Office Tips: ppt making four step flow chart
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No matter in life or work , Solving problems is always from small to large 、 From simple to complex , It's often divided into four steps : First determine your current position ( Understand the problem ), Second, determine where you want to go in the end ( Set goals ), And then we start to do it ( Implementation plan ), Check the effect of execution when finished ( The verification results ). In this article, let's take a graphic approach , stay PPT The four steps are vividly displayed in the process (4-Step Process).

Directed four step flow chart

What we call digraphs here , It refers to the figure with arrow to indicate the direction . Let's first look at the final effect of this example ( chart 1), The main difficulty is to make a circle with a notch , Because it's a common way to merge or split , In the end, though, you can get one “ Gap ” Round , But it's self closing , So we need to add some other processing in the production process .

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 1 Directed four step flow chart effect

First start PowerPoint( This article takes 2016 Version as an example ), Create a new blank presentation , Draw a regular circle in it and set it to no fill color , The contour line is set to 3 About a pound .

Next, draw a rectangle at will , Make the height close to the size of the round notch to be opened , And superimpose the two figures together . Check circle and rectangle ( Circle first, then rectangle ), Switch to “ Format ” tab , Click on the toolbar “ Merge shapes → to cut off ”, You get a concave circle .

Right click the concave circle , choice “ Edit vertices ”, Multiple black anchors are displayed on the graph . Right click the anchor on the concave , choice “ Open path ”, You can disconnect the original closed graphics ( chart 2).

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 2 Change closed graphics to open graphics

Right click the anchor on the concave , choice “ Delete vertex ”, You can delete a line . Take the remaining two straight lines , One goes to the left , A horizontal drag and drop to the outside of the circle , And draw a single arrow line to coincide with it , A circular basic shape with a notch is completed ( chart 3). On this basis, add serial numbers and icons , Then make three copies and modify them accordingly , Finally, add something else , You can get the above PPT Effect .

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 3 Draw a circle with a notch

Curvilinear four step flow chart

Next, let's make a curve forward four step flow chart , Let's also take a look at the final effect ( chart 4).

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 4 Curve forward four step flow chart effect

The basic shape of this figure is actually a semicircle , We can use two arcs to splice . First draw a square , Choose no fill color , As a reference figure . Next selection “ arc ” graphics , Then press and hold Shift Key not put , Press the left mouse button and drag the vertex of one corner of the square to its diagonal position , There will be a positive arc of a quarter ( chart 5).

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 5 Draw a quarter arc

Make a copy of the arc you just drew , And flip it horizontally , Two arcs are put together and combined , It's a semicircle with an open loop . Next, make another copy of this open-loop semicircle , And turn it into a white line . The line of the semicircle before became thicker , For example, I set it as 36 pounds . Overlap two semicircles together , Put them together again ( chart ).

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 6 Draw an open-loop semicircle

After the basic shape is made , And then it's very simple , Make a few more copies of the open-loop semicircle , And flip two of them vertically , And then put them together to form a curve . The arrow part of the curve , Just draw a triangle and rotate it at the right angle , And then put it together . Finally, add other graphics and corresponding text , You can get the effect shown in the previous article .

tip : In the second example , The reason why we want to make semicircles out of arcs , It's because if you use the combination of graphics to cut , There will be extra closed lines . And the closed semicircle , If you apply the method of deleting vertices in the above example , Semicircles deform .

Step by step four step flow chart

Now let's make another “ Pick up the steps and go up ” Four step flow chart of effect . This graph looks complicated , And it's actually a combination of circles and straight lines , It's very simple to make ( chart 7).

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 7 Step four step flow chart effect

First, draw a circle , Set to no fill color , And set the contour line to 36 pounds ( It depends on the circumstances ), In addition, set the shadow effect for it to enhance the three-dimensional sense . Next, draw two straight lines , The line width is equal to the circular contour line ( For this example 36 pounds ), Also set the shadow effect , And put it under the circle , After the arrangement, you can complete the basic shape ( chart 8).

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 8 A circle and a straight line combine to form a basic shape

And then it's very simple , Make more copies of the basic shape , After arranging from low to high , Add appropriate graphic decoration and content .

To make a long story short , Divide a complete process into different steps , It can make us understand the problem more clearly , To simplify complex tasks . So our goal is not to make complex graphics , It's about expressing ideas clearly . For example, we simply import a graph , Plus the serial number and the content , You can quickly create a four step flow chart in the form of a list ( chart 9), It looks simple , But it's also very practical .

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

chart 9 Four step flow chart in tabular form

 Office Tips :PPT Make a four step flowchart

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