The first day of May Day? Zhengzhou bus stations send 139000 passengers? 1147 overtime shifts
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Image news ( The reporter Ruan Haifeng writing / chart )“ The May Day ” The morning of the first day of the holiday , Zhengzhou bus stations once again ushered in the peak of passenger travel , All bus stations actively organize the departure , Make every effort to ensure the travel of passengers . Because of the traffic jam , Causing slow traffic , The pressure on transportation security of bus stations has increased sharply .

The bus stations of Zhengzhou transportation group do a good job in on-site service and comfort for passengers , Take the initiative to do a good job in passenger transport , Let passengers travel safely . According to statistics , The first day of the holiday , All stations of Zhengzhou transportation group send passenger flow safely :13.98 Thousands of people , Send a class 2743 class , Work overtime 1147 class .

“ The May Day ” On the first day ? Zhengzhou bus stations send passengers 13.9 ten thousand ? Work overtime 1147 class

“ The May Day ” Holiday reminder :

Buy tickets with valid ID card and real name 、 By bus . According to the requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control , The majority of passengers try to use the Internet to buy tickets 、 Reduce contact , Please wear a mask when you enter the station .

Make good travel planning , Try to avoid rush hours , Please make sure before departure 40 We'll be at the station in five minutes , So as not to delay your journey , E-ticket service has been opened in North railway station , Passengers don't need to collect tickets when they buy e-tickets , By brushing your face 、 You can get in the station by swiping your card . Passengers can advance , adopt “ Yuzhou travel ” Wechat app to buy tickets , You can also scan the QR code through your mobile phone to buy tickets at the entrance .

【 South passenger station 】

5 month 1 Day in the morning 6 spot , There is a long line in front of each ticket window in the ticket hall of South passenger station ,“ Blowout type ” The hall is full of people , There are passengers buying tickets everywhere , There is almost no breathing space in the ticket hall . On May 1, the main passenger flow of South Railway Station was students , In addition, family visits 、 Homecoming flows merge into a strong passenger flow component .

Most of the passengers who buy tickets are still in the short and medium distance direction , The hot line is Xuchang 、 Yichuan 、 Ruzhou 、 Yuzhou 、 Ruyang 、 Dengfeng 、 Jiaxian, etc . In response to Zheng Yao 、 Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao 、 The slow turnover of vehicles on the line caused by the congestion of Lianting expressway , South Station will send more people to each waiting area 、 Use the radio to explain , Strive for the understanding of passengers to the maximum extent , Open all windows at the same time, refund free of charge , The passenger room should increase the frequency of service , Water for special passengers 、 Deliver food , In addition, we should make full use of all resources to actively mobilize transport capacity to work overtime .

By the afternoon 16:30 branch , The south station will send passengers safely 3.44 Thousands of people , Sending frequency 768 class , Work overtime 297 class .

East passenger station

“ The May Day ” The first day of the holiday , Zhengzhou long distance bus east station has ushered in a new round of explosive “ blowout ” passenger flow , Mainly Zhecheng 、 Taikang 、 Puyang 、 Luyi and other medium and short distance , The tourist routes of Kaifeng and Dengfeng are also densely populated . The composition of passenger flow is student flow 、 Visiting relatives 、 Tourism is the main stream . As of the afternoon 16 The passengers are sent safely 2.48 Thousands of people , Send a class 480 class , Work overtime 238.

To avoid passengers waiting for inspection in the open air , The insurance Department organized personnel to build a sunshade at the entrance of the passenger station , Organize personnel to maintain the order of queuing at the scene . The ticket hall is also full of passengers queuing to buy tickets , Man made windows 、 The two self-service areas and temporary windows are all open for ticketing , Make sure passengers get tickets in the shortest time .

During the May Day holiday , Besides organizing production and transportation 、 Keep order , East station services are not discounted , The logistics service warms the heart . The staff of the comprehensive office 、 A golden voice stacked neatly , And the mineral water is delivered to the workers one by one . Staff canteen master in the morning 5 More than a little, we start to have staff lunches , It's clean and hygienic, so that employees can eat at ease 、 don 't worry .

Because the passenger flow in the hall is moderate , And then there's a sudden rise in temperature , East station waiting hall “ Star Airlines ” Service team , Provide free chrysanthemum Gardenia water for passengers . Temporary duty station master office , The station master on duty took the trouble to explain patiently , Check the flight number for passengers, and do a good job in returning and changing the ticket service .“ Star Airlines ” Mobile attendants wear earphones for oral service , Remind passengers to take the bus , In case of old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant and other special passengers, priority tickets will be provided in time 、 Waiting 、 Ticket checking 、 Take the bus and other intimate services . Until the afternoon 16 when , The passenger flow has not yet declined , All staff of east railway station are going all out to organize transportation service , Make sure the holidays are safe and orderly , Convenient and smooth .

“ The May Day ” On the first day ? Zhengzhou bus stations send passengers 13.9 ten thousand ? Work overtime 1147 class

【 Central station 】

5 month 1 Japan ,“ The May Day ” The Labor Day holiday officially opens , The fine weather has further stimulated the enthusiasm of many people for holiday travel , In the early morning, the passenger flow of Zhengzhou Bus Center Station continued to grow , Once again, students 、 Visit family 、 Blowout peak of passenger flow superimposed by three tourist flows , Travel directions are mainly concentrated in Dengfeng in the province 、 luoyang 、 Xinyang 、 Linying 、 Luohe 、 Zhoukou 、 Zhumadian and other central cities, counties and cities . By the afternoon 17 spot , The central station sends passengers 3.5 ten thousand people , Sending frequency 889 class , More overtime 293 class .

morning 6 Some more , Passengers from south to North gather in the square in front of the central station , There is a long queue of passengers waiting for security check , The cadres and workers of the central station quickly put themselves into the production organization .9 P.m. , There are a lot of travelers coming , There are a lot of people in the square , Shoulder to shoulder , full of people . Facing the peak of passenger flow , Volunteer service staff at the central station help passengers to speed up ticket sales 、 Pick up speed , Relieve the pressure of passengers queuing .

All the manual ticket windows in the ticket office are open ; Move the passenger entrance to the front of the hall , Increase ticket inspectors , Multi post ticket checking , Double post security , Try to make passengers enter the station as quickly as possible ; Add settlement personnel and equipment in the station , Increase command and guidance personnel in the parking lot , Do a good job of fast in and fast out , Speed up the cycle ; The production command center pays close attention to online sales and pre-sale tickets , Station transportation joint office , Quick communication and collaboration , According to the situation of vehicles, we will increase the number of buses on hot lines ; District police also came to the central station to assist the station to maintain passenger queuing order , Guide the incoming passengers , The staff of various posts make great efforts to serve the holiday travel of passengers .

expect ,5 month 2 The passenger flow of the center station is mainly family visit flow and tourism flow , And it will fall sharply and tend to be stable ;5 In Japan, the main passenger flow is from cities and counties in the province to Zhengzhou , There will be a slight increase in passenger flow, but there will not be a big peak of passenger flow .

Remind passengers : Travel through “ Yuzhou travel ” Wechat app can query the ticket source and book tickets in advance . Take the bus to the station during the rush hour , Please reserve enough time for ticket checking and security check , In order not to affect their travel .

【 North passenger station 】

With the May Day holiday coming , College and secondary school students are on holiday one after another ,5 month 1 The May day passenger flow of ribei station is fully started . Among them, the short-distance direction is mainly Xinxiang and Pingyuan new area , The medium and long distance traffic is mainly concentrated in Linzhou 、 Puyang 、 Fengqiu 、 Yuanyang 、 Huojia 、 Jiaozuo and other places , The composition of passenger flow is student flow 、 Visiting relatives is the main stream , 90% of them are students . As of the afternoon 16 spot , All passengers are sent safely 2.8 Thousands of people , Send a class 541 class , Work overtime 283 class .

Early this morning , The passenger flow continuously flows into the north station , In the morning 8 At around , Gradually form the peak of passenger flow , To minimize passenger aggregation , The north station started the emergency plan in time , Open up a number of passenger security and waiting channels , Put... In the passenger access “ Scan the code to buy tickets ” Display Board , Volunteer service teams of Party and League members scan code and buy tickets for hot lines , Guide passengers to travel without contact , It greatly eases the queuing time for passengers to buy tickets during peak passenger flow hours .

In addition to online shopping 、 Self service machine 、 Besides manual and multi line code scanning , Also opened a number of temporary special line artificial window . For the elderly and other special groups of passengers , The north station sets up a manual ticket window beside the service desk in the waiting hall , The ticketing service is jointly operated , On site help passengers solve travel problems , All returns and changes , Or consulting , In case of service quality problems and emergencies , Passengers can find the station master at the first time , No more difficulties on the way home .

To reduce the waiting pressure in the lobby , It's convenient for passengers to line up for a ride . The north station organizes personnel to set up Linzhou in the departure area on the second floor 、 Puyang 、 Changyuan and other line waiting areas and key passenger waiting service areas , It greatly meets the high-density passenger waiting demand .

【 West passenger station 】

The May Day If Xiao Chang comes here by appointment ,5 month 1 morning 8 P.m. , The number of passengers travelling from the west railway station is increasing , Station Square , There's a lot of people outside the ticket office , There are long lines in front of the ticket windows and self-service ticket machines .

In order to relieve the pressure of ticket selling at the ticket window , Minimize passenger aggregation , The West Railway Station decisively arranged the second-line staff to support the first-line work , Add a number of temporary ticket outlets in the front square , A number of self-service ticket vending machines and multi line code scanning tickets . Moving the station forward greatly facilitates passengers to consult and purchase tickets , The first time to help passengers to solve the problems encountered in travel , Make the ticket more quickly , Make sure passengers travel more smoothly .

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