Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation promotion, shop optimization must learn tips
Yuxuan Xiaoqing 2021-05-04 08:50:19

Today's main share , It's about communicating with business friends recently , These are all the things that we will encounter in the operation of shops , Even many shops have encountered such bottlenecks , Let's talk about it today , Let's analyze and solve these problems together , So that our shop can do better and better, always stable sales .

One 、 Product title 、 How to set and modify the main chart and price ?

title 30 Make sure you top up and don't repeat it , It's said to be the weight of influence , The main thing is to waste space , The most important thing is to choose words , Qualified business advisors look at the hot search words in the industry , Skyrocketing words and search words related to , Select them for deletion and combination , And the drop-down box , The through train can also search , The most accurate word or the most cost-effective word ( Search more , Little competition ) Make sure you don't take it apart , Try to put it together , The suggestion is to put it forward , A lot of people can actually read the first few words when they look at the title .

for instance : dress 、 Korean dress short 、 Korean little Daisy round neck dress 、 Dress girl summer ; If the recent hot search is these , Korean little Daisy round neck dress Search high , Little competition , Let's use this as the main word and combine it with other words , Korean version of small daisy round neck dress short women summer this contains all the above words , It's mainly the process of word selection and combination , After changing the title, search your title on Taobao , Then right click on your product title - Check , The broken word that comes out is your root , In principle, the more the better , Because if there are more, the more he arranges and combines , Of course, it depends on whether he is right .

If you sell apples The apple and the fruit are separated for you That's a little bit bad , The word is usually not short , Just an example . The short one is not very suitable. You can adjust it properly , Put the words you think should be together next to each other as much as possible , Don't have ambiguous words before and after . If it's the old model, change the title , No more than five or six words at a time , Five or six words can actually produce a lot of roots , It will take longer for the system to match your product , Taobao, which is so competitive, can be surpassed by others in half an hour , It will take me half an hour to catch up .

It is suggested that the main drawing should not be replaced easily after being measured in the early stage , The impact is no less than changing the title , Even worse than the title , It really needs to be changed , If we change less , Just use the Luban tool to cover it , This is to make trouble during activities , To mark alone .

And if you set a buy it now price, don't move , This one is a little higher , Even if you want to raise the price later, you can use the discount tool . No matter change the title or the main picture or the price , It's suggested that it's early in the morning 12 A little more modification , I don't know if this is a comfort , But I feel that the impact of this time is still smaller , Used to this time change .

Two 、 Does hierarchy affect free traffic ?

Hierarchy is what the shop displays in the top right corner of the business advisor's home page , Divided by turnover 7 A hierarchy , The amount of each category is different , Many people have said that hierarchy will affect the traffic of natural search , But I found in my own actual test observation that , It seems that hierarchy will not help traffic growth much ( Even if there is one, it's very small ), On the contrary, there is a current limiting situation , For example, when the level of the store can't go up due to insufficient turnover , The flow of their own stores, such as when the payment is very high , Search will be stagnant all the time , The current approach is either to break through the hierarchy , Free traffic may have a more obvious growth . Or slow down the controllable flow ( Like paying ), Free traffic is likely to grow slowly , If you don't know if you are in the situation of hierarchical current limiting , You can manually reduce a certain amount of paid traffic, and you will come to a conclusion , All in all, there will be a ceiling for hierarchical current limiting , And when your own weight flow is insufficient, even if you use special means to break through the hierarchy, it doesn't help the store much , On the contrary, risks coexist .

 Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation and promotion , Shop optimization must learn tips

3、 ... and 、 The importance of the crowd ?

buyers : Now we all know that Taobao is full of thousands of people , Taobao, the current free traffic , Including search and homepage traffic , It's all based on thousands of people and thousands of areas , In other words, the buyer's search , Collection , Browse , Buying and so on , Then according to these to recommend the baby to the buyer .

The seller : Taobao labels the seller's products based on big data and cloud computing , When buyers search or see recommended babies , The system will follow the baby's label ( Consumption ability , Gender , Age and so on ) Targeted delivery to buyers , This can make the traffic more accurate , Improve the conversion rate of baby .

Let me give you an example , Like what you've been searching for recently, baby , Then the system will mark your behavior , When you go to the mobile home page , There will be related baby recommendations .

Initial label : This part of the crowd label is actually the basic information of the product , To put it bluntly, it's our detail attribute , Titles and so on ( I don't need to remind you of this , Fill in these things as perfect and correct as possible ).

Post label : This kind of label is the influence of Taobao big data on thousands of people , This is mainly formed by the browsing of buyers , Collection , purchased , Buy ( Buying here has the biggest impact , Others are slightly smaller ).

The later label is the real label of our baby , It will always affect whether our baby is put into the accurate crowd .

Look at our store's current tags, and you can analyze the visitors in the background of business staff , Because I've written about it before , So here we have to focus on the crowd of standard products . A lot of people say that the standard group is not important , In fact, this is not right , Unless your category is very small , Otherwise, the crowd will play a role , For example, your products are purchased by both men and women , Women's buying share and purchasing power are better than men's , But the majority of people you have to go to in the car to identify men , Then the crowd label of your shop is likely to give more male new visitors . Someone else asked , Most of the categories are women , How can male visitors come into the store more , Notice if I'm talking about a very small standard category ( The above is just an example , Most people are not stupid enough ).

 Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation and promotion , Shop optimization must learn tips

Four 、 What's the biggest difference between blocking and grabbing ?

screens : Adjust the bid to a relatively high position through keywords , such as 4-6 front 3 wait , It's called a card , Because this card can only be relatively raised to a higher position , In fact, you may not be in the position where you are already stuck , Because the competition of keyword bid position does not calculate the crowd premium , That is to say, your crowd premium is not calculated , The crowd premium of other people's families is not calculated . The advantage of card position is that we only improve our position to a certain extent , But in fact, we don't rely on the absolute location factor to get a high click rate ( I'm going to say , What is the absolute position factor ), So in the later stage of the operation process, we can carry out the operation of asking price , There's not enough space for the crowd , It doesn't depend entirely on location , So after the crowd makes up, the click through rate will increase instead , The conversion rate should also increase after the crowd is further accurate .

Scramble for position : Through the tool of position grabbing assistant, you can keep your position higher in real time , The position grabbing assistant also comes from the mode of premium , But the premium is directly superimposed on the price of the bid , So many people want to ask how to calculate the premium, crowd premium and time-sharing discount ? The order is : Keywords bid > A bit of a premium > Crowd premium > Time sharing discount ( This is the order in which the final bid is calculated ).

There are two kinds of position grabbing :

1、 Fight for words

The word low bid 、 The crowd has a low premium 、 High premium for grabbing positions . Key words bid a little lower , In order not to let our baby show in a lower position , The purpose of high premium is to make our products appear in a higher position , The purpose of shutting down the position grabbing assistant is to prevent the system from dropping to the position we don't want to appear when our bidding competition is insufficient , At this time, if the plan is set correctly, the click through rate is generally no problem .

2、 Grab the crowd

The word low bid 、 The crowd is high premium 、 Grab a place assistant low premium . The key words are a little lower in order not to be seen by people who are not suitable for us , Also don't want to be in a lower position , The high premium for the crowd is due to the fact that our products have been tested or the products have high requirements for the crowd, and only meet the needs of this kind of crowd , So that they can see , The reason for the low premium is that if the premium is high, it will drive the bid, so that everyone can see it , On the contrary, if the success rate of the plan is not enough , This can be made up by raising the premium for the crowd .

 Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation and promotion , Shop optimization must learn tips

5、 ... and 、 What is the through train flow structure , How to adjust ?

Generally speaking, the so-called flow structure , To put it simply, words , The flow proportional relationship between the crowd and the graph , Why does the traffic structure change ?

Case one , It's an exact match , I can run faster every day , This is because the plan is relatively short online , So it leads to uneven flow distribution , Let a relatively large word basically run away .

The second case , It's a precise match , Between words there is a subject containing ( Such as vinegar and mature vinegar ), This kind of time, even if it's stuck , When the plan is online for a long time, the traffic will also concentrate on 1-2 In about two words .

The third situation is caused by extensive matching , I don't need to explain it too much , You know , It will be caused by bid premium and score .

The basic flow structure is that our data suddenly drops sharply in the process of operation , Or the main reason for the decline in conversion rate or click through rate , Because there is something wrong with the later stable plan , The first is to look at the market , There is no problem with the market. It must be that there is something wrong with the flow structure of your through train .

6、 ... and 、 The factors that influence the growth of quality scores ?

The score factor of through train keyword is a clich é , In the case of a certain number of hits, high click through rate and high conversion rate , As well as collecting and purchasing . Clicks = Click through rate > Conversion rate > Collection > purchased , That's about the size of the impact , The number of hits and the click through rate are the most important , The relative effect of conversion is small , Collection and purchase can only be counted as making up , As for production , This actually has no effect .

We all know the click through rate of the industry 1.5-2 It's going to take three times to grow , But some people do not increase the click through rate , Some people didn't do it, but their scores went up , Here I'll tell you what's going on , First of all , There is an inverse relationship between click rate and click volume , That is to say, if you have enough click through , If the number of hits is small , Then you can't get the score , On the contrary, you don't get enough hits , If you've got enough hits , The score can also be increased , So it's an inverse relationship .

For example, many friends know that the click through rate is very high after using the position grabbing assistant , The number of hits is not low , But the score is rising very slowly , Some plan even half a month It takes a month for the score to go up , This is because the through train calculates the click through rate and the number of hits according to the location of your words , The higher the position , Relative to the click through rate, the higher the demand for the number of hits , That's why it's happening , I've written about it in a lot of articles , If you can hold it , Try not to grab a seat .

 Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation and promotion , Shop optimization must learn tips

7、 ... and 、 How to correct the excessive order brushing and Taoke disturbing the crowd ?

The selection of people on the through train is definitely a sharp tool for marking , Even if the crowd label has been disordered, the selected crowd using the through train can be pulled back ( People are based on keywords , The accuracy of keywords will also affect the label ).

We can divide people into two categories :

1、 System crowd

For example, Taobao home potential crowd , Shop customization crowd , Taobao high quality people , After some categories are updated, there is also an industry oriented group , When your baby doesn't have labels , In this kind of related crowd premium help is certainly very large , Especially smart pull new and so on .

2、 Custom crowd

If it's time for us to pull labels quickly , First of all, we need to know our baby's population size . And when the keywords have been tested , First, select the first or second class people ( It depends on the number of people covered , Small target products , The first class is enough , If a large category is not a standard product , You can check on the secondary group first ). First class people don't give examples , Secondary groups such as : Woman 18-24; Woman 0-20; Such as 300 Below yuan . With enough coverage , You can also check level three , After checking, we will pay a premium according to the actual situation . If the standard product is stuck, it can 5-10%, The non-standard products are decided according to the bid. I usually 30-50%. Waiting for data feedback , Because the keywords have been tested , So the population data is absolutely accurate . Because the crowd is level one or level two , So the population data will be bigger ( Of the first class , There may be some overlap , Just adjust the premium according to the actual situation ).

Generally, it's about 3-7 The data of about two days is more accurate , After a lot of data , We can stop the crowd completely , First class people are grouped into second class people according to the data , The secondary population is grouped into the tertiary population according to the data ( Those that have been combined into three levels can also be divided into four levels , Of course, there are not many categories that can combine four levels ). At this time, the through train crowd is very accurate . What we need to do later is gradually reduce the bid , Pull the crowd up , So the traffic goes to the crowd . When the comprehensive proportion of through train traffic gradually increases , conversion , Collection , purchased , Browsing and so on , The proportion will gradually increase , At this time, the store will be labeled correctly .

 Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation and promotion , Shop optimization must learn tips

8、 ... and 、 How does through train and super recommendation drive search traffic and recommendation traffic ?

1、 Through train

key word : Strictly speaking , The keywords used in the through train will directly affect the words captured by the search

The crowd : The crowd will directly affect the crowd captured by the search , In fact, the biggest factor affecting the crowd captured by the system is the transaction , That's the conversion rate , Which part of the population has a high conversion rate , The system will think which people are right for you , It's like a shop with a large number of orders , Search can affect , The conversion rate is low .

The amount of data is increasing : Incrementing can only be used as a means in the process of operation , It doesn't have to be , The premise of incremental must be that the plan can still get enough hits , Only when the conversion rate is stable can we start .

Hierarchy : Many people have said that , I do feel a little bit of influence in my practice , But it seems that the hierarchy has gone up , Search doesn't go up a lot , On the contrary, I feel that hierarchical current limiting is true , As mentioned above, I won't say much here .

Activities : We don't talk about official events here , Many friends should have found out , especially C shop , As long as the data is OK , Take part in official activities once , The weight will grow a little bit with it , In recent years, there have been a lot of official activities , Most of them are actually involved in the cross store full report . This has nothing to do with the through train , But it has a big impact on the whole , So I'm going to say that in particular .

The difference between tmall and Taobao : Tmall is rising faster than Taobao ( No need to say more ) Tmall and Taobao have the same through train operation .

2、 Super recommendation

Super recommended data is very popular with people , Because super recommendation belongs to information flow , In addition to the most basic setting of the plan and the influence of the store crowd , The plan has to run and let the system learn to know which people are suitable for itself . Of course, it will also be affected by the crowd in the shop , As well as the orientation and resource of your own plan . In fact, many friends have found that as long as super recommendation is on, there will be recommendation traffic , Even if the data is poor, there will be a certain amount of recommended traffic , But if the amount of data you super recommend is large enough , And the data feedback is good , The recommended traffic data is relatively more accurate , It also brings more recommendation traffic .

The trend of recommendation traffic is not completely influenced by super recommendation , The better the super recommendation data is, the greater the recommendation traffic will be , But the scope of recommended traffic is larger than that of super recommendation itself , So the conversion rate is generally not very good . And in the super recommended products, the super recommended data of general stores is much higher than the recommended traffic conversion rate , This is different from the relationship between search traffic and through train . And super recommendation has a high probability that it will consume the second store flow of its own store , When a lot of friends make super recommendations , It's been stable for a while, it's been good , But all of a sudden it was very bad for a while , This may be the consumption of the store's secondary flow , Don't panic at this time , Because it's useless to panic , We can only continue to accumulate data ( A lot of things I've written in previous articles , If you don't understand, you can go to the previous article , Let's talk about ).

 Thoroughly solve the nine problems in the process of Taobao operation and promotion , Shop optimization must learn tips

Nine 、 The role of various data in the store ?

Number of visitors : The number of people entering the store ( It's not necessary to introduce the function of the store ).

Browse volume : How many pages did visitors come in and browse , Product or home page , The higher the number of visits, the better the store association , It's the depth of access ( Divided by the number of visitors ), The higher the depth of the visit, the greater the chance of transaction .

Conversion rate : It's the number of transactions divided by the number of visitors , This is definitely the higher the better , It's what every family is trying to do , The main factor affecting the conversion rate is the cost performance of the product , Like the price 、 score 、 evaluation 、 sales 、 Details, etc , Also mainly through these aspects to affect the conversion rate , And the crowd , This is about .

residence time : That's how long buyers stay on your product , The higher, the better , Show that he is willing to spend time on your product , This greatly increases the chance of transformation , This is also a key factor in testing the details . Short stay , It means that I left without looking too fast , The front didn't catch the buyer's attention , Missed the deal .

Jump loss rate : This is usually seen together with the length of stay , It is also a point to check whether the details are good or not , Long stay , Low miss rate , Then the details and products can be studied , Try to push it .

UV value : This is a hot topic in the past two years. The value of pit production , The transaction amount is divided by the number of visitors , It's how much turnover you bring to an average visitor , What pit production drives is the weight , Actually this uv Value is just an expression , If you want to promote him, you have to drive other aspects , This is just a wake-up call , It's convenient for you to see .

Add to the collection : There's nothing to say about this , It's collecting and purchasing data , The more the better , When measuring money, we mainly focus on these two data . We should pay more attention to these two data when we launch a new one , Maybe the next big money will come out .

Customer unit price : It's how much a person bought in your shop , The unit price of customers is as high as possible , It's mainly related to Tongjing , By matching the set meal , Drive other sales , After all, a person's freight is more than those who buy , The profit margin will be higher .

Click through rate : Click through rate this is not the click through rate of the through train , It's the click through rate of the main image , This is a hidden number , I can't see how many free traffic hits you have , But he's real , This is the same as the through train click through rate , It must be the higher the better , And this click through rate drives the weight higher than others ,( In addition to the conversion rate can be pit production ), It's not just Taobao , Many platforms have extremely high click through rates , Just pass the through train before you can understand , High click through rate , The quality score is high ( A few years ago ), So this main picture is particularly important , Can it show the characteristics of the product , Is the detail obvious enough , How to show the marketing information and product features without making the picture into cowhide , All need to be tested .

Moving rate : This is also a hidden value , The higher the sales volume, the more popular the product is , You want a hundred products , It's just a normal daily sale , What about this 1% The pin is too low , You think there's something wrong with your product development , Even if you sell this for a while , After the product is out of heat in the later stage , No ability to develop new products , There's no way to continue , So the platform doesn't like this kind of one-off shop very much .

Today's sharing is here , If there's something you don't understand or if the store has any problems , Welcome to the comments area .

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