Which is better, cremation or burial? There are three disadvantages of burial. Why do farmers insist on burial?
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In Chinese traditional culture , Funerals were highly valued by the ancients , It's also hit “ Filial piety ” The label of , Children's love for their parents , It's also reflected in the attitude towards funerals , So since ancient times , People attach great importance to funerals , In recent years, there has been “ Thick burial ” The ethos .

Over the years , Funeral reform is also under way ,2017 The government was in 80 Cremation experiments have been carried out in three areas , And gave cremation subsidies , This thought 2019 It will be fully implemented in the whole country after the year , But judging from the performance of the pilot projects all over the country , There's a lot of resistance .

 Cremation or burial ? What are the features of burial 3 Big drawbacks , Why do farmers insist on burial ?

Burial as a form of traditional funeral , Given a lot of fantasy colors , For example, when a person dies, he will enter another world , Money for tomb sweeping and paper burning is money for ancestors and so on . therefore , Farmers have always believed in burial , And think “ Falling leaves ”, Man should return to nature .

But in the 20 century 80 s , The state has promoted cremation , But to this day, burials are still struggling all over the country . Many places have also introduced detailed rules for funeral reform , For example, it is forbidden to build graves in the farmland , The violator will be fined and ordered to remove the grave , Give cremation subsidies , And build cemeteries in the countryside . In some places, ecological burial is promoted 、 Green burial , No ashes, no graves , The families of the responders receive a subsidy .

 Cremation or burial ? What are the features of burial 3 Big drawbacks , Why do farmers insist on burial ?

Actually , The reason why the state vigorously promotes cremation , There are also many disadvantages of burial , There are mainly 3 spot :

1、 Ideological innovation

The ancients believed that , People will enter another world after they die , It is this idea that , Folk “ Thick burial ” The atmosphere has been prevailing , Living conditions have improved in recent years , There are more than . In order to make the people's thinking innovative , Abandon the backward ideas of the past , Speed up the governance of changing customs , The state has vigorously promoted cremation .

2、 Saving land

At the time of burial , It is bound to occupy and destroy the land , And most of the rural people choose burial sites in the farmland , But China's arable land resources are tight ,18 The red line of 100 million mu of arable land should not be trampled ,《 Land management law 》 It is clearly forbidden to bury in the earth .

And from the perspective of agricultural mechanization , I believe farmers can detect , Mechanization efficiency is bound to decline when there is a grave , And there are many tombs in the farmland , The price of farmland harvesting will also increase .

To save land , Ensure food security , Promote the agricultural modernization system , Cremation is also very important .

 Cremation or burial ? What are the features of burial 3 Big drawbacks , Why do farmers insist on burial ?

3、 To reduce pollution

After death , If it's buried directly in the fields without treatment , The risk is relatively large , Once the dead died before they died , Will the bacteria in the body die out for a while and a half , They may be active in nearby land masses , Bring harm to people's health . To reduce biological pollution , Avoid pestilence , Cremation is more appropriate .

Since cremation has so many advantages , Why is it carried out in the countryside “ resistance ” A very large ?

1、 The mind didn't change

Burial has been practiced for thousands of years , It has a far-reaching influence among the people , Everyone has “ be laid to rest ” Idea , A lot of people “ Cremation ” This new way of burial is not very understandable , I think people should stay after death “ an intact corpse ”, Or it's disrespect for the dead . So in the implementation of cremation , Farmers in some areas don't understand , The counterattack is strong , In the final analysis, their thoughts failed to change .

 Cremation or burial ? What are the features of burial 3 Big drawbacks , Why do farmers insist on burial ?

2、“ One size fits all ”

In some areas such as Jiangxi 、 Somewhere in Henan , The government, in order to get the job done , To take the “ One size fits all ” The policy of , Not from the perspective of farmers , Don't respect the wishes of the farmers , Even dig out the dead and cremate them , This practice stimulated the contradiction between the government and the people .

3、 The cost is high

In the past , The cost of burial is not high , Just buy a coffin . But now you have to pay the cremation fee first , Buy cemeteries again ,20 It has to be renewed after the expiration of the year , It can be seen that the cost of cremation has increased greatly , A lot of families don't like it very much .

meanwhile , In some areas, although “ Cremation ”, But then there was another burial , Buy coffins again, etc , It also increases costs , But land resources are still destroyed .

For funeral reform , Wu Fei, a professor at Peking University, believes that , Cremation today is treating human bodies as rubbish , Do whatever you want . And the crematorium is a garbage disposal station , There's no human touch , It's about how to deal with the dead , There is no cultural connotation , Forced cremation doesn't work .

 Cremation or burial ? What are the features of burial 3 Big drawbacks , Why do farmers insist on burial ?

Since the burial 、 The debate over cremation continues , So how to carry out funeral reform in the future ?

1、 Respect the will of farmers

Blindly pushing the cremation system , It will only disgust many farmers , It is not conducive to the funeral reform . We should respect the wishes of farmers , Strengthen guidance and education , Publicize the advantages of cremation , Increase subsidies , In order to guide farmers to carry out cremation .

 Cremation or burial ? What are the features of burial 3 Big drawbacks , Why do farmers insist on burial ?

2、 For the farmers

Since farmers don't want to be cremated , In fact, a compromise can also be adopted , For example, deep burial of bodies , More than two meters deep , Don't leave too high a grave , Concrete is not allowed , In this way, the occupation and waste of cultivated land can be reduced .

Any reform needs “ people oriented ”, If we don't pay attention to the needs and voices of the people , Instead, “ One size fits all ”, That would only backfire .

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