Under the fierce competition of network marketing, how to do if the website is hacked?
The right way 2021-05-04 05:12:33

With the increasing competition of network marketing , Competitors in the same industry will inevitably make some “ Small means ”, Take your opponent off guard . In general , The website being hacked is nothing more than the homepage being modified 、 The program has been tampered with 、 The website has been added malicious code 、 There are four cases of being black chained , But when you find that the website is hacked , Don't panic , Don't act rashly , So as not to bring worse consequences to the website . As a mature optimization specialist , Be sure to keep calm , Accurate analysis of problems , Develop solutions , Here are four situations , Let's get to know .

 Under the fierce competition of network marketing , How to do if the website is hacked ?

1、 Home page cannot be opened

If you find that the home page of the website can't be opened, but the background can still operate normally , It's usually competitors who tamper with your home page or hang up the black chain , It caught you off guard . resolvent : This situation , The simplest solution is to replace the backup home page file , If it can't be solved after replacement , Then we need to detect other problems .

2、 Users browsing the website have a warning about the risk of drug reporting

This situation , Generally, malicious code is hung . It is suggested that the optimizer check the website source code first , If you find one more at the bottom URL, There's no doubt that it's malicious code . terms of settlement : At this time, we need to download the whole website to the local , Then download the batch deletion code tool from Baidu to clean up , If you have a backup file, you can also directly cover it .

3、 Black chain

Enterprises are linked to the black chain is one of the most hacked types , It's usually on the front page (index). resolvent : We can use FTP Software to connect to the site root , Open the front page file in notebook format , Find the linked black chain and delete it .

4、 The program was spoofed

Generally, open source program websites like mall will be teased like this , It's easy to be intruded into the background to modify information . Solution : In this case, we need to complete the latest patches , Then change the management background path , Password complexity , Let the enemy have no chance , Ensure the security of the website .

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet , Everyone wants the site to rank on the front page , Want to get more traffic , But there is always the risk of being attacked by others , therefore , If you find your website hacked ( It shows that your website has certain strength ), Mo panic , Learn more about the above , I hope I can help you .

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