The drainage framework of 100 drainage activities was summarized
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 Did 100 The drainage framework summarized by the second drainage activity

Drainage and innovation is one of the common operation methods of enterprises , But every year, there are countless activities of enterprises , Few can really achieve the desired effect . The author of this paper has a deep understanding of his own experience 100 The second drainage activity was repeated , A drainage framework is summed up , Hope to help you better develop and avoid the pit .

The village head has shared the case of fission drainage before , But not every villager after learning , Can be immediately used in their own business .

The village head thought about the reasons carefully , Excluding personal experience 、 In addition to the industry differences , Another point is that part of the villagers are not very clear about the basic framework .

therefore , Today, the village head will talk to you about the basic framework logic of drainage fission , Just keep this frame in your mind , In the future, we will be more able to do fission activities .

The village head takes social e-commerce platform to recruit distribution agents as an example , Help you sort out the framework while dismantling it for you .


Crowd positioning

Whatever you do , The first step is to locate the crowd . Who are you doing this activity for , Who would like to see , Participate in . It's Baoma ? Parents of students ? College students' ? Xiao Bai, a new employee of the workplace ? Or entrepreneurs and executives ?

Only think about the location of the crowd first , I don't know where to find these people , How to attract them .

But many people do activities for the sake of doing it , I didn't think about the core purpose of doing this activity 、 What is the core group .

such as : Every year, 618、 double 11 It's all the days of e-commerce promotion , Many operators have to do activities , It's all because it's just this time , Others should do what they do , Or is it just for the sake of holiday promotion GMV.

And the right approach must be based on your own customers , Then analyze their needs , Recent consumption trends 、 Entertainment preferences , Think about the strategy of operation .

such as : Social e-commerce wants to recruit distribution agents , For them, the most suitable candidates are two kinds : Those who are engaged in agency business ( Wechat Business 、 Buying on behalf of )、 Adult women who stay at home full time ( Baby mom 、 Full time housewives 、 Retired women ).

Because these people have time 、 A little money 、 Love sharing 、 Have the desire to make money 、 Easy to communicate 、 Emotional .


Looking for fish ponds

With the target population , The next step is to figure out where to look , Where is the flow channel ?

It's like you're going fishing for groupers , Then you have to decide which fish pond to go fishing in , The fish pond is wrong , It takes time, effort and money .

We are used to dividing traffic into public domain traffic and private domain traffic , There are all kinds of fish ponds in these two flow channels , We need to find the most suitable fish pond to drain .

For example, in wechat , Some official account owners have 50 Thousands of fans , If he wants to sell , Just publish a tweets on your own official account , His official account is his fish pond. .

Another example is some villagers who do Taoke business , For them , The best fish pond is wechat group and circle of friends , So they want to build a circle of friends 、 We should strive to expand all kinds of Baoma 、 Shopping wechat group .

And from the perspective of social e-commerce Recruitment agents , Its fish ponds are also divided into many . Baidu search 、QQ Part time group 、 Making money Forum 、 Wechat Business 、 agent 、 Sideline related official account and all kinds of treasure mothers 、 E-commerce shopping group .


Drainage content release

When you join a variety of part-time groups to recruit agents 、 Baomaqun may plan to put recruitment advertisements in some channels , Then you have to think about what to post next . Some people join Baoma group , But I don't know what to do in the group , I don't know what to send .

And what you've released , For potential agents , There's no attraction . From the perspective of recruiting agents , They focus on three things :

  1. What do they need to do 、 How do you do it? ;
  2. Is there any risk in doing this and how much risk it is ;
  3. What are their advantages , How much money can I make .

So you're recruiting agents for content marketing , We should focus on these aspects , To produce and spread , For example, there are many cases of ordinary Baoma making money on the outstanding platform .


Trust building

Now the user is more routine , The awareness of prevention has naturally increased a lot . Want users to participate in your organization's activities , You have to get rid of users' concerns 、 Build user trust .

  • Users buy products in public domain , It's trust in the platform ;
  • Users buy products in private domain , It's more about trust in people ;
  • Users buy after they have finished , It's trust in the product .

And to extend it , Drainage only in the public domain , Trust relationship and store level 、 Fan Reviews 、 Platform properties 、 The number of account fans is closely related .

Another example is a poster we shared 、 One H5 page , Users will pay attention to brand history 、 Success stories 、 Number of participants 、 The winning honor 、 Customer evaluation 、 Industry qualification 、 Star endorsement and so on .

For users , More trust factors , The more opportunities you have to connect or trade with users . Yes, of course , Sometimes the establishment of trust relationship is not completed in a short time .

In some channels , Need content and relationship have a long-term precipitation , Will dispel the concerns of users , Let users have the impulse to understand .


Design of drainage bait

When users trust you , You also need to speed up user decision-making , Let users have more reasons to refuse you , Generally, there are six kinds of decoys :

  1. Price : Now place an order and compare with the previous price , In case of exemption 、 subsidy 、 free ;
  2. Number : You can get a free gift for the same price 、 The trial 、 limit ;
  3. money : What prizes can I get after participating in the activity , How much money can I make ;
  4. The opportunity to : For example, you can get a rush purchase 、 Stars on the same stage 、 Visit 、 Lucky draw and other opportunities ;
  5. Empower : Exclusive training available 、 To guide the 、 Resource tilt ;
  6. Honor : You can walk on the red carpet 、 Video shoot 、 interview 、 Award Presentation .

Two points should be paid attention to in the design of decoy :

  1. The best is a combination of multiple interests ;
  2. Don't exaggerate , Make sure that some benefits are immediately available to users in the short term .

For recruitment agents , What is the bait they are most concerned about ? Of course, how much money can we make , What kind of empowerment can be obtained , And what's the use of opportunities and honors .


Drainage action path

Once the user is interested in the decoy , We're going to give users a link to our path .

In fact, the most common drainage path is to pay attention to accounts : official account 、 Kwai Fu 、 The headline number 、 WeChat ID , The second is download app、 Call or join QQ Group , And our best path is to hope users to add our personal wechat 、 Enter our wechat group .

When guiding users to action , We should also pay attention to three points :

  1. The entrance should be obvious , For example, buy immediately 、 Focus on 、 Scan code to add wechat 、 Into the group of ;
  2. The threshold should be reasonable , Don't set too high a threshold , Like fees 、 Number of fans 、 Operation experience and so on , Too high requirements greatly reduce the enthusiasm of users to participate in . But it can't be without a threshold , Otherwise, the attracted users will either collect the wool 、 Or the willingness to pay 、 The willingness to act is very low 、 There are few flow resources around . Reasonable threshold setting , It can effectively screen the initial personnel , It can also ensure the participation of certain users ;
  3. Path to check : For example, external links will be blocked 、 The article will be deleted 、 The addition of micro signal will display exception and so on , Check the entrance regularly 、 Can effectively reduce the loss of traffic .


Conversion and repurchase

Generally speaking , Go to step six , A drainage activity is over . The rest is the flow conversion , For example, the user downloaded it app after , Need to guide new users to place orders .

If it is to guide users to add their own personal wechat , Then we have to find a way to guide users to pay , Such as buying goods 、 Course 、 community 、 Consultation, etc .

Setting special welfare policies for new users is the most common method of traffic conversion , You can issue coupons 、 Newborn Zone 、 Free information 、 Audition 、 First order reward . But whether it's in app On the Internet or in the community , The real first transformation is a long process .

So we're going to go through commodities 、 Activities 、 Content three dimensions to build users' multiple cognition and trust , Then guide the consumption .

What's more important than the first transaction is how to keep and repurchase users , For example, the charging community should consider the renewal of members , Private domain selling should guide users to purchase continuously . If it's just for one-off business , It's a great waste , Moreover, it is very difficult to obtain new traffic .


Excitation fission

The value of users is diverse , Like consumption 、 Make suggestions , Participate in organizing activities, etc , And the most valuable is to actively guide users to help us share fission , Become a promoter of the enterprise . Compared with the platform itself, the efficiency of transmitting information and establishing trust relationship is far less than the reputation and sharing of paying users .

Some users may spontaneously share , But the vast majority of users need the encouragement and guidance of the platform . In order to stimulate users to share 、 The invitation , We have to provide users with some material and spiritual rewards . For example, users can get cash by sharing 、 Coupon 、 integral 、 Quota 、 Rank promotion, etc .

There are two things to know about user fission :

  1. The spread range of each user is limited , Especially some ordinary users , His wechat friends may not exceed 300 people .
  2. The communication ability of each user is different , Generally speaking, a boss has far more influence than 10 individual KOC Even greater than 100 A regular user .

So when we do fission , We should also pay attention to the screening of the population , Focus on your core users , Improve their enthusiasm to share fission .

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