Me and my five pen input method
Chencang River Valley 2021-05-04 09:14:09
Just read @longsuixin The article , All of a sudden, it opened the door to my memory of the five stroke typing input method , In fact, there are few friends who use five stroke typing now . Better and better use of Pinyin instead of Wubi , Become the mainstream of input method .

But I always insist on using five strokes , It's a mood , It's a feeling , It's a feeling , It's a memory .

It's really good for me to learn five strokes , And almost missed five strokes .1998 I just graduated in , Working in a remote town in Yinan county , My colleagues are all practicing five strokes typing and radical practice with XIAOBAWANG learning machine . I don't have a bully , I can only recite this formula and play . It's boring anyway , Slowly recite all the roots , It's back to back . Gongge grass head right frame 7 , The skin of the tiger on the eye . Mouth and Sichuan root system , Tian Jia square four car force ……

 Me and my five pen input method

Actually , Can recite roots , I don't know how to type . Even if you can type , At that time, there was no computer to use .

And then I left that little town , Come to the city and work hard for your dream . I just met one of my spiritual tutors, Mr. Zhou , He 70 How old , Type with five strokes , It's like a God . Old , The personality is bright . After his guidance , I suddenly realized , So much so that the bottleneck of being stuck in five strokes typing suddenly opened up , It's easy to use , At that time, the surrounding people often attracted envious eyes . This process is very interesting , It's like Yang Guo's dog beating stick , It's no use knowing pithy formula but not moves . At that time, there were not many computers , Because of work needs , The computer I have configured here is very easy to use , And printers . The unit has something that needs to print the document manuscript , It's almost all wrapped up by me . Thousands of words of documents , Often in my crackling keyboard sound , More than ten minutes later, the proofreading, format adjustment and printing will be completed in one go . It's really enjoyable .

 Me and my five pen input method

Later, in addition to exchanging professional knowledge, Mr. Zhou and I often exchanged five strokes of typing . In fact, many colleagues around me want to learn from me , I'm always here for you , Throw them a root formula , When is the recitation meeting , Go on to learn . It's hard to live with , give up halfway . Only one apprentice was taught , I'm still old enough to call my uncle's Apprentice .

Now I think it's not only a memory, but also a yearning for the past , And I miss every one of my predecessors who once pointed out to me .

The best five stroke input method at that time , when “ Five strokes plus ” Unfortunately, this software has stopped developing , Now the new system no longer supports . Fortunately, Sogou input method has also developed five , And Pinyin and Wubi can be mixed without switching , It's a good thing . Time goes on and on , A lot of old things will be submerged in the long river of historical development , There will be more and more good things , Let's see

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