip extension , My name is drunk dream , Focus on online entrepreneurship projects , Share the methods of powder aspiration and drainage ;

There are thousands of drainage methods , It's the best to master a way to do the best , Otherwise, they will be greedy , In the end, no drainage method can be used well , If you go back and scold which boss, the method of sharing is more useful , For example, I do drainage myself , I'm good at using writing to drain , And the form of writing is long-term , A drainage article can achieve the effect of long-term drainage , Even if I write a drainage article for one day , But the drainage effect of this article can reach several months , Even for a few years , Even longer , And when I write articles, I can indirectly improve my writing ability ;

So it's best to do drainage or to do what you are good at , You're good at fission , You specialize in fission , If you are good at doing post bar drainage, then you should do it specially , Another advantage of specializing in the drainage of a channel is that the longer you do it , You have more influence in a certain channel ;

Okay , No more nonsense , What I'm going to share with you today is evaluation drainage ; If you specialize in evaluation, drainage is also a good choice ;

I've been emphasizing in my articles that we should try our best to attract accurate fans , But how can we do accurate drainage when we evaluate drainage ?

In fact, the method is very simple , For example, you do skin care , And your colleagues also do skin care , At this time, you two have the same fan attributes , So fans of the same industry are also accurate fans for you ,

So how can we do it ?

Tiktok, I wonder if you will read the reviews when you are shaking the sound. , I saw it anyway , Every time I brush on some popular videos , The following comments are overwhelming , There are also some comments that are praised by many people , You can go straight to the top , In this case, we can do drainage through this situation ;

How to do it? ?

First of all, just find an account that can comment on your works , Then the nickname is the most important , You, like you, are still the one who make up , Your nickname can be called " Let me learn how to make up ", Or teach you how to make up , And so on. ,

Next is to shake your voice account to leave your contact tiktok. , Like your micro signal or something , Leave contact information can refer to your colleagues is how to do , Take other people's methods and apply them , The account can post some videos of your usual make-up , Or directly carry other people's make-up video to their own account ;

Why do you want to set it like this ?

First of all, the first is to guide those who read the comments to click on your account to follow you , The second is if you comment on the advertisement directly below the video , It will be detected as an advertisement by the system , No advertisement is allowed on any platform , So the best way is to directly use the advantages of nicknames to attract ;

Now the problem of attraction is solved , There is a more important issue , How can we rank our reviews at the top ? It's time to do something ;

General comments are ranked according to comment time , Number of liked , Reply and other factors , So you just have to solve these problems , So the probability of your comments in the front row is very high ;

First of all , How to solve the problem of comment time /

Before we have a clear idea of the top factors of comments on the platform , We have to pay more attention to our peers , As long as a peer works , We go to comment the first time , This will not miss every hot video , In fact, to come back , Even if the work is not popular , We're going to comment in the first place , It can also achieve the effect of exposure , In this case, we can only win by quantity , Comment on one more peer , You get a little more exposure ,

second , How to solve the praise problem

There are two ways to solve the problem , The first is to get praise from passers-by by writing God's comments , The second is to spend money on behalf of the brush platform to like ;

First of all, write a review of God , For some people, there is still a big threshold , Because we don't know what kind of comments can become divine comments , At this time, we have to learn to use the powerful Internet , For example, you can go directly to Baidu reviews , Message from God , God's reply or something , What comes out is a pile of divine comments , When commenting, you can use some of the God comments you collected for reference ;

The second is to look for the generation brush platform to praise , Or pull a wechat group by yourself , Like friends , Family members were drawn into the group , After all, who still brushes short videos now , When it's OK, send red envelopes in the group , They are willing to help if you ask them to praise , Except to find someone to like , You can also place an order through some online brushing platforms , Or some like tools , We can solve this problem ;

Third ; Multi platform layout

Kwai or tiktok , Whether it's a public official account or a self media platform. , Or a wechat video Number backed by hundreds of millions of lust traffic , You can do it this way , The process and method are basically the same , In addition to the above factors and points I share , You have to study the rest by yourself ;

This drainage method hardly requires you to be able to take a video , You don't need to keep a number , Can achieve a good method of precise drainage , So go ahead , Maybe this is the best way for you ;

Okay , So much for today , This is fingertip extension , My name is drunk dream , See you next time ;

 Suction drainage : Evaluation of advanced play , Full share :

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