It only takes 7 minutes and 3 routines to help build a hundred reading houses
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Baijia is one of the few we media platforms with high revenue , Even in some ways , There is no one . Why do you say that ? Because we media on other platforms basically have a threshold . Like the headline , There's a novice threshold , image UC The big fish, , There are stars , Think about Netease , There are also stars . Want to make money on these platforms , It must take at least one month to raise the number before you can start making money .

At present, it's been a month to be a Baijia . I've written several of them myself 1 More than ten thousand articles of Baijia . Today, let's talk about how to 7 Write a headline that can be read more than ten thousand times in minutes . After all 10 ten thousand +,100 ten thousand + The amount of reading is far from us , It's better to be practical , First write 1 ten thousand + The title of the .

 Only 7 minute ,3 tricks , Help to build a hundred reading houses

1. Step on hot spots

An excellent we media person , Especially we media people who want to earn some advertising money , We must follow the hot spots . Because hot spots are the focus of attention , Care about , It's easy to have good-looking data . And data for we media operators , It's life , We advocate that we media people should be responsible for the results , One of them is responsible for the data .

that , How to pursue hot spots ?

Use Baidu billboard to help us check .

 Only 7 minute ,3 tricks , Help to build a hundred reading houses

Here are some articles I wrote , It's all stepped on 《 Legend of Dragon Ball 》 This popular TV series, this hot .

The next hot spot prediction :《 Legend of Dragon Ball 》、《 Chu Qiao Chuan 》, Focus on 《 Chu Qiao Chuan 》 above .

2. Combined with data analysis

Baidu's recommendation mechanism is not as mature as headline's , This is a consensus. . But the reason why pop news can become Pop News , There must be something of its own .

therefore , We need to pay more attention to the headlines . When you see an interesting article on the front page , Remember to check the number of readings . And then Baidu under the title , Take a look at the number of articles .

Articles that can be detonated in the headlines may not be detonated in Baijia , Hundreds of thousands of reading on many headlines are only a few thousand on Baijia , Hundreds or even single digit reading .

The purpose of reading headlines is to provide writing ideas , Search for article titles to avoid posting similar articles . Baijia relies on Baidu's search technology , A lot of judgment will be made on the similarity of articles , It's not cost-effective to write an article that is similar to the original one .

3. Some headline techniques

The best headlines are controversial , The advantage of this is , There will be more comments . A lot of comments , The completion rate of natural reading is high , The probability of clicking on ads is high . The income is higher .

therefore , My title is usually a comparison of two leading characters . Add your own feelings .

With 《《 Legend of Dragon Ball 》 Zhongyang Zi calls herself a slave, but Shuchang calls herself a concubine , A wrong pair , It's not professional to make complaints about people 》 Take this title as an example .

 Only 7 minute ,3 tricks , Help to build a hundred reading houses

First , I mentioned 《 Legend of Dragon Ball 》, This is a hot spot .

secondly , There is a mention of the protagonist Yang Zi 、 Happy , This is the contrast

third , My feelings , I suggest that they are one-on-one wrong , People make complaints about their professional skills

These three points , Let this article be in 24 Got... In hours 2.7 10000 reading ,22 comments .

These three routines , It just needs to be 7 About minutes , Can create a reading volume of more than 10000 hundred oh . Go and have a try after watching it .

source : Lu Songsong blog