Kwai's promotion methods and drainage skills

Xia Mu Jin Su 2021-02-23 17:32:45
kwai promotion methods drainage skills

 Kwai's promotion methods and drainage skills

Kwai Fu, the software has come to our view for nearly ten years. , There are more users in China , In recent years has been maintaining a relatively hot state , however , Many beginners want to make money by Kwai Fu. , But do not understand the promotion and drainage skills , So let's talk about it today .

First, let's talk about the hot issues , When you publish your work on Kwai Fu , Kwai Fu official will make a preliminary audit of your uploaded video for the first time. , The purpose is to eliminate the content display of garbage , Violation of state regulations of video and other works , So don't send similar videos .

When your work is reviewed , The Kwai will give your work a certain exposure in the default. , Let more people see your work , You will also find a problem , You usually see a lot in the discovery page, only a few play on the hot , It's not really hot , But the new video release will give some traffic support . More dry goods tips , Please search Baidu or major app stores to download piggy navigation .

If the quality of your work is good enough , More people click or like it , Then you will get more recommended exposure from the Kwai Fu official. , This is the real hit , If the content doesn't work , No one clicks , No one likes , No one looked at it. , Then the official will not give you promotion , You are equivalent to your work has gone to the sea .

that , How do we conduct video drainage when we play Kwai Fu? ?

1、 Improve your personal data

After a lot of people have registered , Don't rush to release the video , Should be the first time to improve your account information , Such as personal introduction and so on , Try to perfect it .

2、 Grasp your own style and theme

It has its own style and theme , Can make people think of this topic , I can think of you .

No matter what your work is , Create an eye-catching cover for your work , It can make your work out of a tight encirclement . More dry goods tips , Please search Baidu or major app stores to download piggy navigation .

4、 Buy fans in the early stage to increase popularity

Don't underestimate the behavior of buying fans in the early stage , Have a certain fan base , Will attract more people to pay attention to you .

5、 Good Kwai decoration

There are many decorations on the Kwai. , Such as adding text 、 Background music, etc . Make the work more interesting . Since we all want to drain on this platform , Why not use these tools more , Let Kwai “ The subconscious mind ” I think you like it , Increase the possibility of push a little bit .

6、 Work with big teams

Working with big teams can get their fans to notice you , It's also the key to a drainage. There's someone who can take you , It can attract more fans faster .

7、 Keep your account active

Keep your hair on , Be able to draw attention to you all the time , But we must pay attention to the quality , So try to get as many videos as you can .

Then we talk about the promotion method .

1、 Find your niche

See which type of video users like , It's funny , History , Or entertainment , Find the right location and send your products to the type of video users like , This will increase the exposure rate of the product and help the conversion rate of the product .

2、 Deliver effective information quickly

The anchor should explain the product information in the shortest time during the live broadcast , Combined with exhibition , Prompt purchase rate .

3、 Interact with users

Use your own emotions to infect the audience and stay in the live room , Maintain a harmonious atmosphere , Get together with users and fans , In this way, the promotion of products will be relatively simple .

4、 Drain to the studio

By watching short videos , Then interested users will click to view the live broadcast , Lead to live studio to watch anchor selling .

Understand the above methods , We will probably know some Kwai's promotion methods and drainage skills. , So that's what we're going to share today , Finally, I want to say , Kwai do , What we need most is persistence , Can't fish in three days, two days drying net style practice , Otherwise, it won't be done well .

( This article is reproduced by the WeChat official account brother. , Original author : Listen to brother Chao )

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