How does website be hanged
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We all know that the security of websites is very important to seo Is very important , If a website is hanged, and then Baidu prompts in the search results that there is a risk , Then the ranking of this website is likely to drop or even disappear soon , Of course, if you know the Trojan horse, it will recover soon . Because search engines are for user experience ( Comprehensive analysis of the website SEO User experience , Don't leave a dead end ), Will not present content with security risks to users . So if our website is linked or malicious advertising code, what should we do ?

 How to do if the website is suspended

How to do if the website is suspended

1. Change server permissions

First, change the permissions of the folder where the website is located to the minimum , That is, only read and write permissions are reserved , Don't select other permissions for the time being ( If you can't change it yourself, please contact the space provider ), Now you're dealing with the problem , As long as you can access it normally . After changing the folder permissions , Even if hackers leave a back door, they can't tamper with your page again , This will prevent you from having new problems without solving your old problems . Of course, if the whole server is hacked , That's useless work , Because it's probably not your fault , Let's change the space as soon as possible , To determine if the whole server is down, you can use the same IP The method of website query is to observe the situation of other websites on the same server as you to judge

2. Find and clear... Accurately

There's a trick to finding the page that's been hooked up . We can log in to the server or ftp See when the file was changed , If the change time of a file is about the same as that of being hung up , It's very likely that this is the page that can be confirmed to be hanged in such a long time . If you can't find it, you can use 360 Website security detection tool detection , As long as you verify the website, you can be prompted which page was maliciously hanged . The easiest way is to replace the current file with the one you backed up before , To ensure that every page can be replaced , You can empty the space first and then upload it , Some people may wonder why they should empty it first , One is that hackers may have uploaded their own backdoor files , So even if you use substitution, it doesn't help ; The second is that hackers are likely to lock the page where he hangs up , So you can't replace the file with an overlay . Therefore, clearing the space first can not only delete the back door files that may exist, but also completely replace every page that may be stalled , In fact, the best way is to change a space directly , In this way, you will not be hanged if you transfer the backup file . If you have bad luck , No backup files , That's really troublesome , At this time, you can find the page that may be hanged according to the information of killing software , Of course, it's better to find a professional to deal with it for you . If you don't get rid of it , Even if you change space, it doesn't help , Because you're changing the soup or not , While changing the space, I also brought the Trojan horse in the past .

3. Do a good job in safety protection

If the website security is not good , It's no use even if you find the files that have been removed . The key is to find the loophole in the website , Remove vulnerabilities , Server security is the most important thing .

Do it well 3 After a safety measure , Please check whether your account password is too simple , The account number and password here include space FTP、 Website background and database and any account password that involves security , Do not use the domain name directly or indirectly as the account number and password , It's better to use case combination , If it's too simple and easy to crack, please change it immediately . After the account password is adjusted, check whether the management background directory of the website is the default , If it's the default, it's similar to admin So please make changes to prevent hackers from invading from the background .

The harm of website being hanged

 How to do if the website is suspended

The harm of website being hanged

The website was suspended , Especially the grey industry information , Now the search engine is under severe pressure , As long as you find this kind of content on the website , Will act and punish , Reduce the right of the website , Reduce keyword ranking , If it's serious, it's direct K standing , So the website optimization data will go back to before liberation , It takes a long time to recover , General 1-3 It will take three months to recover , therefore , Avoid these situations on the website , We must improve the security of the website , Avoid being attacked , Cause damage to the interests of enterprises .

So how to prevent the website from being hanged

 How to do if the website is suspended

How to prevent websites from being hanged

One 、 Hanging horse precautions :

1、 Try to keep the program up to date .

2、 Do not add a link to the landing page of the background management program on the web page .

3、 To prevent an unknown vulnerability in the program , You can delete the login page of the background management program after maintenance , Go through the next maintenance ftp Just upload .

4、 Always back up the database and other important files .

5、asp The user name and password of program administrator should have certain complexity , It can't be too simple , Also pay attention to regular replacement .

6、 Users are advised to use ftp To upload 、 Maintain webpage , Try not to install asp Upload program for .

7、 Yes asp The call of upload program must be authenticated , And only allow trusted people to use the upload program . This includes all kinds of press releases 、 Mall and forum program , As long as you can upload files asp You have to authenticate yourself !

8、 Download it from the official website asp Program , After downloading, the database name and storage path should be modified , Database file names also need to have some complexity .

9、 More maintenance is needed daily , And pay attention to whether there is something in the space of unknown origin asp file .

10、 Once found to be invaded , Unless you can identify all the Trojan files , Otherwise, delete all the files .

11、 Check the security of the website regularly , Specific can use a few tools on the net , Such as sinesafe Website hanging horse detection tool !

If the website is maliciously hanged, it must be cleared and patched as soon as possible , Otherwise, the ranking will plummet .

Be careful : Back up data on a regular basis . It's best to back up once a day , After downloading the backup file, you should delete the backup file on the host in time .

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