How do children always indulge in mobile phones? What's the trick of positive discipline
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 Children are always addicted to mobile phones ? Let's see what's good for positive discipline

When it comes to kids addicted to cell phones , I believe many senior parents have physical experience . Children play with their cell phones whenever they have time 、 Watch the mobile phone , As if in addition to cell phones , There's no way to be happy . Think about when we , rubber band skipping 、 It's a lot of fun ? Needless to say, children , Parents also have mobile phones , It's like your own reproductive organ .


Let's see why adults can't leave the plane .

On the one hand, work needs , Now who doesn't have ten or eight groups in his cell phone , Company group 、 Department Group 、 Management group and so on .

On the other hand, life needs . What group buying group 、 Children, schools, parents and so on, not to mention . This has led us to use mobile phones more often . And this kind of machine does not leave hand feeling , Let's create a kind called “ Sense of control ” Things that are .

It's like holding a cell phone , You have the whole world . One machine in hand , Don't worry about anything .

What? Book a train ticket 、 See a movie 、 Community group purchase , Which doesn't need a cell phone . can The more we feel “ convenient ”, The more blurred the sense of boundaries . When mobile phones become “ universal ”, People are not far from incompetence .

So it is, my Lord , I'm afraid the same is true for children .

Social needs , Other people have it, so do I ; The need to learn , Now the epidemic is fighting back , Many places are going to have online classes again . Online classes can't do without mobile phones , The more often you use one thing , I feel like I can't live without it .


1 I'm in intensive reading this month 《 Positive discipline of teenagers 》 A Book , It gives a lot of practical solutions , Parents can refer to .

 Children are always addicted to mobile phones ? Let's see what's good for positive discipline

First of all, I want to ask you a question . Mobile phones and other electronic products are assets or liabilities ? It's clear that , It will affect your attitude towards children playing with mobile phones .

My cousin grew up playing games , At that time, there was only super Mary . The computer is playing very well , So it's very quick to accept this kind of new things . I was in junior high school , Mom spent 300 element , I signed up for a computer five pen typing class for my sister and me , My sister and I work hard every day , Soon mastered five strokes of typing . Now many people see me typing with five strokes , Will be very envious . Those who can type with five strokes also despise Pinyin , Of course , This is a joke .

Look at the kids now ,2、3 When you're 20 years old, you can play with your mobile phone very well , If parents guide them properly , It will also be a huge asset . When I grow up, I may be engaged in Internet related work .

second , In terms of the duration of use and the duration of prohibition of mobile phones , Make limited choices .

For example, one day a week without a cell phone , One day a month, I don't use my cell phone . To specify a " Cell phone storage “. Before going to bed at night , Let's put the mobile phone in the living room far away from the bedroom 、 Kitchen and so on . Once you can't see the phone , The desire to pick it up will be greatly reduced .

The power of example is infinite . If you lie on the sofa and play games every day 、 Watch the short video , Don't blame the children for learning , Think about your responsibilities as a parent !

Third 、 It's not your responsibility to buy electronic products , Did you say that "NO!” Even if you buy a cell phone , Also discuss how to share with your children 、 Use 、 Maintenance problems , Let children know , The mobile phone is just a tool , Tools can also be broken and need to be repaired . Instead of just letting kids play , But forget the duty to manage it .

Don't fantasize , You are not at home , Children can take care of themselves . When necessary, , Extreme means should also be used , Especially when children's academic performance has declined and become addicted to mobile phones , It's also necessary to cut off the connection between children and mobile phones .


Positive discipline also suggests that parents , Want children not to be addicted to mobile phones too much , In life Keep your child in balance . Arrange family meals 、 Watch the movie 、 Go out and play 、 Participate in interest classes, etc , Enrich children's lives , It's not just school 、 Leave school 2 Point line , The child will naturally turn his attention to other aspects .

At the same time, parents should also remind their children , The Internet is not out of the law , The Internet is an open information superhighway , What they say on the Internet is restricted . Don't let children feel that they can speak out of line just by hiding behind the computer . If a child is harassed , Parents should intervene decisively .

Online classes , It's the luck of this generation . Online classes don't judge children , It makes the child feel at home . Tiantian has made similar comments . The Internet is also very patient , If the child makes mistakes , It will only be repeated over and over again , Without fear of being judged . So a lot of kids want to take online classes , Also like to choose their own personalized online courses .

Take a correct view of electronic products such as Internet and mobile phones , Children are less likely to be addicted to mobile phones . That's all for today's article . If you feel helpful , You are also welcome to share it with those who need it !

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