How to become a live base of Taobao? Here comes the dry goods
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hello , Hello everyone ! Today, I'd like to share with you an article about Taobao live broadcasting base .

We should all know that Taobao is the largest e-commerce platform in China , Have you ever heard of Taobao live broadcasting base ? I believe most of my friends have never heard of Taobao live base , I don't know what it is . Literally, this is the base of Taobao , But what is it ? Now I'm going to take you all to a good study !

 How to become a live base of Taobao ? Here comes the dry goods

The following is from : Ali creator platform

author : Yu Guan

Base value : With the government 、 The linkage of industry associations and well-known enterprises , Based on Taobao live broadcast in the core industry belt area , Form special government policies 、 The source of high-quality goods is up 、 Anchor enabling 、 Business training 、 Activity landing 、 Provide employment and other live ecological closed loop ; Help businesses transform into e-businesses , Expand the channels of industrial operators , Help local economic development , Create more jobs .

Base requirements : The base has special government policies , Including subsidies for live broadcasting enterprises 、 Live broadcast enterprise tax subsidies 、 Live enterprise talent subsidies and other support , Encourage the transformation of live broadcast e-commerce ; At the same time, there should be landing companies to operate , Ensure the platform and government policies are implemented quickly ; The platform will assess the number of live broadcast businesses in the base , Live business activity 、 And live deal GMV And so on .

 How to become a live base of Taobao ? Here comes the dry goods

The following is from : Ali creator platform

author : Yu Guan

1. Officially authorized by Taobao

2. Base management backstage

3. Anchor nurturing enabling

4. Official sophomores help

5. Channel traffic support

6. Custom theme events

 How to become a live base of Taobao ? Here comes the dry goods

The following is from : Ali creator platform

author : Yu Guan

Entry criteria :

One 、 Access conditions :

(1) The business entity of the account must be an enterprise , And complete the real name authentication of Alipay enterprises ( An overseas entity shall entrust an enterprise to handle industrial and commercial registration in China , And complete the real name authentication of Alipay enterprises );

(2) The main body must be the general taxpayer , The registered capital ≥50 ten thousand , Registration time ≥1 year ( If the registration time is not full 1 year , It is necessary to supplement the explanation of main body advantages );

(3) Pay the full amount of deposit , Guarantee amount 10 ten thousand ;

(4) Have certain strength of software and hardware in live broadcasting business , The number of professional live broadcasting rooms ≥10, Office space ( Including the studio ) The total area is at least ≥300㎡; Have a large professional market / brand / Successful cases of local government cooperation projects in industrial belt ; Live broadcasting MCN Institutions 、 Live e-commerce and other related business experience ≥10 Months ;

(5) At least provide 1 And more than a large professional market / brand / Local government cooperation cases or recommended materials in industrial belt ;

Two 、 Operational specifications :

(1) Taobao live base is officially certified by Taobao live platform , For producers 、 An independent third party organization providing services for brands and anchors . Base independent in its own name to the business 、 Brands and anchors provide their services , Taobao live platform does not intervene in the services provided by the base , We will not assume any responsibility or provide any guarantee for this .

(2) Taobao live platform to meet the conditions of the base 、 And the merchants who have settled in the base 、 Brand and anchor support programs , In any case , The base shall not make any comments on the above support plans and contents , To merchants 、 Brands and anchors charge for anything , Don't exaggerate 、 Fictitious 、 Propaganda in a misleading way , Or attract businesses in this way 、 Brand and anchor cooperation ;

(3) All the bases that have passed the certification audit , Will be in 7 Within working days, through the official channel of Taobao live platform ( We'll be online later ) Make it public , The official certification base of Taobao live broadcast is not included in the official Formula list ;

(4) Ali creation platform 、 Taobao live platform 、 Ali V The opening of task platform business authority , And the right to live broadcast , There is no charge for the platform , The base has no authority to open and allocate resources , No fee will be charged to the content creators in the above name .

(5) Without prior written authorization , The base shall not carry out any commercial activities or false propaganda in the official name of Taobao live broadcast , All foreign cooperation activities should show the identity of an independent third party ;

(6) Do not encourage or abet businesses / The anchor swipes the list 、 Swiping data and other dishonest behaviors , If this behavior is found, it should be stopped in time ;

(7) Don't leak the base to any third party / merchants / Any information from the anchor ;

(8) The base must strictly abide by 《 Alibaba creative platform service organization cooperation agreement 》 And the relevant rules that the platform has released or will release and publicize in the future , And urge the brands introduced by the base to carry out live broadcasting activities 、 Business and anchor strictly abide by 《 Content creator management rules 》, If the base violates the agreement 、 Violating the platform rules and this specification causing adverse effects , Or the content creator's account is violated due to the violation of the base , serious , Taobao live platform has the right to cancel the base certification , meanwhile , Such as causing losses to businesses ( Including, but not limited to, penalty points deducted from merchant accounts 、 Freeze permissions or clear them ), The base should be solely responsible for , It has nothing to do with the platform ;

(9) Taobao live base certification is valid for one year , Failed to pass renewal certification at expiration , Or failed to meet the operation assessment standards , The official certification will be invalid automatically , The base shall immediately stop using all kinds of signs granted by Taobao live broadcast 、 trademark , And not with “ Taobao live base ” Any publicity in the name of 、 Activities .

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