Omnipotent Ota is coming again! Flyme update: the biggest defect of Meizu 18 has been eliminated

Liu Yufan 2021-04-08 11:39:13
omnipotent ota coming flyme update

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4 month 2 Japan , meizu 18 Series ushers in system update , It was exposed earlier 2K+120Hz Turn on the function at the same time , Finally officially launched . meizu 18 Series standard 2K 120Hz The screen , At the beginning of the release, it doesn't support opening both at the same time , Can only choose 2K 60Hz or 1080P 120Hz, It used to be considered Meizu 18 The only regret of the series .

 Omnipotent OTA Here we go again !Flyme to update : meizu 18 The greatest regret is eliminated

For not supporting 2K 120Hz The reason for opening at the same time , I think we all know , If both are on at the same time , meizu 18 I'm afraid it's difficult for series batteries to withstand the power consumption of the screen . therefore , Meizu has been optimizing the overall power consumption of the system . Based on the test data of previous exposure , meizu 18 After a series of system upgrades , Three hour comprehensive test , Endurance increased by about 11%.

But Meizu 18 After all, our battery only has 4000mAh, Even if the system optimization is strong enough , I'm afraid it's hard to sustain the endurance . The rest of the year 2K 120Hz The model of the screen , The battery capacity is basically no less than 4500mAh Of , millet 11 Ultra The battery capacity is even as high as 5000mAh. meizu 18 It's a small screen flagship, after all , Only 6.2 Inch size , It's hard to have both frivolity and endurance . If you pay more attention to endurance , Meizu with big batteries 18 Pro It's a better choice .

 Omnipotent OTA Here we go again !Flyme to update : meizu 18 The greatest regret is eliminated

Besides , This system update also adds mBack gesture 、HDR Video effects 、 Ultra wide angle professional mode 、 File deletion protection 、 File access directory range control , Optimized ultra wide angle imaging 、 Game scene color 、 Game frame rate stability , And the networking permission pop-up mechanism .

in general , This time Meizu Flyme There are a lot of updates , According to the effect 、 Game performance 、 The shooting performance has been upgraded . As Meizu's only two models this year , meizu 18 Series positioning high-end market , And completely eliminated the pre installed software 、 The system comes with ads , Sales volume and reputation are better than Meizu 17 Series higher .

 Omnipotent OTA Here we go again !Flyme to update : meizu 18 The greatest regret is eliminated

meizu 17 The series has made Meizu profitable , Meizu will pass Meizu this year 18 Series and Lipro Smart ecological brands work together , Take mobile phone as the core , Enter the field of high-end intelligent Ecology . But for Meizu , The biggest problem is the low sales of mobile phones , Too little developable user base , Now Meizu has cancelled the middle and low end models , Can we make a world in the high-end smart home market , It depends on the performance of Meizu this year .


author : Ray technology team , Focus on technology and life , Follow and reply to “01”, I'll give you a gift package for playing computer skills .

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