Li Jiaqi develops huaxizi, does the brand want to raise KOL?
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According to the media ,2020 There are more than 30% Of traffic , From Li Jiaqi's live room and tiktok . In double eleven , Li Jiaqi's contribution to the studio GMV, It even accounts for the total of huaxizi GMV Of 60% above .

This shows us “ people ” Highlights in marketing , I also understand why Li Jiaqi dares to live in front of the studio 1700 More than a million people , Say it twice in a row :“ Huaxizi pushed by Li Jiaqi ”.

Not only with “ PUSH ”, In fact, it's only on one's own “ build ” There are also a lot of brands up there .

The Kim Kardashian family 、 American reality TV stars ——Kylie Jenner Set up a personal beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics, Its Instagram Upper 2 Hundreds of millions of fans become the driving force , Direct push Kylie Cosmetics In just one and a half years 4.2 Billion dollars in sales , Become valued at more than 10 Billion dollar company .

 Li Jiaqi develops huaxizi , Do you want a brand KOL?

chart :Kylie Jenner

Followed by , A world-famous singer with huge fans Rihanna And create beauty brands Fenty Beauty, To be a rookie . She's also the one who got me down Puma, Important people who are again the focus of young people .

 Li Jiaqi develops huaxizi , Do you want a brand KOL?

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Now it seems , It seems that this trend has also spread to China , More and more stars 、KOL, They're all thinking about building a brand with their social influence .

But creating a brand is not the key point that Netcom wants to convey . The real core point is , In these different cases , They all have one remarkable thing in common , These are the highlights , The city will be a brand platform for a long time , And will continue to output brand content in social media , Finally become a brand in the flow 、 An important channel for sales .

This raises a question : If some people can create a brand on their own , So can mature brands choose some KOL Make a long-term bet ?

KOL The ability of , Only half of it

Compared with the occasional star endorsement 、 Or find... In a large range at a certain propagation node KOL Do communication , In fact, brands rarely choose KOL Long term and in-depth cooperation . That's because most of the time ,KOL For a brand, it's just a communication channel .

But in fact ,KOL Is it really just a channel of communication ?

Take a look at Li Jiaqi , He helped huaxizi grow grass in the live broadcast room with UHF , from “ Conscience is made in China ” To “ Product efficacy ”, Until then “ Product development ”, The whole product life cycle to who the brand is , Show them to users one by one . This effect , It's not just about carrying the goods , Strong persuasion also helps the brand occupy the mind .

So from Li Jiaqi & Huaxizi to the rise of wanghong brand , In fact, it shows the business community :KOL It's not just a channel of communication , They have the brand power of social media , Their social marketing value can penetrate into the whole business logic and product life cycle .

 Li Jiaqi develops huaxizi , Do you want a brand KOL?

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Therefore , Brand use KOL It's not just about channel thinking , It can also be treated with brand thinking . There are many reasons for this .

First , Consumer media behavior is changing dramatically , They gradually spend more time and attention , Assigned to all kinds of social media KOL;

secondly , Consumer trust in advertising , It's also shifting from brand trust to personality trust , They are more willing to listen KOL The recommendation of , Refer to the buyer's comments ;

meanwhile , Fans will put the right KOL And trust “ Substantiation ”, trust 、 Buy KOL When recommending or using a brand , It's the physical expression of this emotion .

These phenomena of consumption behavior show that , The logic of brands has created new ways to play .

The traditional brand birth process is : The enterprise sets its strategy 、 Push products 、 Brand positioning 、 Planning and advertising , Through marketing to influence the public's cognition and channel construction to form sales .

But the birth process of wanghong brand is :KOL Build your own user pool through some interesting content , And then through frequent content interaction , First, form an emotional identity with the fans , Finally, on the basis of this recognition, there is a brand .

This explanation ,KOL It's not just media behavior that fits 、 Buying behavior , At the same time have the ability to shape the brand .

But look back , Today brands use KOL The way , Most of the time, they just changed their thinking of channel delivery —— Gradually choose from traditional media channels KOL Launch , It's really just KOL Half the power .

Brand nurtures KOL There are two major problems in this field

Brands have to choose KOL Long term cooperation , Let them become the brand's important mental domain in social media , We have to face two problems .

The first question is : How to find the right KOL.

adopt Gerardo data display , Influencer Marketing (influencer marketing) The value of the influence depends mainly on the influence of 3 Two basic qualities : Touch of 、 Credibility and sales skills in context . It can be seen that brands are not selected by random categories 、 Number of fans , To decide who's better for my brand .

Take a typical example . lately , American men's skin care start-ups Disco complete 500 US $10000 seed round financing . The brand was launched in 2019 year , The company reported that , since 2020 Since the summer of 2001, the monthly sales volume has increased by three figures on a month on month basis .

The founder of this company is a KOL It's called Benjamin Smith, But it's worth noting that , the KOL It's not skin care , It's from the field of fitness . And its skin care products are aimed at , But it's mainly acne and other skin problems that fitness people often face .

 Li Jiaqi develops huaxizi , Do you want a brand KOL?

chart :Benjamin Smith

So the logic of the birth of this brand is not normal :Benjamin Smith First, I recruited male fans as a fitness coach , And then for the skin problems that fitness men often face , Provide corresponding solution products . And in private , The blogger has a strong sense of skin care .

Such cross-border success stories abound , It can also be seen that , Brand selection is really suitable for long-term cooperation KOL, It's not just vertical channels , And have a very diverse choice , It needs the professional ability support of professional institutions .

 Li Jiaqi develops huaxizi , Do you want a brand KOL?

Picture source : Brand website

secondly , Compared with the longer term KOL cooperation , Content is high frequency 、 Depth output will be very important , Whether it's from products to 、 The output of brands to , All of these further require the brand to have fine content operation ability .

In the face of this , Shiqu believes that in any content marketing process , Through data analysis , Understand the preferences of fans 、 sense of worth 、 Share something , These are all required courses before launching .

Besides , There is another problem that cannot be ignored , Li Jiaqi's importance to huaxizi , Let the brand see 「KOL Refined operation 」 The importance of , It should be avoided that brands rely too much on one person KOL, It's about building a reasonable and scientific matrix , To balance this relationship .

Sum up ,KOL Long term cooperation is the future of the brand KOL New ideas worth trying in marketing , But it also tests the core competence of two aspects of the brand :

On the one hand, yes KOL Scientific management ; Brands are choosing and building their own brands KOL library , It's logical 、 Data based 、 Technicalization , It's not just simple KOL Screening or releasing , It's about the specific needs of customers , Put forward to include : KOL Screening 、 assessment 、 Content customization 、 Release tracking 、 precipitation 、 recommend 、 Elimination and so on a complete set of perfect KOL Management process ;

On the other hand, yes KOL Marketing promotes creativity ;KOL The core of marketing is content creativity , It also requires strong strategic capabilities 、 Creative ability of marketing agencies to provide solutions and Implementation .

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