Baijia 24 rights and interests function introduction, internal information!!!

dongxiaofeng 2021-02-23 18:06:54
baijia rights interests function introduction

There was no. 24 New permissions on line , As the only agent, jutui media is also actively responding to the market expansion , Looking for the right agent to cooperate with .

1, blue v identification , Official account tag , Enterprise brand label , This Kwai blue with no need to talk and shake hands tiktok. v Identify a property .

2, Baidu search display card , When the content of enterprise certification is more than three, you can get the rights and interests of the first screen display , Can help enterprises to complete faster and accurate addressing faster , Improve user trust .

3, Baidu live rights , Tiktok can also be authorized to live directly with the Kwai. , This can also just show the enterprise products and multi-functional services .

4, Dynamic city can be seen , After certification , As long as the location is added, it can be accurate to the city information , Better enhance the publicity of the enterprise .

5, Encyclopedia , After passing the authentication, we can get the encyclopedia optimization scheme , Help enterprises to open Baidu Encyclopedia .

6, Store display , Help enterprises to meet the needs of opening stores without commission , Achieve higher exposure and display for offline stores .

7, Phone show , After opening the certification, you can show the contact information on the home page , Better realize the connection between business and fans , Just in time for business opportunities .

8,POI Functional rights , After passing the certification , You can set it yourself POI function , Show the location of the company or store , Accurate site selection .

9, Home page banner Set up , After passing the authentication, the home page setting function can be realized , Can also bring outside the chain , Just for the business to achieve drainage business opportunities .

10, Menu material link , After the authentication, the merchant can implement the menu link setup like the official account of WeChat. , Adding external links can help enterprises realize the business opportunities brought by transformation .

11, Decoration function of head drawing , When the enterprise has passed the authentication, it can just add pictures to the header settings , Video and mount chain , Better help enterprises to achieve product display , Business opportunities brought by interaction with fans in the same city .

12, Content mount function , After authentication, the enterprise number can realize the function of content mount , Can be implemented in the content of small programs , TaoBao / JD.COM / Du Xiaodian goods , Help enterprises complete content marketing , Increase sales .

13, There's no commission for Du shop , After successful certification , Enterprises can open free commission when they add small stores , Help enterprises to increase marketing volume .

14, Marketing content access , After the certification, the enterprise number can promote the content of the article , There is not much set permission .


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