Want to learn new media knowledge, how should new media get started?
Conquer Antarctica 2021-05-04 09:35:24
Want to learn about new media , Introduction to the new media world , The first thing we need to do is to learn some classic books in the field of new media , Get to know , Some of the state of the industry , Or with the industry , Some people with rich experience communicate with each other , Ask them about some problems and problems in the industry at present , The future of the position .

In addition, we can learn by ourselves , We've also found that , There will also be many courses related to new media in the market , At this time, we can start with some classic courses , I want to systematically learn these theories about new media , Then you can try to do something related to the official account , Let yourself start to experience slowly , When we want to enter the new media post in the later stage , There are also some , Work experience .

in general , Want to get into the industry , In fact, it is not a very difficult thing , We need to find one of these first , Space , No communication with them , Take a look at some of the state of the industry and some of the basic situation , It's better to have more work experience , Do more things related to this , Or come up with some achievements , In this case , It's also very helpful to keep looking for work after treatment .

Of course , We need to do it well , Or mainly rely on their own initiative to learn and link , Let yourself learn more , Can have more stone experience , It's also very good for the industry , Later, we will be relatively easy to enter this industry .
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