Apple for apple, how can the data from the old mobile phone be quickly transferred to the new one?

It's normal for young people to change their mobile phones , The cellphone is broken —— in , The mobile phone is not running smoothly —— in , The screen broke —— in , I don't like the style —— in , I like my favorite mobile phone —— in , The mobile phone has been replaced , But my friends who have replaced the new machine are worried again , There are a lot of important data in old mobile phones. What should we do ? And some of them are Because there's so much important data in old phones , therefore I've been trying not to replace it , So today I'll tell you , If you want a new cell phone, you can change it , You can't lose any data from your old cell phone , Because we can Moving data from old phones to new ones .

 Apple for Apple , How can data from old mobile phones be quickly transferred to new ones ?

Data migration between apple and apple phones

Data migration between Apple branded phones and apple branded phones .

Use the iCloud function Data migration .

The old machine needs to be operated : open “ Set up ” choice iCloud, Click on Storage and backup , here iCloud Backup option switch Must be open for state , If iCloud If the backup switch is off , It needs to be turned on , Turn it on, connect it to a stable network, and then plug in the charger . If your phone hasn't been set up yet iCloud It doesn't matter , Select Settings ——iCloud Just register , The purpose of registration is to obtain ID Account and password ,ID After setting the account and password , that iCloud It's activated .iCloud You don't have to do anything when the memory switch is on , Just put your old cell phone in there .

New phones need to operate : Pick up the new phone and turn it on , Choose the language for China , And then connect to the wireless network , When it comes to “ Data sources ” Pay attention to the steps , Choose directly from iCloud recovery , At this time, the system will Prompt you to type ID Account and password , Then choose “ From the nearest iCloud Backup ”, The final choice “ recovery ” that will do , After recovering the data from the old phone , Mobile phone meeting Automatic restart , After restart, you can use it .

 Apple for Apple , How can data from old mobile phones be quickly transferred to new ones ?

Open your old cell phone iCloud Application switches that need to be backed up

There are many ways to migrate data between apple and apple phones , also “ Quick setup ” Law and iTunes Connection method , These two methods can also be realized iPhone And iPhone Data migration between different networks , But don't know too much about it , Just master one method , Or you'll be confused , After confusion, we can't do anything well , One step at a time is the most important ,iCloud Data migration is the most used method in our life , Simple, convenient and easy to operate , Data that needs to be migrated You can choose and decide for yourself .

 Apple for Apple , How can data from old mobile phones be quickly transferred to new ones ?

iCloud Data migration is right for all Apple phones

iCloud Method for data recovery is very stable , Suitable for data migration between all Apple brand phones , You don't have to worry about the data on your old mobile phone when you change your mobile phone , And you don't have to put the money on your old cell phone The material is imported into the computer first And then import it from the computer into the new mobile phone , All the data directly moved into the old mobile phone when the new mobile phone starts to activate the system .

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