How to start with zero basis self taught programming? It's enough
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Internet information explosion era , Just a random search “ How to learn programming based on Xiaobai zero ?” There are many free introductory courses for Xiaobai , Most of these free courses have no system , Just a single point of knowledge , There is no systematic learning path , I won't give you study guidance . After taking the time to learn , Not only will it not give you a basic understanding of programming , It turns your eyes black , I don't know where to start .

that , For Xiaobai , I want to learn programming through self-study , Which points need attention ?

1. A way of learning that suits you

To get into the programming industry , Or college students majoring in Computer Science , Or social workers who want to change careers after work , Whatever it is , According to their own situation to choose the most suitable way of learning is the best .

Now? IT Training is mainly divided into online courses and offline training .

Most online courses require students to complete their learning tasks in a short period of time , The course content is not perfect , And they are all theoretical knowledge , Lack of practicality , There is no substantial help for students to enter the industry or get employment . And the daily study time requirements are high , If one day I can't find time to study , It will lead to not keeping up with the progress of the course , The learning process is both painful and unfulfilled , So most of the students who signed up for online courses 80% All because can't keep up with the progress of study, didn't complete the study .

And offline training courses should be taken into account “ theory + Practice ”, After the completion of the study can help employment , But offline training needs at least 6-10 Six months full time , For those who want to switch to IT For social workers in the industry, time is not enough .

College students have professional courses in their daily study , Social workers work during the day , For two types of people , It's best to use fragmented time for systematic learning .

2. Systematization of course content 、 comprehensive

Before you read a new book , Want to know the content of this book quickly , It must start with the catalog , Through the catalog, we can understand the logic of the author's book writing , such , It's in the brain that you build a relatively clear frame .

Empathy , Learning is also a truth , Whether it's learning front end 、JAVA Or information security , It can't be done overnight , First, have a comprehensive understanding of the learning system and knowledge framework , Systematize learning according to development 、 Progressive learning path to gradually improve , Only theoretical knowledge can lay a solid foundation .

3. learn IT, It has to be theoretical + Project practice

Whether it's the front end 、JAVA Or information security , All the theoretical knowledge is on paper , If you want to achieve xiaobaixiang IT The transformation of professionals , It has to be theoretical knowledge + Practical projects , Generally, online courses only analyze real projects , Students lack real project practical experience , I don't know the project development process .

also , Programmers in interviews , In addition to the importance of professional knowledge base , What's more important is personal project experience and understanding of the development process of commercial projects , If we only study theory without practice , It doesn't meet the employment needs of enterprises , Employment can be quite difficult .

therefore , Xiaobai learns programming , In addition to theoretical knowledge , Need to know if there is a project practice opportunity after learning .

4. Development environment installation

The first step of programming learning is to build a development environment , For many JAVA For beginners, setting up a development environment is overwhelming : Accidentally setting a wrong environment parameter or path , Code can't run ; The server is built in strict accordance with the steps , Or as like as two peas. , But it just doesn't work ……

If you have the help of a professional boss or a ready-made development environment available , That would save a lot of trouble !

5. Direct to employment

No matter what kind of people learn programming , In the end, it's all about employment . Most online teaching services end after the course is over , Regardless of the students' follow-up employment and other issues , For those who want to change careers or get a promotion or raise salary through study , It's better to know about the service of employment in advance .

That's what I want to do for Xiaobai JAVA、 Front end or information security, etc , If time and energy are allowed , It is of course the best to be able to do training through offline employment , But if the time is relatively fragmented and you want to go through systematic learning , Here is an artifact : Cicada Hall ZVipPad

ZVipPad It was independently developed by zhizhitang , It has been updated to 3.0 edition , It's an employment oriented 、 Systematic learning platform integrating project practice into one , For computer related majors and those who are willing to enter the industry IT Industry personnel , The purpose is to help students meet the requirements of enterprise entry ability , Get into IT industry , Realization “ The small white ” towards “IT Professional ” The transformation of identity .

 How to start with zero basic self-study programming ? It's enough to have it

Learning tablet embedded multi-directional systematic learning content , Overlay front end 、 Back end 、 Information security , Benchmarking the course of employment demand design for large Internet factories , Get through learning + All links to employment . Now it has entered various universities , As a professional course in Colleges and Universities 、 Learning aids for practice class , Provide students with video from basic knowledge + Practical training project as one of the curriculum practice .

l carry-on , Fragmentation can also be systematic learning

ZVipPad3.0 The latest version 2021 Annual listing , Based on Android system as the carrier , Provide tablets +PC Two in one operation mode , Equipped with keyboard , All powerful and light , It's portable , According to the learning roadmap, we can learn at any time with fragmented time , Meet the needs of different users .

l Intelligent dual screen learning tablet

Double screen experience : Watch videos 、 It's not wrong to type the code , Fast and efficient , Improve the actual combat ability , Tablet support and Windows、MAC Interworking , Break the barriers to learning .

l JAVA、 front end 、 Xin'an multi direction learning roadmap

Learning tablet is embedded with a set of learning roadmap and learning scheme for development direction , To guide the students to complete the knowledge supplement and knowledge combing with the goal oriented learning method , Combined with the actual combat project library of rationing , Complete the seamless transformation from knowledge to technology .

ZVipPad3.0 In the version , According to the latest enterprise research , Technical version 、 Depth upgrades again , At the same time, the original learning roadmap is refined , More conducive to learning and mastering technology .

 How to start with zero basic self-study programming ? It's enough to have it

 How to start with zero basic self-study programming ? It's enough to have it

l Multi industry 、 Multidirectional 、 Practical projects in various fields can be practiced at any time

ZVipPad3.0 Embedded project Repository , The real project is provided by the project manager of the enterprise , Covering e-commerce 、 traffic 、 Finance 、 Education and other industries 、 Many fields 、 Multi depth combat projects , Provide enterprise standard project related document resources 、 Source resources and video resources . Help students understand the enterprise standard project development process and development documents through practical projects , In order to achieve the accumulation of project technology 、 Process management 、 Project delivery .

 How to start with zero basic self-study programming ? It's enough to have it

For those who want to work in information security ,ZVipPad There is a great wall range which is highly close to the actual combat and simulates the information network security confrontation environment , Provide loophole training range to solve the problem that it is difficult for students in the direction of network security to deploy target aircraft in actual learning and training 、 The target type is not perfect 、 Serious shortage of target aircraft resources and other urgent problems .

 How to start with zero basic self-study programming ? It's enough to have it

l The first tablet with its own development environment in China

ZVipPad3.0 Deep integration of common server running container environment , Include :Redis、Nginx、MySQL、FTP etc. , Support native deployment of the above environment support web application , It can be done by ZVipPad Connected to the computer , Fast access MySQL And so on , There is no need to install the above environment .

 How to start with zero basic self-study programming ? It's enough to have it

l A huge database of interview questions from big companies , Live on a regular basis

Build a complete set of common written interview question bank organized by the top technology experts in the enterprise in the learning tablet , And based on the most advanced technology in the industry 、 The most popular items are constantly updated , The interview question bank of big factory will be broadcast on a regular basis .

For college students majoring in Computer Science 、 For those who want to switch to programming and development ,ZVipPad It's a very good choice , At present, this is the first integrated development environment in China 、 Learning route 、 Project library 、 Interview question bank 、 Intelligent learning tablet integrated with Xin'an range , At the same time, it also provides a complete set of learning services and employment services .

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