These four new models will replace the "live broadcast with goods" and become the life-saving straws of the retail industry

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new models replace live broadcast

Online traffic dividends disappear 、 In the plight of the shortage of offline passenger flow , In order to survive, the retail industry began to invest in medicine , Take the live broadcast with goods as the straw to save lives .

But anyone who has ever done live broadcasting with goods knows , Its essence is similar to that of traditional e-commerce , It's still about price and traffic .

therefore , The future retail industry wants to be sustainable , We have to recognize that 4 It's a new model , Rearrange !

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

1、 Social retail

In an age of scarcity , Goods are the magic weapon for the retail industry to win .

In a time of abundance , Channel is the key to the success of retailing .

In times of overcapacity , Only retailers can win in the competition .

that , How to get a large number of users ?

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

There are two ways to go : One is the layout of social scenes ; Two is through IP Coil powder .

because , When smart phones become people's plug-in organs , Most of the time it's on social media platforms , social contact 、 Watch content 、 Brush video .

Business layout in the social scene , Relying on personal brand to provide solutions for consumers , Meet the needs of consumers , You can attract a lot of fans .

then , According to the needs of fans , On social media platforms , To provide products and services 、 Solution to achieve continuous cash flow . This model belongs to the social retail model .

When the traffic dividend disappears , E-commerce sellers can provide solutions for fans , Raise fans on social media platform , Then the e-commerce platform can be realized as a trading scenario .

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

2、 The new retail

When there is a flow shortage in both e-commerce and entities , Ma YUNTI put forward the concept of new retail .

But for physical stores , How to layout the new retail ? It can be divided into 4 A step : Offline experiences 、 The online order 、 City Distribution 、 Digital operation .

In the traditional retail model , The most mainstream way of doing business , In order to KA Stores seize the favorable position to attract people to spend .

But now times have changed , With the arrival of the epidemic and the change of living habits of a new generation of young people , Online order 、 Home delivery service in the same city , It's a new retail model .

Because of the value of physical stores in retail transactions , It's getting smaller , So the value of physical stores in the future is no longer sales , It's the experience .

In the future, we should put the big KA Store , Into innumerable stores 、 Covering the neighborhood , Satisfy people to consume nearby 、 The need to experience in the store .

Then the new customers to the store will be diverted to the online cloud mall , Connect , Meet its online second repurchase .

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

Import offline customers into online cloud Mall , In addition to enhancing the value of users , More importantly, it can be sold through the sales end , Digital business .

Register in the online cloud mall 、 At the time of consumption , Can rely on Digital Systems , Know who the user is , Like those products . meanwhile , It can also be done through digital systems , Know the sales volume of each store 、 Profit, etc .

Digitize all business activities 、 Visualization , According to the market demand , Realize order purchase , Digital marketing , Change the supply structure , Improve business efficiency .

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

3、 Social new retail

When there's a shortage of online and offline traffic , Physical businesses can take advantage of new retail , Open up online and offline, improve stock , And rely on digital operation , Use big data to improve performance .

But you want to double your performance , It has to be based on new retail , Plus the social retail part .

Businesses can not only get customers online and offline 、 Selling online , You can also use social media platforms , Realize fission marketing .

According to the logic of the new retail , Staff of offline stores , It can precipitate old users into the community 、 Marketing activities in the context of community .

When there are new products in the store 、 When it comes to promotional activities , It can be pushed directly to the community , Not only can old users consume in the community , Order online .

meanwhile , We can also use social users as traffic entrances , Sharing activities in social space , Get through the social chain , Achieve fission .

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

secondly , Every user has access to the new retail platform , Apply for Membership , In this way, we can not only get a discount , You can also enjoy the privilege of making commission from distribution .

Relying on the sharing economy , Let every member participate in the sales process , Share the profit in sales ; Relying on the sharing economy , Let each member benefit from his own time , Share the business's products and activities .

besides , The new retail platform can also follow the community group buying model , Recruit Baoma 、 Talent show" 、 The host 、 We media, authors, etc , New individuals with fans .

It is equivalent to the promotion fee in the traditional retail mode , Profits are given to new individual entrepreneurs , Finally achieve fission marketing .

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

4、 Community + Community retail

When Internet giants enter the community , When you crush a community store through the community group buying mode , Entity owners want to survive , There are only two ways to go .

One is to join the community group buying platform , Become the head of the platform , Create a community through offline entrance circle powder , And then through distribution and service , Make a profit .

Final , Take the physical store as the experience store of the community group buying platform , And with the help of platform enabling , Relying on the platform supply chain to optimize the supply structure of physical stores .

Second, community stores can be based on communities , Build your own community group buying model .

Through the off-line sales as a trading scene to realize , Take the off-line as the flow inlet , Bring new customers into the community .

The goal is to use the community as a marketing scenario , Push marketing activities in the group 、 New product discounts, etc , Attract old customers in the community to buy again , Improve overall performance .

 replace “ Live delivery ”, this 4 It's a new model , It's going to be a lifesaver for retail

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