Male supervisor persuades female subordinates to accept big leader's harassment: female subordinates want to dismiss her after refusing
Xiao Li 2021-05-04 12:31:35

2017 year 9 month , Xiaoling ( alias ) Officially joined a company , Wang is in charge of her department , Ding is Wang's superior . First day of employment , Ding sent many ambiguous wechat messages to Xiaoling . the second day , Xiaoling sent the ambiguous wechat screenshot to Wang , Ask what to do with . Wang only replied with a smile .2018 year 8 month 30 Japan , Wang made an appointment with Xiaoling , Ask why the attitude to Ding is abnormal , Also said ,“ He's so direct , If I were , Get close to you first , Feel it , And talk ”.2018 year 11 month , Wang proposed to the personnel department of the company to expel Xiaoling . According to the company's investigation , Ding left on his own in violation of the company's regulations , Wang was dismissed by the company for serious violation of discipline . Wang Mou refuses to accept and takes the company to court . In recent days, , The Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People's court publicly adjudicated the labor contract dispute . ( source : Morning news “021 video ”)

 The male supervisor advised the female subordinates to accept the harassment of the big leader : After the female subordinate refused, she wanted to be dismissed from the personnel department

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