Tiktok live low, what do you do?
igerisw 2021-05-04 10:48:55
Tiktok is not just an entertainment platform. , Many individuals or businesses will also be able to shake the tiktok. , For example, a live broadcast can close thousands or even tens of thousands of orders .

But for many people , During the live broadcast , The most common problem is that the live broadcast is not popular , This led to no one watching the live broadcast , No one bought the goods .

So what's the tiktok of the live broadcast? ?

One 、 What are the factors affecting the tiktok live broadcast? ?

1、 Number of people online

It's the number of people watching your live broadcast online in real time and the total number of people watching it

2、 The amount of interaction

The amount of interaction mainly includes the number of audience comments 、 Number of likes ( double-click )、 Number of gifts 、 Number of fans 、 Click the task of shopping bag in the live room 、 Share the number of people in your studio, etc .

3、 Retention

for instance , Yes 100 Personal access to your studio , Yes 30 One person stayed , So the retention rate is 30%.

The higher the popularity , The higher the recommendation , Tiktok will recommend your studio to more viewers. .

 Tiktok live low, how to do it? ?

Two 、 How to quickly increase the popularity of live broadcasting room ?

1、 Increase the number of live online people

For example, we can make a live announcement in advance , Tell the fans the specific time of live broadcast in the most direct way , Attract them to watch when they arrive . In other words, we can also ask friends and relatives to come to the studio to increase the basic popularity of the studio .

2、 Increase fan interaction

1) Welcome talk

Tiktok live broadcast needs attention from opening. . When it's on the air , There will be more and more people coming into the studio , This is the time , Our common syntax is : welcome XX Enter the Live Room .

But this welcome talk is too mechanical , We'd better do some optimization and improvement on this basis .

When the audience enters the studio , The anchor can see the audience's nickname and rating , therefore , Our live voice welcome tiktok can be this way. :

1、 welcome XX Enter the Live Room , Focus , Neverlost , Brush a gift if you don't agree ! mua !

2、 Welcome to my studio , I hope friends can support me a lot , Thank you so much !

There is a basic principle in these scripts : Let the audience know he's in your studio , You pay attention to them , Greatly enhance the user's sense of participation .

 Tiktok live low, how to do it? ?

2) Game interaction

The more popular the studio is , The ranking in the live square will be higher and higher , You can attract more viewers into your studio . It's in the studio , We can use some interactive tips , For example, games and the like guide fans to follow you , This has formed a virtuous circle of not improving the popularity of the live broadcast room and increasing the number of fans .

 Tiktok live low, how to do it? ?

3、 Using hot cloud search

according to the understanding of , Tiktok is a software that uses a short video of shaking and short video. , He can not only let your peers spend a lot of money carefully drainage fans into their own fans , You can also open the intelligent number maintenance mode to increase the weight of the account , You can also act as a water army to help you interact and respond to the anchor interaction in real time when you open the live broadcast , It can also set off the atmosphere of the live room and guide customers to buy , Solve all the problems of live broadcasting .