I've developed a systematic approach to managing my own headlines (Part one)
Recharged 2021-05-04 09:35:07
With the influx of a large number of users and the tightening of various policies and requirements , The bonus period of headlines is slowly passing , So in a short time “ A rich man ” It's already a difficult thing .

But we just have to find the right way , Manage... With heart , It's easy to earn a good amount of pocket money every month .

Search the Internet for how to make money from headlines , It's all about vertical subdivision , And then I couldn't say anything more that would help me .

So I summed up a set of methods through observation and exploration , Hope to be helpful to novices .

1. First you need to know what's best not to do .

Don't go to the Internet to meet people , Don't buy powder . Never do this .

A lot of people in order to quickly rise powder , Will be through a variety of channels for black box operation , Or buy powder , Or add groups to each other on the Internet . This is the first mistake .

It's very easy for the system to detect the rising powder through operation .

In addition, the content you send has the difference between the amount of ordinary reading and the amount of fans reading . In a certain amount of time , Your fans read very little , When reading less than normal , The system will determine . You don't even think much of your fans , The system will greatly reduce the number of recommendations .

And your account will be in for a while “ Look at the ” Range , The system will notice the speed of your powder rising , The amount of article reviews , Reading all kinds of data , Then judge the recommended amount again .

On the Internet It's definitely more harm than good to buy and exchange flour , You can understand the feeling of going up , But you have to rely on your own content to attract people , Keep people . This is very important , You have to remember that .

2. Need to know what's not good to do .

It's like pornography , violence , Rumors, these messy contents can't be written , Even if you write it, you can't pass it .

current affairs , Financial information , military , It's not easy to write about all kinds of national policies , All these require corresponding qualification certificates , Published articles are hard to recommend .

I once wrote an article about the suicide of the mayor of Seoul, South Korea , Even if it's just a discussion, the reaction of Chinese and Korean netizens to this matter is quite different , It's not about politics . I'm still told I can't get a recommendation to show . It was a surprise , The headlines are so strict .

So don't write about topics that need professional knowledge or are more sensitive .

3. Need to know what can't be done .

Don't make it up , Adding the trimmings , circulate erroneous reports , Don't do videos with dangerous actions

A lot of novices get into the headlines and watch all kinds of data rise slowly , Very anxious . And then think about adding to something , People's eyeballs can quickly become pink .

Seriously tell you this is a novice taboo , Don't mess with it . It's a little bit of a powder , But it's more likely to bring you trouble or even a lawsuit .

If the system determines that your account has these behaviors , Let's not talk about the increase in the recommended amount , Serious ones will be called . Don't think that this number can't be used. Apply for another one , Everyone needs all kinds of information to register their own headlines , If you re apply for an account, it will be restricted .

Novice growth is a process , The best way to make a profit is to improve your ability and step by step , Hold the line , haste makes waste .

This article mainly talks about several places where novices are easy to be confused , In the next part, I will write systematically about how to manage my own account number .

I hope these can help new students get started quickly , If you like, please give me more attention and praise , Thank you very much. .