Professional website optimization, in fact, you can do it

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professional website optimization fact

Just started to do website optimization , I always feel that my professional level is not enough , I think I can't complete the optimization of a website . In fact, I did not engage in website optimization before , There will be such an idea , Especially the people around you are too professional , Give yourself a “ I don't know anything ” The feeling of . In fact, when you study for a period of time , It is found that the effect of website optimization is not only what professional companies can do , You can do the same .

How can we do that for professionals ? Theoretical knowledge alone cannot be realized , You have to do it yourself , Experience in actual combat , Looking for effective website optimization methods . According to the author's previous experience in website optimization , Let's talk about it from four aspects “ How to optimize the website like a professional ”.

We always say that people should recognize their position , In fact, in terms of website optimization , It's also important to know your opponent clearly . When doing website optimization , Develop a good habit of analyzing competitors , Take advantage of your opponent in all aspects 、 A comprehensive analysis of the deficiencies , And summarize into the final analysis report . According to the generated analysis report to develop website optimization strategy , Professional optimization personnel pay more attention to the rich content of the station , Make the whole website more competitive . A lot of people analyze competitors' websites , Just looked at the webmaster data of the website , And then they sigh : It's a good match !!

In fact, this kind of data is just for display , It doesn't help us to optimize our website . So how to analyze the competitor's website ? In a nutshell , We can look at it in three ways , such as : Webmaster data (seo Information 、 Domain name age 、 Domain name filing 、 Key vocabulary 、 Baidu snapshot included 、 History collection )、 Station data ( Website structure 、 The page content 、TKD、 Page keyword layout 、 Data included )、 Off site data ( Friend chain 、b2b platform ) etc. . About how to analyze competitors' websites , I will share with you in the future .

Webmaster data

 Professional website optimization , You can do it, too

Station data

 Professional website optimization , You can do it, too

Off site data

 Professional website optimization , You can do it, too

Keyword mining

When doing website optimization , We must learn how to mine keywords related to our own industry , Especially long tail words ( It can be through the station master platform 、 Industry platform 、 Search engines and other channels ). Keywords are the core of website internal optimization , In the internal optimization, the key words should be reasonably arranged , According to the structure of the website 、 Reasonable arrangement of key words in the hierarchical directory of columns , Play the role of every keyword to the extreme .

Website structure ( flat structure )

 Professional website optimization , You can do it, too

Website structure ( Tree structure )

 Professional website optimization , You can do it, too

Precise keywords will drive the hot words online , Once these keywords are ranked , Website traffic 、 Enquiries will also increase , And this is the purpose of website optimization .

Off site optimization

In the whole website optimization system , Off site optimization is also an integral part of , So when we do optimization, we must pay attention to . So what is out of site optimization ? How can it be realized ? The so-called website optimization actually refers to external links and brand promotion . There are many ways of operation and promotion , There are links 、 Catalogues 、 Microblogging 、 Q & a platform 、b2b platform 、 Self media, etc .

Later website maintenance

When I was doing website maintenance before , Always go online to search to see how others operate , Or looking for the operation cases of peripheral optimization personnel , I always worry that I'm not good enough , Unqualified , Or can't achieve the purpose of website maintenance . Later, after I became proficient, I found that , The website maintenance in the later stage is relatively simpler than the optimization inside and outside the station , After all, you only need to follow the previous steps for the website . Later website maintenance , In addition to the need to stabilize the server , In addition, we should also maintain the content of the whole website , Need to update quality content on a regular basis , Only in this way can we improve the whole user experience , And it can reduce the bounce rate .

Website optimization , Although there will be some difficulties in the initial stage , But if you can master the skills , You can also optimize your website like a professional optimizer . Okay , This article is for you to share here , If you have different opinions 、 Or something you want to know , Feel free to leave a comment below .
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