Microsoft office desktop application default font to be changed
White ice 2021-05-04 05:33:36
IT The home of 4 month 28 Daily news Foreign media reports , since 2007 Since then ,Calibri It's always been Microsoft Office The default font in the application . Now? , Microsoft has decided to replace the default font .IT The family learned that , Now? , Microsoft has commissioned the following five original 、 Custom fonts eventually replace Calibri As Office The default font for .

 Microsoft Office The default font of desktop application needs to be changed

  • Tenorite - Tenorite Sans serif font with traditional working force ( A typeface without serif , Or a font with strokes at both ends , Such as Times New Roman) The overall appearance of , But it's warmer 、 A more friendly style . Big dot 、 Elements such as phonetics and punctuation make Tenorite It's also comfortable to read in a small size on the screen , And clear looking shapes and wide characters create a general sense of openness .

  • Bierstadt - Bierstadt It's a precision 、 Modern sans serif fonts , It was inspired by 20 Swiss printing in the mid-20th century .Bierstadt It's a multi-functional font , It expresses simplicity and rationality in a highly readable form , The end of the stroke is also very clear , Emphasis on order and moderation .

  • Skeena - Skeena It's a kind of “ Humanism ” Sans serif font for , Based on the shape of traditional serif text . Its strokes are restrained , There is a clear contrast between the thickness , And there's a unique section at the end of many strokes .Skeena It's an ideal choice for the text of a long document , It's also a presentation 、 pamphlet 、 Ideal for short paragraphs common in forms and reports .

  • Seaford - Seaford It's a sans serif font , It's rooted in the design of old serif fonts , And evoke a comfortable familiarity with it . Its soft organic and asymmetrical form helps reading by emphasizing the differences between letters , To create more recognizable glyphs .

  • Grandview - Grandview It's a sans serif font , From the classic German road and railway signs , It's designed to be visible from afar and in harsh conditions .Grandview It's designed for text , But it retains the same quality of high readability , And made subtle adjustments for long reading .

 Microsoft Office The default font of desktop application needs to be changed

Even if your favorite font is not selected as the next default font , You can also use them , Because in Office in , All the font menus will have .
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