Which of the three big digital currency exchanges, Huo coin, coin security and okex?
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With the rapid rise of the currency circle market , When it comes to virtual money , You think of the exchange , When it comes to exchanges , The first thing that comes to mind is “ Fire money ”、“ Currency security ”、“OKEx” These three big heads . After all, for ordinary investors , Trading on these three exchanges is relatively reliable .

Although the big exchanges have basically divided up most of the market , But there are three legs , It's still different . Regarding this , How on earth should investors choose ? Let's make a good analysis .

One 、 Fire money exchange : Currency circle “ Retail investors ” Most exchanges

 Fire money 、 Currency security 、OKEx, Which of the three giants of the digital currency exchange ?

According to relevant statistics , Fire currency exchange is basically the exchange with the largest number of retail investors of digital currency in the currency circle .

If you're new to digital money , Want to buy money , Basically, the first thing my friends recommend is the hot money exchange , After all, as 13 The old exchange established in , There are still many loyal fans of fire coin . and , To be fair , Fire money has successfully captured the needs of most retail investors , stay “ Cash purchase ”、“ Spot trading ” And other aspects basically achieved the best depth .

and , It is said that the relationship between Huo coin and the government is relatively good among the three major institutions , relatively speaking , If China approves a legal license , It's very likely that fire coin will be the first to get permission .

But inevitably , Compare the other two exchanges , The playing method of fire coin platform is relatively backward , Far behind market demand . Take the fire coin of the recent fire HECO In terms of ecological chain , The game of public chain is not only lagging behind , More because “ Local dog ” There are a lot of projects, and they are scolded by the coin people that they are not perfect .

Two 、OKEx exchange : Currency circle “ Large household ” Most exchanges

 Fire money 、 Currency security 、OKEx, Which of the three giants of the digital currency exchange ?

Fire coin is better than fire coin ,OK Nature also have OK Good. .

If fire coin is the exchange with the largest number of retail investors in the currency circle , that OKEx It's the exchange with the largest amount of money in the currency circle .

Compare the other two exchanges ,OKEx The exchange is the first of the three to open contract trading , And in the process of development, it is gradually moving towards the direction of contract . In the past 2020 This year is called the first year of the contract , and OKEx The exchange also took advantage of the situation to launch a lot of contract play ,OKex The contract is in multiple , I'm famous , Has it attracted a lot of contract players , The market is very sticky .

in the course of time ,OKEx It has become the wind vane of the currency circle contract .

But there is a saying that , since “ contract ” yes OKEx The main selling point of , Then the disadvantages are also obvious , One of the criticisms is that “ A pin ” The phenomenon is frequent . meanwhile , The platform also has many times because “ Transaction rollback ” The problem is going around , The market is very controversial .

Although I say OKEx I've also been on some junk currency , But because it's off the shelf in time , It didn't make a big impact either . Of course , It may also be influenced by the audience , After all, compared with the new currency ,OKEx The big players in China are obviously more concerned about contract playing .

3、 ... and 、 Currency exchange : The most international exchange

 Fire money 、 Currency security 、OKEx, Which of the three giants of the digital currency exchange ?

Compared with the two exchanges above , Currency security Binance It can be said that a new force has sprung up , With a large number of overseas registered users , In the whole exchange market .

17 Year of 9·4 The event made fire coin ,OKEx At the same time , Also let coin an seize the opportunity . Since it was in use at that time USDT Trade to trade , Let coin an escape the blow of Supervision , As a result, a large number of non tradable domestic users and overseas users rush into the coin security market , It has laid a foundation for the internationalization of currency security .

and , It is worth noting that , Coin safety is a wind vane of half a coin circle in the industry ,19 The year's coin is safe IEO Even dominated the hot spots of the whole year , It has been imitated by many exchanges .

On the whole , Coin an's users come from all over the world , It's a real international exchange . and , Whether it's black or red , There is no denying that , Coin an Heyi has done a good job in brand marketing .

But no matter what the hot spots are, they can't escape the fate of collapse , In the later period, coin an IEO Most of the projects are just chicken feathers , And what I was proud of “ The coin on the line is not broken ” The slogans of "one currency after another" are gradually forgotten as they break through the bear market .

 Fire money 、 Currency security 、OKEx, Which of the three giants of the digital currency exchange ?

Comprehensive, , Each of the three exchanges has its own advantages and disadvantages , It can be summed up in one sentence :

If it's cash in, buy money , It's better to go to the fire coin ; If you like contracts , Consider going to OKEx play ; If you like new currency, new play , You will choose coin an .
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