Husband derailed, how should I do?

erjpo 2021-04-08 10:26:35
husband derailed

Ah Xiu said :“ My husband is cheating , There's a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?”

Looking at ah Xiu in agony , It reminds me of her wedding five years ago , She and her husband sweetly accept everyone's blessing , Happy face and now look very different .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

It is said that : Ten years to build a boat crossing , A hundred years of practice makes us sleep together . I think of the loyalty of my parents to love , I'm so committed to marriage , thin 、 share sb.'s joys and sorrows 、 Mutual help and relief in time of poverty . But now , I don't know when it started , Xiao San gets involved in other people's families 、 Marital infidelity and other news events that used to be shocking and explosive , Now in our life, we seem to have been used to it 、 be accustomed to .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

Actually , We all know : I don't know how much energy to put into a relationship 、 How much effort , Will join hands with him into the palace of marriage . At first we had unlimited hope for the future , I used to think that after marriage, two people work together to create , There will be a better life , Two people should be together and never separate , No matter what you're going through , No matter how merciless the years are , We are all one , Help each other 、 Encourage each other , Same with bitterness 、 Advance and retreat .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

But , If one day you suddenly find out , Your dream is broken , Reality strikes you hard , Your husband is cheating. What should I do ? Has this problem never occurred to you ? Or dare not think ?

Ah Xiu is like this , They fall in love on their own 、 I'm talking about getting married , But now her husband is cheating , Ah Xiu's heart is broken , I don't know what to do .

Remember six years ago , A Xiu fell in love with her husband at first sight , We all like each other very much , There are not many men chasing women , Without any romantic confession , It's natural and smooth to walk together , Because we like each other very much .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

In later love , They get along very well , The emotion is advancing by leaps and bounds , Less than a year , They married happily .

The day of marriage , Ah Xiu is very happy , His face was red with shame and joy , At that time, she must not have thought how sad and helpless she is now .

After marriage , They are also like glue , follow like a shadow , Travel together , Go shopping , go to see the films , Go to a new restaurant , Make life colorful . I would have thought I was so happy all the time 、 harmonious 、 Live happily , Life is always when you are full of hope , Here's a slap in the head .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

Personally, I think we should make a rational choice according to the specific situation :

1. If he still loves you in his heart , And this family in my heart , And truly repent

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes , What's more, many men can't stop their cars in this colorful world . We can't deny the whole person just because of one muddle , Besides, it's not so easy to combine two people into a family , It's not so easy to say goodbye . Few people are willing to divorce unless they have to , Besides, he was wrong ?

2. You don't love me anymore , Or you don't think he's clean , He doesn't know what's wrong

In this case, I guess you don't feel confused , There are only two words , That's divorce . You don't love him now , You dislike him . So whether he knows it or not , It's hard for your marriage to continue , What's more, there's another opportunity , Divorce is inevitable .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

3. You don't love me anymore , He did his best to keep your marriage

Some people say that love is just a temporary passion and impulse , Marriage is about finding the right person to live with , There's nothing wrong with simplicity . This can't be wrong , Derailment is sometimes a temporary passion , This man doesn't have to cheat because he loves each other , It's just because I didn't pay attention once , I didn't fasten my belt . Divorce is not about the two of you , It's about two families , If you have children , More for the children , After all, a complete family environment is very important for children's growth , Marriage is not all about love , It's also the responsibility .

 My husband is a scum man , What am I gonna do? ?

4. You don't want a divorce , He wants to separate

For an irresponsible man who wants to leave , It's really sad . Sometimes we can't be calm in the face of each other's infidelity 、 rational , There's impulse and anger , And then it turns into sadness and loss . however , No matter what , You have to know , Even if it hurts again, be rational , We have to go on in the future , Your choice is bound to have gains and losses , Never be soft hearted when you should be cruel to yourself , When it's time to part, make a decision .

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