Headline No. Baijia No. Penguin No. big fish No. brief analysis and introduction. If you want to be a friend of we media, you can have a look
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Nonsense , Direct dry goods .

first : The headline number

Today's headlines are for information app, The traffic is huge , Even more than Tencent News client traffic , Day live user 1.2 Billion , Of the order of a billion app.

Toutiao adopts intelligent recommendation algorithm , And it's the first intelligent recommendation algorithm , And I think it's the best we've done so far , The rest of the content we media platform is based on his home , The article you write is automatically recognized by the system , Will do duplicate checking and filtering , If your articles and videos have been posted on the platform , So when you send it back to remind you that someone has uploaded it and remind you that it involves infringement , If you're writing about political sensitivity , Illegal and so on , The system will first audit and identify , After manual review, should it be published ; If the content is your original , And it's not illegal , The system will automatically recommend .

The article is original , I'll give you a few recommendations for the first time , If the feedback data is good . Give you a second recommendation , More traffic . But if the quality is average , The system will recommend a small number of people again , The feedback data after recommendation is not good , I won't recommend it to you , It's almost announced that your article has been put in the cold with the video , If you write good enough , The system will give you a recommendation , Good feedback , Recommend again , Feedback is good , Three recommendations , Put your work in front of even more people , Even in front of the whole nation , It's going to get a lot of exposure , in other words , The intelligent recommendation system will make intelligent adjustment according to the reading feedback data of the recommended articles . In the end, we will choose the good quality ones , Bad coverage , In the cold palace .

At present, Toutiao has removed the restriction on novice period , After real name authentication , As long as you answer four high-quality Wukong questions, you can get interest certification , If you are an employee of a company , You can also get professional certification , The main purpose of authentication is a label , Convenient for people to remember you , Increase trust . And during the certification period , Can write articles , And the article will be recommended , And when you post articles, you choose to make headlines , There will be benefits , But at first it was very low , It's also a test ,1 Ten thousand people read only 1-2 Yuan , But the revenue from watching headlines is very high , Fan income is non fan 15 To 20 times . So headline fans are very important . If novice can do video , You can add powder by making original videos , Headlines give more support to video .

Headlines to support high quality content exporters , Launched the blue cloud project , Let people with real creative ability get the financial support of headlines . The way to participate is as follows :

First of all, I want to make a statement ?, As an automatic participant in the green cloud project selection .

Second, use the self recommendation function ?, Will be given an additional priority .( At present, the function is in the internal test stage , The platform invites some authors to experience )

Award details :

「 Annual contract signing 」: Accounts that have won many awards from Qingyun plan , There will be an opportunity to sign up with the platform

「 Monthly quality account number 」 Reward : Monthly rewards 200 Account number , Every reward 5000 element

「 Monthly quality long article 」 Reward : Monthly rewards 20 A long article , Every award 5000 element

「 High quality pictures and texts in a single day 」 Reward : Reward every day 100-1000 An article , Every award 300 element ; The account won the first prize every month , Bonus is 1000 element

Headline is very suitable for all aspects of content , Well done , Fans will accumulate quickly , If you're a good writer , Can be on camera to record video , Explain something , It can be realized by knowledge , Entertainment is also very popular , At the same time, headlines are also suitable for combining e-commerce , It is suitable for e-commerce realization by combining content with products , For example, you do food , You can open a shop in the headlines to sell food , Fashion , You can open a shop to sell clothes , Selling jewelry, etc . So there's a lot that can be done , When doing interest certification , Areas of interest are 46 individual , Enough to choose your favorite field .

the second : There was no.

About Baijia : Baijia is Baidu company 2016 We media platform for content entrepreneurs launched in , The mission of Baijia : Help content creators “ Influence the world from here ”. So the slogan is quite big , You'll feel like it's a big pattern , Influence the world , actually , It's good that we can influence some people , There are a lot of people in every field , Be able to do a good job in a certain field , Serve this crowd well , That's enough for you , It's true , Don't be greedy . Unless you have a team , This is another matter .

The characteristic of Baijia is that it has powerful search engine as support , More Baidu artificial intelligence, baidu brain support , The creative brain integrates Baidu's most powerful artificial intelligence technology , It can help the author greatly improve the efficiency and quality of creation , And focus on the future open creative platform .“ The creative brain ” The goal is “ Better understanding of the content ”、“ Know the author better ” and “ Better understand the future ”.

About income : The unit price of Baijia is much higher than that of other platforms , I think maybe Baidu search engine is the largest search engine platform in China , If the published content is searched , So the accuracy of the crowd is relatively high , The effect of marketing is better , So the income is high .

Because the content you publish can be included by Baidu search engine , So the timeliness of your articles and videos is relatively long , The video you released three years ago , Three years later, it can still be found , That's the attraction , Later someone will still find your content , Read your content , There will still be benefits , So the timeliness of Baijia is very good , If you have enough and good enough content , The search engine will collect it for you , As long as someone searches for relevant content , There will be a chance to expose it again .

About content quality : Baijia has very high requirements for the quality of articles , Baijia suggests people with dry goods to do it , Because Baijia has many rules 、 Demand is high , If the content overlap is high , The content will not be delivered . It's very difficult to move in Baijia , At present, Baijia is cracking down on malicious accounts , A lot of accounts have been blocked , So the porters have a hard time , It's not a long-term plan . therefore , If you want to be a hundred before , Make sure you understand the rules of the platform , Otherwise, it's easy to touch the bottom line of Baijia , Leading to a permanent title , It's not worth the loss .

About registration and novice period : There is a period of novice registration for Baijia , Want to think about the novice period , You have to be serious , Moreover, there is no profit for the novice period , So we should stick to it in the early stage . And it must be original , After the original will improve the hundred index , There will be benefits , As long as you pass the test , Baijia is worth doing , But it just needs dry goods , It takes ability , Baijia uses Baijia index to evaluate your account weight , The higher the index, the higher the quality of your content , Good verticality , The system will evaluate your account number and content , Will give you more opportunities to show , Of course, your income will increase accordingly .

Third : Penguin

Penguin is owned by Tencent , Penguin has a huge amount of traffic , We are all using his family's social products wechat and QQ, The user base is very large , The age span of the crowd is very large , But Penguin users tend to be younger ,90 after 00 After that, these people . So the content should also meet the taste of these people , In a word , That's what they like .

Penguin has a rookie period , Circle Penguin real name authentication , It will show trial operation , I'm a novice , But the rookie phase of penguin is relatively easy to pass , I want to publish five articles , If the quality is good , The platform will give a certain reward score to the traffic owner , The score is based on the quality of your article .5 If all articles are of high quality , The platform will directly reward 5000 branch , Penguin's rank is directly 3 level , So start with a good job , Another thing is that penguin has only one chance to release videos in its novice period .

Penguin is more focused on the field , So we must pay attention to whether the published content is consistent with the domain , Otherwise, it will affect the account number index . So what do you want to do , We should focus on this aspect , Become an expert in this area . And then you want to raise your income , You can sign an exclusive contract with penguin , It's in the penguin that we've been starting , The content is popular , Then your income will not be low , The premise is that you send original content . It depends on personal ability , To be able to sign an exclusive contract means that you are very capable .

Based on Tencent's own business --- Games and social , So you do articles or videos in the game field , You can start penguin . Of course, the entertainment industry is the biggest traffic of every platform , If there are interests and resources from that side , You can also do entertainment . Another area of Tencent is sports , because NBA There's a lot of traffic , Tencent signed an exclusive broadcast , If you will NBA Analysis and interpretation ability , You can do it NBA Analyze and explain the video content , As long as there are features , Different from others , I think it's a great opportunity , I was making headlines NBA The content of , But sending a few videos didn't work , Prompt complaints and infringement , So I didn't do it , To give up .

The fourth one : The big fish,

Big fish is owned by Ali , What does Alibaba do , The mission is to make the world have no difficult business , Do e-commerce platform , So Ali's big fish , The main thing is that you can do content at the same time , You can sell at the same time , E-commerce links can be inserted directly into the article , You can buy while you watch .

As a member of Ali , The articles of big fish can be distributed to UC、UC headlines 、 youku 、 potatoes 、 TaoBao 、 God horse search 、 Pea pod and other Alida cultural and entertainment platforms , Taken together, its traffic is huge .

But playing big fish needs to raise numbers , It's just a process of gradual training , Different levels of big fish will open different rights and interests , There is also a trial operation stage in the early stage of Dayu , During the trial operation stage, the daily paper is 5 piece , After the trial operation, the number of papers issued every day increased to 10 piece . The unit price of big fish is also relatively low , But big fish has a lot of activity , It's going to be a big bonus , As long as your content is good enough , Big fish's revenue is still very good .

1. It's fast to pass the novice period , Big fish registration directly with a Taobao account login can , And then real name authentication , At the same time, it's very easy to get through the novice period , The fastest 1 It'll be through in a few days .

2. Fast auditing , The auditing speed of graphic content is fast , Good experience ; After the video audit, directly in UC、 youku 、 Share and spread within potatoes .

3. The benefits are also considerable , High quality big fish has a chance to win big fish prize , The amount exceeds the monthly salary of many new media operators .

Big fish recommendation algorithm is different from headline , But if you sign an exclusive cooperation, the income will be more stable .

Last , To sum up :

No matter which platform it is , All focus on the quality of content , Also focus on content verticality , All hope that the content creators with ability will launch on the platform , They all use intelligent recommendation algorithms , But the strategy of each platform is different , It's also called algorithmic intelligent recommendation system , But every platform strategy is different , The recommendation mechanism is also different .

All platforms want to strive for those who have high-quality creative ability to stay on the platform , And the original launch on the platform , Why is that ?

The reason is that the platform needs high-quality content to attract users , Generally speaking, it is to attract a large number of people to use various products of his family , For example, Tencent's wechat ,qq,qq browser , Tencent News mobile client , Tencent video, etc , Content creators export content on their home platform , These contents attract more users or retain the existing users of the platform , The more people on the platform , The longer it lasts , The more profitable the platform is , So which platform does good content start on , His family is equivalent to having fresh content , The benefits to the platform are needless to say . therefore , If you have the ability , Have the strength , There are people , You can layout accounts in multiple fields , Media account matrix operation , Specifically select the content suitable for each platform in its launch , Other platforms can send it synchronously later .

As a friend of we media, please pay attention to , We are close to each other , About must return