Ten factors influencing website keyword ranking
Li Hua Mo 2021-05-04 12:40:32

Website keyword ranking fluctuates , If it's just a backward fluctuation, some positions are normal , If it's ranked at the top or the bottom , There's a big problem .

1、 Baidu's own adjustment

under these circumstances , Stationmaster need not worry . Baidu snapshot database error ranking due to its own adjustment and disappear , It's fully automatic . This usually happens in Baidu's adjustment period , Like the end of the month and the beginning of the month . If so , Webmaster can continue his normal optimization , Never mind , Baidu will automatically recover in the next few days , This happens from time to time , You can pay attention to some announcements of Baidu webmaster platform , Baidu official will give some announcements , And then help customers recover .

2、 The reason for the site's own optimization

If so , So the website is bound to violate the algorithm , Or somewhere seo Optimization details are judged as cheating websites and low-quality websites by Baidu , Because it reduces the display of the website and cancels the good ranking . here , We just need to find out the cause of the website problem , Then according to the official website optimization tips for the corresponding rectification . After rectification , We can complain to Baidu webmaster platform , about 15 It's going to recover in a few days .

So for the site ranking suddenly disappear all 100 Out of name , How to analyze the problem , How to recover ? Here are also some references .

 Influence website keyword ranking 10 One factor

1, The content quality of the website is too poor , No good content updates

Many websites don't update very well , Or not many updates , Or the updated contents are all copied pseudo original information , Therefore, it is suggested to update more original information or high-quality pseudo original information , Try to use less pseudo primitive tools .

2, The other side of the site friend chain problem

Search engine optimization , The exchange of friend chains is very common , But once other websites are punished by Baidu , It will involve its own website , So delete the links to friends with problems , And delete it in time .

3, A large number of websites are lost

The site may have done a lot of external links . If a lot of external links suddenly disappear , Website keyword ranking will suddenly disappear . Generally speaking , They have contact information on the official website . natural , They provide external links to official websites . Once the media is removed , A lot of external links will disappear , This will also have an impact on the website keyword ranking .

4, The reason for the revision of the website

After the revision of the website , A large number of old links collected can't be opened , It's caused the rankings to disappear . therefore , It is suggested to complete the website modification 301 Two redirections and 404 A page , The modification column of the webmaster platform website should be replaced with a link .

5, The server is unstable or cannot be opened for a long time

The web server is unstable , Too slow to open , It can easily lead to a high jump rate . If it doesn't open for a long time , Will directly affect the ranking of the website . therefore , We need to make sure that the server is stable , The opening speed is normal , We can't stop websites from being accessible for a long time .

6, Violation of Baidu algorithm

Baidu has come up with many different algorithms for SEO specifications , Websites that touch these algorithms will be demoted by Baidu , Leading to the sudden disappearance of rankings 、 There has been a sharp decline in the number of entries 、 Snapshot date reverse masking . At this time, webmasters need to check which aspects of the website touched the algorithm , Timely rectification and submit to Baidu for treatment . The common ones are keyword stacking , Title stack , Brush Click 、 Link transaction 、 Dark chain 、 Use the spider pool 、 Content collection, etc , Stationmaster needs to check and rectify one by one .

7, The website is linked with black chain

The website was hacked , And secretly hung up some illegal information links , These links are not easy to find at first , But Baidu did it ahead of time , No ranking given . We can view the collection of the website through the website naming , Turn a few more pages to see if there is non website content , If there is , Can inform website construction personnel to handle in time .

8, There are a lot of dead links in the website

There are lots of dead links on the website , It also affects rankings . This requires website administrators to query through some dead link query tools , And deal with it in time .

9, Website frequently modify keywords and title settings

This is a common problem for webmasters , Because some words don't appear on the expected home page , They often change titles and keywords to optimize , The editor suggested SEO Don't change the optimization settings as often as possible .

10, The website is over optimized

Webmaster in order to rank faster , Over optimize the website , such as , A large number of page layout throughout the station, a large number of keywords 、 The density is too high , Too many keywords in the content of the website are bold, colored and linked to the home page , Add a large number of links in a short time and so on , It's all over optimization .

The above is listed out the impact of website keyword ranking 10 factors , There are many kinds of website problems , The above contents provide reference , Specific problems should be dealt with according to the actual situation .

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