Lost 100 million users in two years, the value of QQ is only games?
Yueyue 2021-05-04 08:00:45

mention “QQ”, not a few 80 after 、90 Later, they will say that this is their youth ,QQ It's an elder product of Internet social networking , It's with the memory of a generation , A lot of people make connections from it 、 Whether it's a relationship or a couple's portrait 、 The exchange of work , Or do netizens seem to be non mainstream now “ Individuality signature ”, It has witnessed the transformation of the Internet era .

 Lost in two years 1 Billion users ,QQ All that's worth is the game ?

QQ Gradually forgotten , It has become a fact . from 2018 After year ,QQ At an average annual rate of 50 million . The birth of wechat makes QQ No more unicorns . but QQ Still shining for the cause of Tencent games .

Speaking of this , Xiaobian also wants to ask everyone in silence , How long has it been since you landed QQ 了 ?

Or landing QQ It's just for playing games . Without the support of Tencent game ,QQ More mobile users may be lost faster .

Maybe you know that people around you are from QQ Turn to wechat , But you may not know . In the past two years , There has been a 1 100 million people don't use it anymore QQ, from “ Living thing ” become “ Corpse ”. this 1 The avatars of 100 million users no longer light up , No more messages , I even forgot my password and didn't bother to find it again .

 Lost in two years 1 Billion users ,QQ All that's worth is the game ?

QQ The top point of user activity is 2018 year , The monthly living capacity reaches 8 Billion , The mobile phone accounts for 6.99 Billion . But then , Tencent's financial report will no longer be published QQ Total active users of , It is also because most users have already used wechat , Wechat has become QQ An alternative to ,QQ With an average annual decrease 5000 The speed loss of 10000 users . According to the 2020 The annual data released in 2007 show that 5.94 Billion .

Let's take a look 12.2 Wechat of yiyuehuo basic disk ,2020 Year on year 5.2% The growth of ,QQ reduce 、 Wechat add , It's already the trend of the times .

There are new developments in this unwilling product recently

Tencent recently completed the internal organization and personnel adjustment . tencent QQ Liang Zhu, the person in charge of the company, was transferred to Tencent music group TME, Yao Xiaoguang is the replacement of Liang Zhu , He is the president of Tianmei studio group .

It should be noted that , Yao Xiaoguang did not step down from his previous position , It's two jobs (QQ With Tianmei studio ), Responsible for both products , This phenomenon appears for the first time in Tencent , But as it stands ,QQ The biggest value at the moment , It's linked to the game .

 Lost in two years 1 Billion users ,QQ All that's worth is the game ?

An irreversible trend

since QQ Racing with wechat on the mobile end , After wechat won ,QQ In Tencent's destiny from “ only ” become “ One of ”, Its position in the world is no longer the same as before .

both PK after , Now that wechat has become the mainstream of users ,QQ Simply turn the service goal to serve young users . Make sure that at any time QQ Will not be abandoned by young people . There is a , At the general office meeting of Tencent , Responsible then QQ Mr. Tang Daosheng mentioned that QQ Beautiful video , Ma Huateng, who was just looking at his mobile phone, noticed , Give a quick compliment “ This is a good product feature .”

QQ The strategy is , Develop as many new overlay functions as possible , Chat bubbles 、 The skin 、 Portrait pendant , Try our best to meet the personalized needs of young users . Young people under 21 , hold QQ As an area of separation from your parents , Chatting with young people at the same stage , Here's their own language and chat scenes .

 Lost in two years 1 Billion users ,QQ All that's worth is the game ?

To some extent ,QQ It's possible . Wechat and QQ For different users , Therefore, , Dominating the entire social market .

At the beginning ,QQ The data rebound is really good , It has had a good response , Got the ideal response . But this ideal doesn't last long .

Too much content can be consumed by mobile terminals . Especially in recent years, the rise of short video , Interest groups are changing , Even the average consumption time of wechat, which has the largest number of users, is being reduced , What's more, is QQ Well ?

but QQ It doesn't mean to be completely replaced , Those with QQ Growing up together 80 Backward into the workplace , stay PC There are still a lot of office needs at the end of the day , Especially the transmission of large files , This has not been achieved by wechat , The transfer of large files is QQ The most important link with shorthand company ,QQ Was also a 360 An important social tool for internal communication and file transfer .

 Lost in two years 1 Billion users ,QQ All that's worth is the game ?

But the dividend is also disappearing , The threshold of communication is no longer so low , The rise of office software in various enterprises , Some big companies even develop social software to connect with each other , This makes the workplace use QQ The last reason , It's all erased .

Those who used to dominate QQ, led QQ Members of the original ecology who go through the cycle , It's fading out QQ.

930 Under the change of , At that time, the director QQ Mr. Tang Daosheng was transferred to supervision CSIG when , He once said that he wanted to continue to be responsible for QQ plate , But Tencent wants to focus on the direction of industrial Internet .

Residual value

QQ The decline of , Let Tencent do everything possible , extend QQ Life span of , Let the user's data return to the peak .

QQ Think , We should learn from wechat , It can't be the same as wechat , There needs to be a difference between the two , Let users in QQ When making a choice with wechat , Allows users to continue to QQ tilt .

Tencent pair QQ There's no taboo about the current situation of , In order to extend the consumption time of mobile end users ,QQ Go all out to cater to the entertainment trend of young people .

for example ,QQ Built in graphics and video , In user use QQ You can also browse the news and videos that you are interested in when you are reading , Meet the personalized needs of young people . Pop up chat in the video , And video filters , stickers , Special effects of face changing, etc . Fancy features are really popular with users , Will also be QQ Yuehuo has reached the highest point in history .

Wechat is QQ Diversion

2019 year , Tencent put in wechat QQ Applet version , Wechat can be viewed in a small program QQ Information , But if you want to reply QQ The message inside , You need to jump to QQ Mobile end of . A few years ago ,QQ Guide wechat , Now the roles of the two are changing , More or less sad .

When the epidemic broke out , Schools can't start ,QQ Aim at the group live class 、 Such as online tutoring 、 Homework management . But because Tencent doesn't go down in person on the track of Education , Just as an aid , So it doesn't have much effect ,QQ My idea is very clear , The growth of users is unlikely , But at least make the existing users active , Instead of being a zombie all the time .

The game becomes QQ My antidote

QQ Using various means to try to retrieve users , But the effect is very little . final “ Antidote ” It's about games . This is the Tencent personnel adjustment , And let “ Glory of Kings ” Yao Xiaoguang, the leader, is also in charge of QQ Why .

 Lost in two years 1 Billion users ,QQ All that's worth is the game ?

actually , last year QQ by 《 Glory of Kings 》、《 Call of duty Tour 》 Tencent and other popular mobile games launched joint publicity and E-sports activities , Let young users interact with friends in the video , Play AI social games together .

This is probably QQ The last remaining value , For Tencent game business to shine again .