WeChat official account sharing experience
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Wechat is a rapidly developing promotion channel , But it is not easy to run a WeChat official account. , Many official account activities are based on activities. , There's nothing really desirable , This leads to fans falling down in a straight line after a period of time . This article shares the experience of wechat operation , I hope that's helpful .

 WeChat official account sharing experience

One 、8 Content sharing experience of WeChat official account

Early friends playing wechat , After more than a year, we have completed the original accumulation of wechat fans , The number of fans has reached 2 Wan to 5 All around , So content operation is very important for this part of people , Content operations are very important to them , It's not easy to get a lot of fans through a long time , If it's not maintained well , It caused a large number of subscribers to cancel their attention , It's a terrible thing .
In fact, if we want long-term readers not to cancel the attention , We still need to focus on content operation , For the media platform , The official account of vital importance , It's up to content operations , I have been running the official account for some time. , Today, the author of the content of their own operation experience , Share with you .

1、 The combination of content and voice

If a official account is pushed for a long time , So it is no different from traditional media , After reading it, the readers throw it into the garbage can , There is no relationship between readers and authors , Similarly, the official account is only a single push. , There will be no increase or change in the relationship between enterprises and customers , The relationship is the same , There is something ridiculous about business value .
The official account is of great value. , It can help you manage the relationship between readers and authors, enterprises and customers , Make the relationship between the two better and better , Readers trust authors , Customers believe in Enterprises , It's like a blind date club , Two through the blind date club this platform , Both sides know each other better , Finally into the shop of marriage .
To go beyond paper media , Make good use of voice and video , I found that a large number of enterprises are pushing content , And ignore the value of voice , We know that the content of the text can only bring readers visual experience , What sound brings to people is the sense of hearing , Many people don't like reading , But they like listening to the radio very much , Compared with text reading , It's easier to listen with your ears , It's also hard to type on a mobile phone , And voice is very simple, just press and hold the voice button , Just talk .
Voice has another feature , It's authenticity , What we hear is a real voice , I feel like I'm communicating with someone , Not an unknown person , We know that voice can only be recorded 60 second , So voice can be used to guide the reading of an article .
adopt 60 Second speech Guide , The reader will read to the content of a general introduction to the reader , Stimulate readers' interest in reading the content , Readers can read this article through the keyword auto reply function .
In this respect, Luo Pang's logic thinking is applied very well , every single day 60 Second content voice guide , Keyword auto reply content , Perfect contract between voice and content .

2、 Differentiated interactive media

Any marketing as long as a small change will make it more valuable , This is what we often call differentiated marketing , The paper media only know how many newspapers and magazines have been sold in this issue , But they don't know if readers like what they offer , What are the readers interested in , I'm not interested in that .
These new media in wechat can do it , How many subscribers do you have , How many people will really read their own articles , Readers' reply and active sharing can be known , How popular is the content of the article , How many loyal fans are there .
Make the content more valuable, of course , It is necessary to make differences in content , The content is dead , But man is alive , So we need to create a viable media , We need to increase interactivity , This is how I operate the content of wechat , After pushing the content of an article , I always share my views with readers , And I will really understand the opinions in the article , Let the reader have a discussion , Make your point , This has quickly increased the activity of the official account. , There are small differences in content .
Think about it , The same article , An article is just a simple push , But another article communicates and interacts with readers , Discuss , I believe you prefer the one with interaction , Because he meets the needs of readers , Readers need to express their voices and opinions , Not a passive receiver .
for example : An article pushed by the author “ Tang Seng's secret with a small sample !” That's how I interact with my fans :
Today, friends, let's have an interaction , If you have two choices in your life ,A Tang sengyuan B. The Monkey King , You are the choice A Or choose B. reply :yesA or yesb, That's why yesterday's push “ Tang Seng's secret with a small sample ” The main reasons of the article are as follows . I have been emphasizing the operation of wechat platform , Platform operation , Borrowing foreign resources ( Tang's monk ), Instead of thinking of yourself as Superman ( The Monkey King ) Fight on your own , You'll be dead tired ! Now I have all the marketing methods , All of them have turned to platform operation ! Remember to reply :yesa or yesb.

3、 Do a good job in content planning

Content planning is very important , Plan the content of the next month every month , In this way, content can be pushed to readers every day , You don't have to think about what you're pushing to readers every day , What will be pushed to readers tomorrow , Don't worry about it , Just press one send button every day .
So the best way is to gather time , Push the official account. 1 to 3 We're ready for the next month , You can even get a year's content ready , That's what I did , The contents of the official account are ready for the year. , So I am very relaxed in running the official account. .
For readers , Long time passes through official account. , Learn more about the professional knowledge in an industry ,, It's not a messy and unconnected article .

4、 Let readers form habits

Once readers read the official account number continuously, , It will rely on the official account for a long time. , Let readers have dependence , We should pay attention to the push time , Push content on time every day , If the time of pushing content every day is 6:15 branch , Then it must be in 6:15 Distributed to readers , And the number of days between each push , for example , Push content every two days , Then it must be two days , You have to push content , In this way, long-term readers will form habits , By the time, we will read the contents of the official account voluntarily. , Just as the author has developed the habit of reading Netease News , In the morning, noon and evening, I will open Netease News client to read news , Because Netease News client , Articles are updated at these times , This has become a habit and dependence .

5、 Create perfect reading

Do not insert a lot of advertisements in the article , This is not conducive to the reader's reading , It's very difficult to make profits by selling the products , Try to create the perfect reading , At the same time, don't post a big wechat QR code at the back of the article , This will affect the reader's reading and the wrong understanding of the operator of gongcong .
The mobile screen is so small that readers don't like to see advertisements on such a small screen , If you want to keep more fans, you need to create a perfect reading environment .

6、 Learn from news client

Now the major websites have launched their own mobile clients , for example : Netease News client, Sina News client, Tencent client, Sohu client .
Many people operate official account by constantly making their own articles. , This is a very difficult thing , Because everyone's resources are limited , You watch the news carefully , A lot of content comes from the major platforms , People's daily, Xinhuanet, Dagong, etc , The content provided by our own platform is only a small part , This is a very simple truth , It is impossible for a person to read articles on renmin.com, xinhuanet.com and guangming.com every day , Now through the news client can understand the most characteristic news reports of major websites .
It's like “ Reader's digest ” The same as the article in it , All are the most refined articles in major magazines and newspapers , It's in the reader's Digest . If there's anything in it , I wrote it myself , I'll be dead tired , Of course, I will write a small part of the article myself , That's the feature .
Now news client to do the most distinctive , It's going to be Netease News client , Update content fast, and have their own platform original unique content .

7、 Integrate content

Every official account needs quality content. , In order to attract more readers to pay attention to the official account. , So you can talk to the authors who write original articles , Mutual cooperation , You help them promote his articles and official account. , He also helps you promote official account and article. , Through mutual integration of content , You write an article and you have it 10 Individual, even 100 A publishing platform , So it's magnified , The value of your creative content .
At the same time, please 10 Position 100 authors , Help you operate the official account. , The customer database will also be bigger 10 Times as much as 100 times .

8、 insist

Content operation must be adhered to , You can't fish in three days and cast nets in two , Readers will feel that you are not careful about the operation of the official account. , You're going to get rid of the attention , If you insist on publishing content for a long time , It must be recognized by readers , That's the truth .

Two 、6 Analysis on the misunderstanding of wechat public account operation

Wechat is not a marketing tool , In fact, they are just beating their own mouth , Now it's a commercial society , Wechat cannot be used for marketing , It loses its value , Tencent beat its own mouth , Competitors, of course, can't let go of this opportunity , One after another sent articles to explain wechat , As a mobile Internet product , It must have its advantages , It also has its disadvantages , Of course, we don't deny wechat , There's a lot of noise , Wechat, as a way for China to carry on the world business .
Internet products , We should treat this mobile Internet product with more tolerance , It should not be a constant attack , Wechat is a potential product , It's just that we have some wrong understanding of wechat operation , Led to the wrong way , Make yourself on the way of wechat operation , Repeatedly blocked , Today we will find out these misunderstandings .

1、 Customer demand is king , Content aside

The value of push content touted by we media people , It ignores the essential demand of customers for products , And the value of products to customers , I pay attention to Haidilao public account , Because the Haidilao service is good, hot pot won our hearts , Not the content pushed by Haidilao's public account , Content is a tool to communicate with customers , Product is the core demand .
We can't deny it , For people who rely on creative we media , Content is king , Because their own products sell information , Having quality content will attract more people's attention , Keep more readers .
The official account is because the methods and techniques of network marketing teaching attract me. , Pay attention to other official account numbers , It's because of the entrepreneurial interview content that attracts me , Just pay attention to , It's all about quality content , That's what attracted my attention .
But for enterprises , Content for enterprises , Content is not king , Because the products of an enterprise are usually not information , It's a physical product , So I'm concerned “ All guests are sincere ” official account , Is it to push quality content to me , Obviously not , I focus on “ All guests are sincere ” official account , It's because I can quickly order the products I want through wechat , Through this comparison, we find that , Customers' concern for the official account is due to the demand for products. , Instead of the contents , Content is just a moderator to maintain customers , The real concern of customers , Because of the core requirements of the product .

2、 Even's strategy , Meet the different needs of new and old customers

I put forward the double sign theory , Those powerful we media people , Barking and biting like a mad dog , It's not good to say anything , What else are you playing , Next time, please study it carefully before you are ready to scream , Subscription number and service number to consider whether to call .
The subscription number can send a message every day , Create and cooperate to develop new customers, cultivate new customers, promote products and transform new customers into customers , The service number can only send messages once a month , It is suitable for serving old customers , Because regular customers have already experienced the benefits of the product , As long as we serve our regular customers well , Customers will repeatedly buy products from enterprises , There is no need to push a lot of promotion information .
For customers , Pushing product information once a month is enough , We found that there was no , However, the service number can only push one piece of content every month , For enterprises, it is very simple to manage this group of customers, and it does not need to invest a lot of time and energy , Don't worry about it every day , There is no suitable content to push to customers today , In fact, this principle is very simple , It's like a married couple , You don't have to use sweet words every day , To maintain this relationship , Similarly, regular customers are just like married couples , He bought again because of the company's core demand for products , Not the sweet words .
Service number management is very simple , So enterprises need not worry about increasing service numbers , Increased time and energy , Just put new customers in the subscription number for operation, and old customers in the service number for management .

3、 The trumpet pushes the tuba , Gild the lily

Customers have added personal wechat , It means that you have built a bridge with potential customers , If customers have any questions, they can consult and communicate at any time , You can also share valuable content with customers , Strong push plus official account. , Isn't that just adding to the cake , It has no value or significance , So customers should not push the official account if they add personal WeChat. , This will cause potential customers to blacklist you , It sounds reasonable for the trumpet to push the tuba , In fact, analyze it carefully , It's funny , Gild the lily .

4、 Everyone knows our media

But because of this sentence , Too many companies want to have their own media , I think your enterprise is a product seller , What are we media doing , We need the help of the media , Just invest money in the media , Would you like to eat western classic persimmon , There is no need to grow a garden of persimmon , Take money to the supermarket to buy a few Jin is not a very simple thing ?
All you have to do is test it , Can the advertisement that invests the media bring the corresponding return to the enterprise , If you can put in a lot of them , It's that simple , Subscription number is for media , Service number is for enterprises , I don't think I'll elaborate , You know what I mean .
I'll correct it here , Everyone is not we media , But everyone is the carrier of communication , For businesses , The best media , It's your customer , Let the customer become the propagandist of the enterprise , It's not a we media business .

5、 Pay no attention to offline promotion

If your enterprise is not e-commerce industry or media industry , It is suggested to focus on offline maintenance , Because offline promotion is more accurate , It's usually not very accurate to promote the customers on the Internet , for example , Department stores, hypermarkets , I'm from Beijing , Not because of a public official account of Shanghai. , Offer preferential price , Fly to Shanghai to buy products , That's why , First, focus on offline promotion , Do online promotion at the right time .

6、 Early transfer of resources to Yixin

Everyone's energy and enterprise resources are limited , Put your energy into Yixin too early , It's an unwise choice , Eason has never been innovative in function , Function imitation wechat , It's a fake version of wechat , I can only be a trainee on wechat , It can only help the growth of wechat , Now we all play Eason because of the freshness , I've been playing for a while. I've had a fresh feeling , It will be downloaded like a Wing letter , Hit dead magazine , Wechat can be different , Because of having qq Long term user dependence , Cannot do without qq We can't do without wechat .
Only make fewer mistakes , Go the right way , Only in this way can we give full play to the value of wechat , A comparison , Have you made the above mistakes , Correct it right away !

3、 ... and 、10 Wechat public platform operation suggestions sharing

1. Do any WeChat official account. , First of all, the operators themselves should have a clear positioning . Establish brand image according to their own positioning 、 Target population . Take millet for example , Xiaomi's wechat account positioning is very clear : Be a favorite mobile phone for enthusiasts , Focus on mobile players .
2. With a clear positioning , You don't have to worry about the number of fans . Fan activity is far more important than the number of fans ,1000 It's better to be an active fan 100000 A fan who doesn't communicate is much more effective .
3. Wechat fans are skillful . The growth of wechat will be limited , Be good at using celebrities 、 Festival theme marketing . Offline activities are an important means , The simplest way is the overwhelming two-dimensional code , But encourage users to scan , You can use prizes , But pay attention to the number of prizes is more important than the quality of prizes , Get the most users involved .
4. Manage your fans , Group the fans , For example, by region , Hefei is a group 、 Hebei is a group 、 Southwest is a group , It will be useful to push information according to different regions in the future .
5. Different from Weibo , The core value of wechat is service . Don't try to spread with wechat , In the definition of Tencent , Wechat is not a media platform . It's the same with wechat e-commerce , Order quantity is one aspect , But the core value is service , Including after sales 、 Logistics etc. .
6. Wechat cannot build a brand in the short term , Wechat is more about the promotion of brand value-added services , Suitable for brand superposition . Microblog is a channel to expand users , Wechat is a channel to retain users . Marketing means should be based on microblog , Industry solutions should be based on wechat .
7. Boldly do secondary development . Does wechat have any CRM The management interface is not important , Even if there is one, it doesn't hinder you from redeveloping , A few simple examples : Wechat group purchase has been able to complete seat reservation in wechat , At the same time, by calling the map , At the beginning of the movie, if you're around the theater , It will also automatically push information ; China Southern Airlines has been able to scan the QR code for boarding ; Fanke can complete payment in wechat browser .
8. As long as it doesn't hurt wechat , It doesn't matter what you do , But don't be a platform , This is Tencent's business .
9. We should be good at mobilizing users from online to offline , Suitable for wechat O2O closed loop , Introduce users to wechat through QR code , Then pay by QR code ( It will be online in the future ) And so on , Two dimensional code is the link between the upper line and the lower line , Let users form the habit of using QR code .
10. Wechat can sell a lot of things , Novelists can sell literary works ( In the future, there will be online subscription function ). You can even sell services , You can try something new .

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