After a year of "tiktok", the secret of short video can be discovered.

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year tiktok secret short video

source : People's daily research department “ Study things ” WeChat number

Some people say ,2018 In the media, it was “ Short video year ”, It's no exaggeration . image “ Tiktok 、 North Kwai ” These two huge short video platforms , The number of monthly active users exceeds 1 Billion , Users upload more than 1000 Ten thousand videos , Click to play more than 100 Millions of videos , And these numbers are increasing .

The huge aggregation effect and fan economy make these short video platforms also make a lot of money , Tiktok and Kwai's market valuation are all in 200 Billion dollars , It is also popular in overseas markets , Business is booming .

The Internet generation seems to have a natural fear of words , And an indescribable love of video . I have quit my formal job to do short video network red , Also often found in the streets are all kinds of live anchor , Some entrepreneurs earn more than 10 ten thousand , The short video economy has begun to emerge . so to speak , Short video aggregation platforms have become de facto “ Mainstream media ”, If the traditional mainstream media no longer make efforts in this respect , We will lose more public opinion positions .

As a traditional journalist , At the beginning, the author had a natural rejection of short video , But with the deepening of research , It is found that there are many things that mainstream media should learn from , There is a lot of journalism behind this 、 Communication 、 The knowledge and secrets of psychology . Now let's take the most popular short video platform —— Tiktok as an example , Talk to your friends about the secrets of short videos .

Secret one : Emotion wins

In the world of short video ,“ Content is king ” It's still an irrefutable truth , Especially with emotion 、 Content with temperature is most popular with fans . Some short videos in 15 Seconds or 59 In seconds , Through the shocking picture or with a bright emotional color to tell or tell , Show the essence of news events or character interviews. . such as , Recently, the official tiktok of the people's daily released a short video. , The content is that general Lin Junde, who has participated in all China's nuclear test missions, is still thinking about his work at the last moment of his life , Pictures of staff around you . This video made many users cry , Tens of millions of plays , get 284 Ten thousand people like it ,10 More than 10000 people forward .

You can also get attention and support by telling stories about ordinary people . such as , A wife of a high paraplegic patient will be able to pass on the video of her husband and her husband to the tiktok everyday. , Many people see an optimistic image of working women , Moved from the bottom of my heart , And continue to care 、 Focus on their lives .

Secret two : Resonate

In addition to good content moving users , Another way to turn short videos into instant fire is to resonate with users , Touch the softest part of their heart . Many successful short video works are not necessarily complicated , The main point is to choose a good entry point . For example, a tiktok recently released by people's daily. , Soldiers of the national flag class picked up a small national flag dropped by tourists in the process of raising the national flag , Instead of stepping on it or ignoring it , This is the most handsome bow that many users like 、 Comment on , Many people commented that “ Soldiers pick up the dignity of the country , Shuai exploded ”“ Never step on the national flag , Praise for the national flag class ”. This kind of work is like the photo news that won the first prize of China News Award last year “ China , There's nothing less ” equally , Pass on patriotic enthusiasm to more people , There is a strong resonance .

The theme that resonates easily is nostalgia 、 parenting 、 Stars, etc , More people will respond to the short videos made around these topics , These contents will also become the preferred tiktok platform for launching related challenges. , The number of comments is also the largest . Sometimes users will make complaints about it. , Sometimes it brings back memories , Sometimes users will take the initiative to join in and make their own similar videos , Trigger a new round of discussion on related topics .

Secret three : Exclusive production

Short video can quickly get tens of millions of hits 、 There's another category that has millions of likes , It's about using exclusive resources , Release exclusive news and Related videos , Cause wide attention of users . Traditional media has a natural advantage in this respect , Like the people's daily 、 The xinhua news agency 、 Radio and television stations and local TV stations have exclusive resources in this area , In the event of major news events can produce some unique perspective 、 There is a certain shocking video . such as , Recent aerial photos of the opening of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge , Domestic products before C919 Successful flight test of large aircraft , These short video materials are difficult for ordinary people to obtain , And it's easy for the media to get first-hand material , The production and release can get good results .

in addition ,UGC The production of exclusive short video is easy to be popular mainly around celebrities 、 Star or hot event 、 Travel, scenery, etc . Generally speaking , Some of the highlights of shooting star life 、 Concerts and social emergencies are highly concerned , If it is a close shot or artistic works will be more sought after by users . such as , quite a lot “ Tiktok V” Will climb Mount Everest 、 Extreme sports or the most beautiful scenery on the road , These scenes are difficult for ordinary users to touch , Naturally, it's eye-catching , Get attention .

Secret four : Entertainment first

Tiktok , Entertainment video is still firmly in the mainstream . It should be said , At present, there are three popular types on the platform , One is language . It is very suitable for short video transmission characteristics , It makes people laugh quickly , Especially before 10 second , Users must be grasped , Some Errenzhuan actors 、 Crosstalk actors' tiktok is therefore concerned. . There are also some grass roots 、 Experts lurk among the people , Their videos are more grounded 、 Closer to everyday life , Inadvertently “ Shake the bundle ”, Make people laugh . The other is songs , Like net red “ Rabbit teeth ” There will be professional recording studio and makeup artist , They make it their profession , The most popular songs will be intercepted and presented to you , Very popular with young people . There is also a kind of dance , This is tiktok's favorite. , Except for the regular dance , The most popular is a variety of alternative dance , Like seaweed dance 、 Electric swing dance, etc , These dances have a good rhythm 、 Easy to imitate , It will brainwash young people soon , Spread fast 、 Wide range of influence .

Secret five : Simple interaction

The development of short video also has a process , It turns out that it's just a simple picture , Today, it has evolved to let producers and users interact in a series of ways . Simple ways like comments 、 Pay attention to each other , It's complicated by setting topics , Initiate a series of challenges or competitions , For example, the flare platform is tiktok. “ Imitate the duckling ”“ Rabbit tongue twister ” These are all video products , Through competition or sharing between users , We imitate the same movement or dance , Realize the benign interaction between users .

also “ In the same frame ” The function is more popular with young people , Users can form new videos with their favorite stars or other users , by force of contrast 、 contrast 、 Exaggeration and other effects , More magical experience and impact . such as , The most popular and tiktok on the jitter. “ Aomori ” Do the electric swing dance , Tens of millions of people participated in the activities .

besides , The short video platform can also carry out similar operations “ You know ” Interactive question and answer 、 Contests and other activities with prizes , It's a great way to gather fans quickly 、 It helps a lot to improve user stickiness . There is also a new trend , English 、 Mathematics teaching is also using these short video platforms , Become an entrance of knowledge payment .

Secret six : Music blessing

Short video platforms have been active in the last two years , A lot of them are very popular “ online celebrity ”, Most of these online celebrities will carefully choose music as the background or directly find the best music to sing in the production of content . meanwhile , Some dance videos will choose the most popular music in the world , These pieces of music have “ Magic ”, It's easy to infect users , Plus the video time is short , The main melody or climax is very easy to remember , Easy to sing . In turn, , These two kinds of music also become a powerful blessing for the rapid popularity of short video platform , Make user experience and feel better .

such as , Recently, the tiktok is hot. “ Desert camel ”“ My general ”“ My sky ” wait , Many of these songs have not been promoted through other commercial channels , But it has basically become a phenomenal song . Dance music with feeling “C Mile C Mile ”“Tchu Tcha Tcha” It's all over the streets , It has set off an upsurge of humming among the whole people .

Today on media convergence , We should discover the mainstream form of media communication in the future earlier and more timely . At present, the industry is optimistic about the short video platform , Short video will become the mainstream media . Take tiktok short video platform as an example , It adopts the mode that users can watch video randomly , Get more people praise and forward the video can get better recommendation platform .

however , Tiktok is more entertainment or content uploading. , This means that there is still room for development , Both objectively and subjectively, we need more positive energy content to enrich in the future . For the mainstream media , We should maintain the mainstream position , You have to know the secret behind the popularity of short videos , Learn from the experience of rapid development of aggregated short video platform , In regulating 、 On the basis of health , Set up short video platform controlled by mainstream media , Strive for more user support , The dissemination of mainstream media 、 Attractive force 、 Maximize impact .
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