How to compress the size of video
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Today, I'd like to introduce a plug-in of Huisheng Huiying x264vfw; I found some related information from the Internet , as follows ;

x264 It's based on H.264 A free open source encoder for , There are currently two versions :cli( Command line ) Version and vfw edition .VFW Is in Windows It's a special way to encode under , It exists in the form of a dynamic link library , Can be used by any avi Compression tool ( Such as EO VIDEO) call .x264vfw yes x264 Of vfw edition , because x264 Our development environment is linux, therefore x264vfw stay 2006 year 10 Stop updating at the beginning of the month ; Although stopped updating , But the function is still very easy to use .

X264vfw The encoder is a Can convert video coding application tools , Through this software , We can convert a normal video stream into a H.264/ MPEG-4 AVC Format video stream , The software can set the conversion parameters , You can freely control the quality of the video , Debug the standard video stream , The software VFW The patterns are very rich , You can choose H264、X264AVC1VSSH Wait for different encoders to correct , Effectively improve the quality of video playback , In the use of Huisheng Huiying 、AE、CS4 And other professional video processing software x264 The support of the encoder is needed when encoding video .

The above is just for general understanding , It's all bullshit , I'll talk about the function of this plug-in in the meeting , It can greatly reduce the size of the video , Only when the production project format is DV/AVI We use , I believe my friends all know “DV/AVI” What's the use of this , It's custom video resolution , For example, set the resolution of the project to 800*800, That's the size of Taobao's main picture ; Now let's operate it , Make a comparison .

First , When this plug-in is not installed , The custom resolution is 800*800, Only plug in the system's own 5 Picture material , The video duration is 15 second , The output video size is as follows ; The expected output size is 696M, As one can imagine , If the output duration is 5 Minutes , The video size is at least 10 individual G;

 How to compress the size of video

Audio and video output AVI video

secondly , install x264vfw After the plug-in ; Let's introduce the operation steps ;

(1) Download from the Internet x264vfw This plugin , Then double click to install ;

(2) After installation , Set the resolution of the project to 800*800; Project format selection “DV/AVI”,“ Existing project profiles (X)" Under the 3 Either way , And then click ” edit “, open ” Edit profile options ” Dialog box ; single click “AVI” tab , stay “ Compress (M)" From the drop-down menu “x264vfw-H.264/MPEG-4 AVC code” This option ;

 How to compress the size of video

Audio video plug in x264vfw

(3) And then click “ routine ” tab , stay “ Frame size ” Set the width and height in the 800, And then click “ determine ” Button ;

 How to compress the size of video

Custom width and height

(4) Press Ctrl+s Key to save , Or click... On the menu bar “ file > preservation ” Command to save ;

(5) Or use the system's own 5 Picture material , The video duration is 15 second , The output video size is as follows ; The expected output size is 0KB, This doesn't matter , Let's output the video first ;

 How to compress the size of video

It's easy to use x264vfw Output avi Video size

(6) After outputting the video , We look at the properties of the video , Video size only 3.34M, Is the video very small .

 How to compress the size of video

Video size properties

Do you want to know the definition of the video ? If you are not a professional, you can't see the difference between videos , If you are interested, you can try it yourself . If you don't want to find this plug-in , You can come to me .

I'm Saburo , Please pay attention to me. , I will continue to update the knowledge of Huisheng Huiying , Let you learn Huisheng Huiying faster and more proficient than others ; If you want to learn the audio-visual knowledge systematically , Welcome to me ; If you have any questions, please leave a message below , I'll get back to you in time , Also welcome like-minded small partners to discuss and exchange .