Why do some manufacturers not dimming their mobile phones? Yijia tells the truth

A dream in a lonely city 2021-04-08 11:30:24
manufacturers dimming mobile phones yijia

In recent years , Support DC Dimming has become a big selling point of many mobile phone manufacturers ,OPPO、 millet 、 Mainstream manufacturers such as Meizu have long followed up on this technology .

I don't know if you found out , A few years ago, many domestic manufacturers boasted that DC Dimming , Now the sound is getting weaker . Some of the manufacturers provide DC Dimmer switch , But after upgrading, it no longer supports . Why? ?

First of all, we need to understand DC What is dimming ? Before that, China Mobile officially popularized the science .

At present, the mainstream PWM Dimming and DC Dimming is a way to adjust the brightness of the screen .

PWM Dimming is through the brightness of the screen 、 Turn off to change the brightness of the screen . Why when I adjust the brightness of the screen , The mobile phone is always on ? That's because it's bright 、 It's fast enough , Beyond the range of human perception . The longer the screen off state lasts , The lower the brightness of the screen ; contrary , The longer the screen stays on , The screen will light up , It's also known as strobe .

But different people's eyes have different sensitivities to the alternate lighting of the screen , Some people are more sensitive , Encounter low frequency PMW Dimming screen , There will be eye discomfort , If it's serious, you may feel dizzy 、 nausea .

DC Dimming is to change the brightness of the screen by increasing or decreasing the power of the circuit , power = voltage x electric current , So changing the voltage or current changes the brightness of the screen , The dimming process is soft .

? Why do some manufacturers not give mobile phones in the later period DC Dimming ? Tell the truth

Back to the original question , Why some mobile phone manufacturers originally launched DC Dimming scheme , But later, they didn't give DC It's dimmed ?

such as , Samsung mobile phones have been used DC Dimming , But I turned over the car unintentionally , To this day, Samsung mobile phones are still not used DC Dimming ( Users brush the third party ROM Realization DC Except for dimming support ).

Regarding this , Yijia technology Zhang Xuan ( Microblogging ID: Acid digital ) Explain today ,DC After opening, it brings a lot of new problems to the manufacturer's screen after-sales and quality reputation , This is an important reason why the switch is no longer supported by manufacturers .

? Why do some manufacturers not give mobile phones in the later period DC Dimming ? Tell the truth

although DC Dimming is not enough to protect your eyesight , But it can relieve the fatigue of human eyes when they look at mobile phones for a long time , For those on low frequencies PWM The dimming method is more sensitive and user-friendly , But this is not 100% perfect ,DC Dimming is easy to appear uneven color under low brightness “ Rag screen ” The phenomenon , Loss of dynamic range at very low brightness leads to poor color uniformity .

Unclear users will think it's a screen problem . At the moment DC The dimming effect is not perfect yet , Rag screen and color deviation are difficult to overcome , Manufacturers have to give up , Of course, major manufacturers need to make further efforts to improve this technology .

Mobile phone DC Does dimming matter to you ?

( edit : Cui Lirong )

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