Analysis on the operation experience of we media
People in Beijing 2021-05-04 12:07:23

Now we media has become a booming industry , Many personal enthusiasts have joined the industry . I used to be a traditional media person , Now it has become a little editor in the tide of we media . But it's not easy to do well in we media , It's not easy to be a novice in a new industry . After a long time of study and exercise , I've come up with an experience : That is, we have to develop towards specialization , Otherwise, it will be eliminated by the general trend . Take the field I've been working on , There are many interesting phenomena .

 Analysis on the operation experience of we media

1、 The big fish,

Big fish compared to other platforms , The flow is considerable , But the original requirements are strict . But if penguin can survive , Big fish is no problem ; They will send out original invitation , Soon all the functions will be on for you . The big fish bonus is awesome , The highest monthly bonus is ten thousand yuan , So big fish is the platform with the highest bonus .

2、 The headline number

Life videos of the same category as other platforms , In today's headlines, recommendations are relatively low , Maybe it's because there are too many people making delicious food , So it's not unusual for headlines to see this kind of video .

3、 Netease,

Netease is a strange platform , The slogan is that each has its own attitude . But this attitude often confuses me , I don't know why the same video was sent to Netease and deducted points for me , Say I'm not healthy enough . Although I don't know how unhealthy , But in Fenghuang's gale, it was recommended . So Netease is the strangest platform I've ever met .

4、 Phoenix gale

And the gale , Probably because Hong Kong people are curious about the food in the mainland , The life videos with local characteristics I sent are very popular , Gale is my favorite platform with local characteristics .

 Analysis on the operation experience of we media

5、 Penguin

Penguin platform is also a platform for veterans , This platform is the fastest platform of all

6、 Meiyou

This platform is a women's platform , Don't send anything that will make women feel uncomfortable , Otherwise, no one will see it or recommend it , And it can be annoying .

7、 Sogou

I posted a few videos on this platform , At first, there was no recommendation , But after a few days, the recommended amount gradually came up , Let's see again. Let's go straight up to 3 level , So I think this platform seems to be the one that needs authors most .

8、 Iqiyi

Iqiyi gave me very little recommendation , Later, I learned that if this platform was not signed by an organization , I can't get the advertising fee at all , Even withdrawals will be refused …… Terrible ? Unless you sign a contract with an organization and go through channels , It's a one-time audit , Only those who pass the examination are eligible for withdrawal …… So those who want to register should pay attention to

9、 Second beat

This platform is the most difficult platform for me to audit , I have no strength to apply again , It's not the photo that's wrong , In short, there are many reasons …… It's really confusing .

10、 Beautiful beat

This platform is the best platform for interactive design among all platforms , It's very convenient to see some compliments and messages , Once recommended , The amount of reading exceeds ten thousand in an instant , Although there is no income , But traffic is a potential platform .

11、 Volcano video

This platform gives money quickly , Just send a video and give a few shots soon ,1 fire 1 dime , And you can withdraw money at any time . As for the reward mechanism, I don't understand , But there are millions of people on it …… Amazing , It's a platform worth studying .

12、 Tiktok

A lot of people are playing on this platform , But most of them have little income . But of all the platforms, the one that sucks powder most easily , Send any video , As long as there is some connotation, there may be more powder in a moment . I can't earn any traffic share here , Everyone is trying to earn fans , But once you have fans , The price of an advertisement is amazing ……

 Analysis on the operation experience of we media

Of course , There are many other platforms , I'll share it with you later , At the same time, you are welcome to share your good experience with me .

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