How to deal with slow response of website server
Beijing 2021-05-04 11:11:26

Users who rent a website server will find that the website opens slowly after using the server for a period of time , Users can upgrade and optimize the hardware and software of the server . Whether the server configuration used by users is new or just upgraded , Users should optimize it , To improve the performance of the server and its overall utilization . Changye network suggests that users can optimize from the following aspects :

One 、 Using the server's Gzip Compression

Generally large and medium-sized websites have more content pages than prices , It's going to take up a lot of memory , When the client accesses , The speed of loading will also be affected , If it's this kind of website , Users can use the server's Gzip Page compression function , Make a larger page as small as possible , This can reduce the number of network transmissions , Play a client access speed . Under normal circumstances, the computer can be used Gzip Design of compression function , And it can be targeted at JS file 、CSS Document and Html Compress , Optimize website access speed in many ways .

Two 、 Try to reduce http Number of requests

In general, visitors visit a page and the page is fully displayed , This process takes some time to load all kinds of scripqs、CSS Style sheets 、Flash And pictures of , In the process, just load , Will ask once http, So the more times that happens , The more time you spend , thus , The longer the page opens , If that's the case , Users can put CSS Follow JS Write to the page , Try to avoid external calls , Or you can put CSS Document and JS File distribution , Merge in the background , So the client browser is equivalent to a request . So try to minimize http Request , Reduce the number of external files, call times to improve the speed of access .

3、 ... and 、 Upgrade the server

Before upgrading the server , Consider as many aspects as possible , Do you want to upgrade the existing server or replace the new server device . As the business grows , It's normal for servers that have been in use to encounter more problems . So upgrade some configurations , For example, network bandwidth , Add hardware equipment, etc , To meet the growing business needs .

As for the new server to be replaced , Mainly because it may be in the early stage of the construction of the station , Choose the one with relatively poor hardware configuration , Now it can't meet the development of the website , You have to buy a new server .

For the hardware optimized part of the server rental, we can completely rely on the work of the service provider . It is a wise choice for Internet companies to choose a reliable service provider to deal with the problems in the process of using the server in a timely and effective manner .