How to integrate SEO into work
Xifeng 2021-05-04 12:18:37

seo How to integrate yourself into the work

As seo star , Know nothing about , It won't be hopeless , How can I integrate myself into this familiar job in the shortest week ?

1. without doubt , The top priority is to get those SEO Basically, I have a thorough understanding of , Lay a solid foundation , This must be done !

2. Collect and register all kinds of forums , Blog , Web pages, etc. are used as inventory resources for mid-term work ; This is also the most important , It can be said that resources are what we use to fight for , My father's career will be great , It's a long way to go . Of course, this is also a long-term work , It's a big accumulation step . At a later stage , As a star , I don't know anything , Where to find resources , Here are two ways to recommend :a. To such as webmaster network these webmaster forum below turn over their old post , You'll find a lot of resources that people share ;b. If you want to save a week, you have to spend some money on the website to buy resources ;

3. The association uses and is familiar with the website front desk operation , Such as the publication of articles , Adding links , Photo modification and upload , Editor in chief and modification of product features , Product upload and revision , The addition of critics and so on ; This may not be the same for everyone , In short, we must understand the basic operation in some stations ;

4. Tell me about my daily work schedule :

a. Evening to the company, I will first with the help of stationmaster machine and statistical machine to understand the website , Take a look at the collection of the website 、 Outside the chain 、 dynamic 、 Keyword ranking 、 There are no big changes in links , If there is , Find out the factors , An antidote against the disease . If not, skip this step and go to monthly work ;

b. Open the front desk , And related documents , The first job , Yes 20 A number of Netease and Tencent blogs have been revised , Use the recent articles on our company's information page , One is to promote the collection of articles , Secondly, it can be effectively promoted , Third, if included well, it can also be used as the outside chain of the website . What's clear is that a blog changes its version and an article , In addition, reprint a recent blog from other popular blogs, and then add a link to our website .

c. Weeks of work , I usually do Q & A websites ( Tencent knows , Check it out , Netease Q & A ,Yahoo Question and answer , And the world of mortals question and answer ;), It's generally difficult to leave links in Q & A websites , But the commercial value is higher . Of course, the association made fun of some professional knowledge , There's not much to talk about here . I usually choose to do it in the afternoon , The visual effect is not bad , I think the audit staff may not wake up in class so that ; ha-ha !

d. In a few weeks , There is a certain difference , Usually I will do classified data website data, such as go to the market ,58, People net, etc , I usually go to some B2B Blog or forum like Huicong , Tesco , Sharif, Dad, something like that .

e. Finally, it's time to visit the forum , Because we have collected some forums in the later period , So it saves a lot of weeks , Post or reply to popular blogs , One thinks it's worth the week .

If there are weeks left , Maybe there will be some seo Celebrity blogs , have a look seo Recent information , Focus on new technology learning in the near future , And you can leave links , Kill two birds with one stone . Or go to find new forum resources as a contingency in the future ;