Can tiktok start now? How do you do it?
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Even if not RMB players , Tiktok is now passing the dividend period. , There's still a chance , How to do it ?

simply , In fact, there is only one point :COPY, imitation

I've seen some people share earlier MCN One month's growth of institutions 100 That's how millions of fans play Pixel level emulation

1 Than 1 Remake popular video ( The premise of this step is that the popular money can be copied ), Same video , Lines 、 When the scenes are almost the same , Original video 51 second , We have to do it, too 51 second , Not a second . At the same time, the quality is almost the same, which can also improve the team's video production level .

Next, let's wait for positive data feedback , Generally, the original video is popular , The video data will not be too bad , Occasionally DOU+ Let's add fuel to the fire ( Simple understanding is the official cheating tool ).

in fact , At present, all algorithms recommendation platform ( Whether Kwai tiktok or fast hand, or video Number ), Inflation is never linear , It's always on the money ,100 A video , As long as there is one burst , Fans grow slowly ;

So in the process of operation , We are going to put 80% even to the extent that 90% I've spent a lot of energy polishing the top money ;

Before we start again , If possible , What is the purpose of tiktok? , fans ? Drainage is still for cash ( Reference only EXCEL How to earn by shaking tiktok 500 ten thousand ).

If it's for drainage 、 Cash in , Then don't be so concerned about the increase of fans every day , Because it doesn't make sense , What if those pan entertainment accounts add millions a day ? Liquidity is almost zero 0.

After that, I want to make clear the content orientation , What kind of work do you want to do , Specific to which segment , Like Labrador —— black —— guide dog , In short, the better the segmentation .

At the same time, we should use the short video platform subconsciously in the early stage ( Tiktok or Kwai Chi, or today's video number. ), As a drainage platform , Not a cash platform , It's going to be more sustainable .

Are U Ready,GO.

No matter what industry , Any platform , No matter what you're going to do now , You will find that you are not alone , Platform has a large number of experts, not only do early , And it's done very well , The industry benchmark .

That's why I'm new , Don't try to be alone at the beginning ( It's not too late to ponder over the accumulation , And more effective ), It is said that : Enemy and know yourself , You're invincible .

The first thing we have to do , It's to find out first Excellent peer or similar works , Study their routines , Let's imitate before we surpass .

Take short video tiktok as Example , First step Users trying to search for keywords ( I'll probably find it , But there are also cases of complete shaking names tiktok inconsistent with the published content. , It's just a name ), Except for users , We should also focus on other issues Tab, For example, the topic 、 video .

 Is tiktok still working now? ? How do you do it? ?

The second step , When we found some good accounts , Let's pay attention first , Watch some popular videos , Change another account , Browse the popular videos again , This is how it feels to find popular videos , Whatever the content 、 Form even BGM You can collect it directly , For later use .

The third step , This step It's very important , Find the one you think is the most tonal , At least you can let yourself Hi My account number , And take a little time , Go through all his videos from beginning to end .

In the process , You need to learn more about the account iteration process ( It's possible that some of the videos are hidden , But it doesn't affect ), What are the valuable points to learn , What are the pitfalls to avoid .

Which videos have become popular , It's hot , The content is everyday , It's the story , Or is it a reversal BGM Card point and so on .

Or which videos are hot topics , If you do it , Do you have the confidence to surpass it and so on .

simply , Tiktok algorithm Hot money or content , That's why there are hundreds of thousands Pan fan The liquidity of account number is very weak or even unable to be realized , It's a pity to be abandoned , The embarrassment of tasteless food (200 Tiktok's voice is not. 10 Taobao official account or WeChat public number of ten thousand fans is valuable. ).

Except for the content, of course , What other forms can be used for reference , The title it uses 、 Copywriting and Tag label 、 Vote, interact, etc , Even the title 、 copy 、BGM You can move it directly , Is it not fragrant ?

With these basic abilities , And one more thing is crucial : innovation 、 differences , Give users a memory point , A reason for concern , Why is your Labrador different from others ?

Then, is it right to sit down and wait for success ?

Not exactly , And the last shiver : Patience, 、 insist .

Sounds like crap , But when you do it , At the beginning, there was no positive feedback ( Fan growth , Pop Video , The drainage effect is poor ), It's easy to despair .

There are too many people who just started the day to update 30 strip , Later 30 I don't update one every day , Like myself .

Last , Send you two zero threshold , And it can be operated immediately case:

1. Local treasure number

The main content of the video is to put gifts or cash into the box , Then put the box in the secret corner of public places , Record the process with video .

When people brush the video, they will naturally pay attention to you , See where you hide next time , So this kind of account rose very fast , And the stickiness of fans is very high .

and It's easy to cash in later , It's not only a place to hide, but also a place to receive local advertisements , And hidden things , You can also take ads .

This kind of video perfectly integrates advertising and content , Fans don't resist at all .

2. Reading project

This is especially suitable for friends who like to read , You can practice at home at night .

 Is tiktok still working now? ? How do you do it? ?

 Is tiktok still working now? ? How do you do it? ?

Last , What I want to say is , Because of the algorithm recommendation mechanism, the high speed and extreme sticky tiktok of users are caused. —— That is continuous Of Recommend new content to users , The platform creates a feeling that users can't stop at all .

So anytime you can produce enough quality content , There is no problem of late arrival .

What are you waiting for ?

dry , It's over .

above .

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