Self realization of excellent leadership staff
Quanzi 2021-05-04 11:21:15

What I want to share with you today is the concept of self actualization .

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In the famous Maslow pyramid of needs , People have five needs , From low to high are physiological needs 、 Security requirements 、 Social needs 、 Respect needs 、 Self needs .

 The self realization of excellent leadership staff

In the previous articles, we shared how good leaders motivate teams by meeting the first few needs of their employees .

Today we're going to share how to meet employees' self needs , To create a good development atmosphere .

There's a phrase , It's about if you want someone to build a boat , We need to make them yearn for the sea first .

A good leader , Make employees work harder , More attentive service to customers , Let them realize the great value of their work .

That is to let employees realize their own value .

 The self realization of excellent leadership staff

The specific methods are :

1. Open praise from customers : Regularly select some praise from customers and send them to all staff , Or make a picture and hang it on the company wall , Let employees know how many people their work has helped .

2. Name it after the employee : When employees make outstanding contributions to the company , Or improve some processes and links of the company , You can add the employee's name to the new improved process , Such as “xx Sales Law ”“xx Production method ” etc.

3. Apprenticeship system : Let the old staff of professional level lead the new staff with the relationship of master and apprentice , It can increase the sense of achievement and responsibility of old employees .

4. Victory decomposition : Split a big goal into small ones , Every time you achieve a small goal, you will publicize, encourage and even reward the employees , Use victory to inspire more victories .

A company , If you only know how to motivate employees with money , It's a failure , Really good leadership is not just people who know how to motivate their employees with money , I also know how to motivate employees .

That's what we're sharing today

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