Trembling again, brush up the amount of fraud tiktok, group control software application for the court support.

4 month 27 Japan , Another group control software for tiktok. ——“ Blue ocean cloud control ” An injunction was issued by the court . Blue ocean cloud control is established by Henan Baoren Information Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Baoren company ”) Research and development 、 sales 、 operating . Henan Province Zhengzhou City Intermediate Court therefore made a ruling on Baoren company , It is required to stop using 、 Run related software and marketing system .

according to the understanding of , The case is in the newly established main innovation demonstration zone of Zhengzhou high tech Zone ( Zhengzhou area ) Intellectual property circuit opens , The ruling is also the first injunction issued by the circuit court . Tiktok, the head of the Ministry of justice, thinks that , The ban will prevent similar behavior to some extent , It is conducive to maintaining the market order of fair competition 、 Enhance the overall interests of society .

Civil ruling of Zhengzhou intermediate people's court , The applicant for the ban is Beijing Weibo Vision Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Micro broadcast vision ”), Tiktok . Micro broadcast horizon claims , Blue ocean cloud control passed AI Technology simulates human behavior , Tiktok accounts for cloud control , Including bulk like comments 、 Custom script interaction 、 Pay attention to reward 、 Small yellow car shopping, etc . This not only violates the tiktok. 《 User service agreement 》, Tiktok , Tiktok users' privacy will also be harming. .

 Shake again to control the amount of tiktok. , Application for injunction on group control software supported by the court

“ Blue ocean cloud control ” Background screenshot .

After examination, Zhengzhou intermediate people's court held that , Blue ocean cloud control can forge real user behavior in batches , Tiktok control multiple voice accounts . Its behavior has destroyed the evaluation system of tiktok platform. 、 Product ecological environment , At the same time, it damages the legitimate rights and interests of normal users , Suspected of unfair competition , It should be stopped in time . Therefore, the court ruled that Baoren company “ Stop the publicity immediately 、 Extension 、 sales 、 Operate the marketing system related to blue ocean cloud control ; Take immediate action to delete 、 shielding 、 Disconnect links and other necessary measures , Stop using 、 Running blue ocean cloud control system .”

Tiktok Ministry of justice related person in charge said , According to the State Network Information Office 、 The Ministry of Public Security 、 Issued by seven departments including the Ministry of Commerce 《 Network live marketing management measures ( On a trial basis )》, Studio operators 、 Live marketing personnel shall not make up or tamper with the transaction 、 attention 、 Browse volume 、 Data traffic such as likes . But similar group control software can be used by simulating real users APP The effect of brush quantity fraud , Finally, the drainage was achieved 、 Suction powder 、 Advertising 、“ Plucking wool ” Etc .

 Shake again to control the amount of tiktok. , Application for injunction on group control software supported by the court

Group control system controls multiple mobile phones to simulate user behavior .

“ In the past two years, , Shaking has grown into a tiktok. 6 National short video application , Group control software also began to provide short video 、 Live broadcast diffusion , The grey and black industrial chain of related false traffic has been formed . So attacking group control software is also one of the key points of current platform governance .” Person in charge .

According to introducing , all the time , Tiktok put in a lot of manpower and resources to solve group control software problems. , Early group control system has been tiktok failure. .2020 year , Tremble started the group control software tiktok. , Up to now , Already in Hangzhou 、 Guangzhou 、 Zhengzhou and other places filed relevant lawsuits and obtained the support of court injunction .( edit : Liu mengge )

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