Penguin app update and release, nine modules upgrade, fully help content creation
network marketing 2021-05-04 12:07:27
36 Krypton learns , In recent days, , Tencent content open platform ( Penguin )App Release a new version , Through the right module 、 Account module 、 Message module 、 Solicitation module 、 Creative module 、 College module 、 Settlement module 、 Data module 、 The nine sections of the document module have been upgraded in an all-round way , Starting from the teaching section, we should foster content creation , The order mode encourages content production 、 One key rights protection mode escorts the rights and interests of creators , Form a closed loop of content creation , Promote the construction of a benign ecosystem of content production . Penguin is Tencent's one-stop content creation and operation platform , Committed to helping the media 、 We-Media 、 Enterprises 、 Institutions get more exposure and attention .
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