Those skills that you don't know to improve the popularity of Taobao live broadcast, collect them as soon as possible
Little butterfly 2021-05-04 07:09:29

 The skills you don't know to improve the popularity of Taobao live broadcast , Collect it quickly

In the past two years live broadcast More and more popular with goods , Many e-commerce platforms have opened live channels , What works best here is Taobao live 了 , It's very sensitive to catch the big trend of live broadcasting with goods , Winning new business opportunities . But a lot of new people just started to do Taobao live popularity Insufficient , Few fans , What shall I do? ? Today, I'd like to share some live rooms with you Popularity Of skill .

First of all : Before the live broadcast, we can publicize our Taobao shop on various social platforms , Multi channel promotion , Let users know that there is such a store first .

second : Every day live time should be controlled in 3 hours , Slowly build popularity , Try to avoid the peak of live broadcast , It's less competitive , Live time must be fixed , Let users form the habit of watching live broadcast on time .

Third : We must understand the rules of the platform before we start the live broadcast , Know what's available , Which can't be broadcast , You can't do things that violate the law and discipline in order to attract people .

Fourth : In the process of live broadcast, we can use traffic supplement or Haitao traffic assistant to increase the number of online viewers , Build momentum for the studio , Let everyone think your live room is very lively , Naturally, I will be curious about your studio , And then into the studio .

The fifth : Before the live broadcast, we need to set the cover and title of the live broadcast room . The cover of the studio should be eye-catching , Let users have curiosity at the first sight and click into the live broadcast room , The title of the live room should be related to the live content as far as possible , Control in 12 About a word , Simple and clear , So that users can see the biggest highlight of the live broadcast at a glance .

The sixth : In the process of live broadcasting, the anchor should interact with users more . When new users enter the live broadcasting room, the anchor should take the initiative to say hello , Make them feel valued , And then slowly guide users to pay attention to their personal home page .

The seventh : During the live broadcast, we can set up some welfare Links , Extend the stay time of users in the live broadcast room . For example, hair red packets , Luck draw , Coupon , Limited time second kill and so on , Give real benefits to users , Let them feel your sincerity , Slowly build trust between each other .

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