New book starts! Wu Xiaobo "talks" with alicloud: how does intellectualization change China?

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new book starts wu xiaobo

I'm looking forward to China on the cloud , I meet you .

—— Wu Xiaobo

writing / Jiang Yunpeng

Our time , Most people are wrong about intelligence .

We think that the futuristic visual impact of science fiction movies , Think that's intelligence , But ignore the life in front of you . bill · Gates said , We always overestimate the future 2 The changes that will happen every year , But underestimate the future 10 The changes that will happen every year .

This time, , We don't prophesy , Don't look at the distant future , Let's focus on the present , See what we can do with intelligence , How we use it to create real value .

The book to share today is 《 China on the cloud : The surging digital future 》, This is a result of cooperation between Wu Xiaobo channel and Alibaba cloud .

 The new book starts ! Wu Xiaobo “ dialogue ” Alibaba cloud : How intelligence changes China ?

2020 Second half of , Mr. Wu and two researchers went to the whole country 20 Multifocal , Conducted in-depth research on the theme of the front line . In order to present the penetration and transformation of intelligence into today's China , They have chosen to be like Pangang 、 Traditional manufacturing like bosden , Also entered the Shouguang vegetable market 、 Yiwu small commodity market and other large circulation markets , We have investigated traditional financial institutions , More to go “ City brain ”、 Expressway 、 Meteorological analysis and other fields of public governance .

Through manufacturing 、 Service industry and public service facilities, etc , Discover a brand new “ China on the cloud ”.

01、“ Steel making ” meet “ Data guys ”

Steel sounds like “ Stupid big stupid thick ” The traditional industry , In fact, it's the longest process in the big industries 、 One of the most complex industries .

Steel making industry chain goes up to iron ore , The middle involves sintering 、 Coking 、 Blast furnace ironmaking 、 Converter steelmaking 、 Continuous casting and other major processes , And down there is processing ( hot-rolling 、 Cold rolling )、 Delivery and other links . Long industrial chain 、 Extremely complex physical and chemical changes , Make the steel plant a huge data producer , According to an alicloud Engineer , How many data can a steel plant deposit in a year TB As much as .

《 China on the cloud 》 Record the data of Duan Xiangdong, chairman of Pangang “ unable ” The feeling of ,“ A lot of knowledge and experience ( Behind the ) It's all data accumulating , however ( Before ) We don't make good use of it .”

 The new book starts ! Wu Xiaobo “ dialogue ” Alibaba cloud : How intelligence changes China ?

On the spot investigation photos of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co

Let's think about Alibaba cloud's data team and Pangang Group “ steel-making ” What are their respective comparative advantages .

People in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group are familiar with the process and technology ,“ Safe production ”“ Guarantee quality ” These words seem to be engraved on their DNA in .

On the other side ? Alibaba cloud engineers believe in the power of Digital , Although they are only laymen in Steelmaking Technology , But they have a good team of digital algorithms .

It's like the situation described in that Fable , Each has its own flaws “ Blind person ” and “ lame person ”, Help together 、 Through the rugged mountain road .

2019 year 11 month ,AI The steelmaking project was officially launched ;2020 year 2 month , The smart meter inspection project is officially launched . Because both projects use “ The computer ” Instead of “ The human brain ” Production , Therefore, it is affectionately called “ Steel brain ”.

 The new book starts ! Wu Xiaobo “ dialogue ” Alibaba cloud : How intelligence changes China ?

Mr. Wu is doing research in Pangang “AI steel-making ” project

Is it easy to use , Front line workers have the most say ,《 China on the cloud 》 It records a report of a quality inspector on the assembly line “ Xiao Zheng Xing ”.

In the past , The steel plate assembly line on the computer screen keeps moving , The quality inspector not only has to stare at the computer all the time , But also from time to time manually input defect location and defect situation , So their vision and their joints are “ Devastated ”.

Now , The steel brain automatically judges defects , Automatically generated defect reports , The matching degree with manual judgment has reached as high as 92%. The quality inspector on the assembly line , There's no need to tread on thin ice and stare at the screen , As long as we do a relatively easy review work .

When everyone is talking about the inner volume 、996, The Internet and the financial industry have become the hardest hit areas of selling anxiety . But in 《 China on the cloud 》 in , We can find that heavy industry like Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. has a better life , Whether it's sold at home or abroad , Order growth , The factory lights up . Workers are paid thousands of dollars , Working in an increasingly clean environment , Enjoy the efficiency improvement brought by intelligent assembly line .

02、 Peerless heaven “ Any of several hot spice plants ” Birth notes

Most people who live in cities may think of China's countryside as “ Yanzi lake is surrounded by Taoyuan , There are good fields for growing beans in Nanshan ” The paradise of , Or in Li Ziqi's video “ structure ” It's a rural China with Fairy Spirit , No matter how bad it is 《 Rural love 》 It's full of GAGs 、 Not so “ melancholy ” Rural areas in Northeast China .

But in 《 China on the cloud 》 We see another kind of Digital “ Agricultural life ”.

We know that the core of Chongqing hot pot is spicy , The main seasoning of spicy is composed of Hanyuan pepper .

Hanyuan is located in mountainous area , The ground is not three feet level , Mostly scattered “ Frog leaping field ”“ In a hat ”, It's impossible to carry out large-scale mechanized production . actually , Farmland in the western mountains , The faces are almost identical , The peasants carry on their shoulders , Face the loess , The spring breeze of modern agriculture , It hasn't yet swept these high and low mountains .

Besides the land factor , Hanyuan agriculture is also facing high production costs 、 The market's ability to resist risks is weak 、 Brand dividends don't focus on other pain points .

But from 2019 Year begins , Some changes have taken place in the farmland of Hanyuan : Pepper field , Here comes the data engineer , They rolled up their trousers , With local farmers , Micro weather stations have been installed in the fields 、 Soil sensors 、 Forecast of diseases and insect pests 、 Intelligent irrigation, etc “ The Internet of things ” equipment .

 The new book starts ! Wu Xiaobo “ dialogue ” Alibaba cloud : How intelligence changes China ?

In the field

《 China on the cloud 》 What changes have Alibaba cloud data team brought to us ?

?? firstly , Do the Internet of things transformation in the farmland , Let the land 、 The real-time status of crops is online , Modeling in a virtual world , Realize the land “ assets ” Data based ;

?? second , Cooperation to establish a Niu agricultural technology company , Develop farming App, Let farming work “ Business ” On-line 、 Agricultural experts online 、 Agricultural supplies online , In a digital way , Make farming more accurate ;

?? third , Open Hanyuan pepper official flagship store 、 The establishment of the direct production base of fresh HEMA, etc , Increase the proportion of online sales of agricultural products , Promote the digitization of agricultural brands .

When we picked up a can of Hanyuan pepper , Feel the aroma of fresh pepper , You can imagine the flowers of Zanthoxylum bungeanum “ Fantasy rafting ”, It comes from “ big data ” The soil with the most suitable fertility under Planting 、 The most abundant sunshine and the most moistening rain .

03、 Chengdu Health Guide

2018 year 9 At the beginning of , An article entitled 《 Commute , is “ Kill ”1000 Ten thousand young people in Beijing 》 The article of the brush explodes the circle of friends . Escape from beishangguang , It's been a hot topic for a while . And in the 2003 year , Zhang Yimou made a city propaganda film 《 Chengdu , A city that comes and doesn't want to leave 》 In the last ten years , Chengdu has gradually laid the foundation of the domestic “ Health and leisure city ” The position of the overlord .

stay 《 China on the cloud 》 in , We know we can be in Chengdu “ Keeping in good health ” An important reason for , It's Chengdu “ Treatment of blockage ” Remarkable effect , It creates TOCC Online platform , It is an effective practice for Chengdu to promote the construction of intelligent transportation .

It uses the Alibaba cloud Apsaras platform as the big data base , It achieves the collection and sharing of full data . at present , Chengdu TOCC The data provided by as many as 39 home , Covering aviation 、 highway 、 Passenger and freight transportation 、 orbital 、 transit 、 lease 、 online car-hailing 、 Shared bicycle 、 Police traffic control 、 Bridges, tunnels, etc 14 There are three categories of traffic data .

Every swipe of bus and subway , The starting position and amount of each order for each taxi , The switch lock and riding route of each shared bicycle , Long distance bus fare collection and operation track , How many people fly out of the airport , How many people arrive in Chengdu by train …… Chengdu TOCC Access data , It basically covers the whole picture of urban transportation , So as to realize the monitoring of urban three-dimensional traffic operation , can “ See clearly ”.

 The new book starts ! Wu Xiaobo “ dialogue ” Alibaba cloud : How intelligence changes China ?

Chengdu TOCC Through the application of big data collection and other technologies, we can study and judge the urban situation

The development goal of technology is always to make people's life better . stay 《 China on the cloud 》 We will read how the Alibaba cloud team stands at the forefront of the era's cutting-edge technology , We will also see Wu Xiaobo's team go deep into the full disclosure of core research materials on the front line .

When digital transformation enters deep water , There is an urgent need for a “ Know how ” I'm here to sort it out for you “ Turn around ”, To bridge the gap between business scenarios and digital technology applications . and 《 China on the cloud 》 It's the one that opens the door “ The key ”.

 The new book starts ! Wu Xiaobo “ dialogue ” Alibaba cloud : How intelligence changes China ?

《 China on the cloud 》 The text is taken in real time

In the era of the cloud , We are faced with ongoing digitization and intelligence , This book gives us a good guide . From retail 、 operating 、 manufacture , To travel 、 education 、 City Governance , Different areas have different practices . And the cases selected in the book are of universal value , It's for Entrepreneurs 、 The book that managers read in the era of industrial Internet transformation and upgrading , It's also an excellent work for the rest of us to understand the turbulent cloud era and the future .

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