How do you choose four office software?
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Write some words , Make a form , It's inevitable for most people ; Which one do you use office Software for these operations ?

1.Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Software is not big brother in terms of age , But in terms of qualifications, it's definitely a big brother ! History aside ( There is no way to study ) Of gratitude and resentment , Now Microsoft's Office Absolutely the leader and maker of standards .

 four office Office software , How do you choose ?

To survive, we need to be compatible Microsoft Office This is absolutely not empty talk , Microsoft Office The advantages are obvious : Absolutely the most compatible office Format , Unwanted “ One of ”, It's also Windows The friendliest , It doesn't need to be either “ One of ”.

The disadvantage is that there is a charge , Not cheap ! And his installation package compares with other Office It's too big for me .

2.WPS Office

Jinshan's WPS It's the big brother in office software , It is said that he once held a good hand …… His advantage is to Microsoft office The format is more compatible , Also, compatible platforms are the most comprehensive ,Windows、MacOS、Linux、iOS、Android These systems can be installed WPS.

 four office Office software , How do you choose ?

One of its disadvantages is the criticized advertisement ( On some platforms, of course , Moreover, such as Windows It can be closed in an inconspicuous place ), Another is the charge for templates ( In fact, I support this method ).

But now the state strongly supports domestic production , The computer test has been used WPS replace , It can be said that it is a good thing .

3. evermore Office

As another domestic product Office Software , Yongzhong is also worthy of praise , Function and WPS almost , But there is no advertisement on the whole platform , It's definitely a big bonus ; Plus it's full platform support , It can be said that it has attracted a lot of users .

 four office Office software , How do you choose ?

As for shortcomings , evermore Office stay Linux Use JAVA Development , Cold start is a bit slow ( I haven't tried any other platforms ).

If it's easy to use as an amateur , evermore Office It's worth choosing .


LibreOffice It's open source software , For ordinary users, as long as they know that it is free, it becomes .LibreOffice The advantage of Microsoft is that it is superior to Microsoft Office The complete correspondence of the suite ,WPS And Yongzhong has only documents 、 form 、 Slide function , and LibreOffice And drawing 、 database …

 four office Office software , How do you choose ?

LibreOffice The support for each system is also complete , But its disadvantages are very obvious : Now that mobile devices are rampant ,“ official ” There is no mobile client software .
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