How much is a compliment? The prosperity bought by "brush volume"

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compliment prosperity bought brush

 How much is a compliment ? those “ Brush quantity ” Bought prosperity

2018 year 10 month 20 Japan , We-Media “ Undertone ratio ” fact , The valuation 175 Billion tourism platform “ A wasp's nest ” Is a “ A ghost town of zombies and Marines ”, It points out that in the content of the comments 85% Suspected of plagiarizing other platforms . Two days later , Hornet's nest issued a statement in response to , We will conduct network wide verification and investigate suspected false information .

“ navy ” The existence of , It's an open secret in the Internet age —— They use machines or organize people , Brush click rate 、 Brush comments 、 Like it 、 brush APP Downloads …… It can penetrate almost all user generated content platforms .

As long as it's an Internet platform valued by data , Data falsification is not impossible . Video website 、 Microblogging 、 douban 、 You know 、 The little red book 、 The tiger jump 、 TaoBao , Every platform has an active water army .

In the Internet fraud industry chain , The project side that has demand invests , Bought a lot of false prosperity , This is exactly what many platforms like to see and even participate in . The price of buying data is high or low , It all depends on how high the wall of the platform is .

Artificial watercress are very expensive , It's cheaper to use the brush

Southern Weekend reporter near 10 Heaven and earth QQ Found in the water army , stay “ Brush quantity ” In the world of , Douban is one of the most expensive .

If you want to “ buy ” douban , a “ navy ” Our offer is , There is no guarantee that the rating of comments will be displayed ,5 Yuan one , Make sure that the reviews are displayed ,10 Yuan one , Like or rate 1 Yuan a .

This price , It's many times higher than buying Weibo and other platforms .

He said , Because Douban is strict with the Navy , The new number generally does not display the content , The registration number for half a year is the easiest to display , therefore “ Half a year ” The most popular . But these numbers are also very risky , If you do it often 、 It was found to be the water army , You'll be locked up ID, Don't show its reviews .

Other platforms , If “ Large amount of ” You can have a discount , But Douban doesn't work .“ Because Douban is purely artificial , Some platforms can machine brush , It's cheaper .” He said .

But really “ work ” How much money can I get from my friends ?

When the Southern Weekend reporter pretended to be a part-time marine , Received Douban task is for TV series 《 Cool life , Can we not be sad 》 Scoring , hit 4 or 5 star , And match it with 15 A short comment about two words , And then the screenshots , adopt QQ Red envelopes pay for .

The price of such a comment is 1 element , The price of the same comment is 10 element ,90% The price difference is swallowed by the middle link .

In the world of the water army ,“ The head of the Navy ” It's a connection between home and home , Looking for jobs , And then QQ Group or wechat group to send tasks . The direct operation is usually “ stragglers ”, They are students 、 Unemployed 、 Stay at home moms and other people who want to make some extra money . Southern Weekend reporter is in QQ There are close in the group 2000 people , Almost every minute there are tasks waiting to be picked up in the group .

“ The head of the Navy ” It could be part-time . such as , A reporter contacted with southern weekend “ go online ”, women , I have to pick up the kids between assignments , Wechat avatar is a photo of Li Ka Shing .

By observing the score of Douban , You can also find traces of the water army in a TV play . For example, last month's national top three TV series 《 Mr. Yuesao 》, In the middle of the show 2018 year 9 month 29 The morning of , Southern Weekend reporter found , With dozens of comments , The play was not graded , because “ There are not enough people to score ”.

Southern Weekend reporter inquired about Douban , The response is , Public release films , To filter out “ Abnormal score ” after , When the number of people scored reaches a certain number, the score will be displayed . To reason with , The number of comments on the play has already reached the level of display rating , Then it can only be because “ Abnormal score ” The proportion is too high .

before , A Bei, the founder of Douban, once explained that , They put the “ I don't believe it , I'm going to raise the average / Pull it down ” Scoring behaviors under motivation are collectively referred to as “ Abnormal score ”. There are roughly four categories , Registration and purchase account brush high score 、 Brush low score 、 Star fans and hard users “ Operation against water ”.

Their principle is “ All can judge belongs to the abnormal score all does not calculate ”, No matter how high or low . in order to “ Reverse brush points ”,24 There are programs running every hour .

similar 《 Mr. Yuesao 》 We can still see , For example, the hit series of Hunan Satellite TV 《 Many years you were late 》,2018 year 10 month 16 There is no score on the day , But the highest short comments are 186 A great .

In Douban , You can also find some accounts that look like water army , Their ratings are often just 1 Seiwa 5 star , All the comments are praising or scolding the actors . For example, an account often plays a star for popular TV series , Comments such as “ Jiang Shuying is always gnashing his teeth in acting ”“ Wang Kai's acting is bad ”“ Ma Tianyu Niang ”, I will always play five stars for some famous dramas , Write “ Jin Dong is so handsome , Those with Jin Dong are all fine products !” etc. .

Brush volume routine

As hard as Douban is Zhihu , It can only be done manually .

a “ navy ” To Southern Weekend reporter , A few months ago , Zhihu can also post a lot of praise or blackmail on a certain star 、 Comments and likes , But not now , Propaganda and advertising content are easy to be deleted , It's easy to like “ fall ”, spot 10 A compliment may leave one or two .

Once upon a time, there were a group of old names under him , I like it too often , It's sealed . He registered a new number , But new likes are easier to find , It doesn't work if you don't like it , Formed “ A vicious cycle ”, Like was found 、 Title 、 Register a new number 、 give the thumbs-up 、 Re seal 、 To register again ……“ It's too hard to raise a Zhihu number , So the price goes up , Now a compliment goes up to 2.5 yuan ”.

however , The price difference is as amazing as Douban , stay QQ In the group , The price of Zhihu like is 0.25 element , Sales are also up 10 times .

stay QQ In the group , The content of Zhihu maizan is various , Except for the entertainment industry , And water purifiers 、 Planting eyebrows 、 British short haired cat 、 English Training , Even the content of surrogacy in Ukraine .

Zhihu told the Southern Weekend reporter that , They're iterating over the anti cheating system , Intercept obvious cheating in advance , There are different levels of treatment for less obvious cheating , Or send it for trial 、 Or limit 、 Or punishment , Model checking and control of very low frequency accounts afterwards . Besides , They've also done something about “ Weird text ” The identification of , Fold it .

In addition to microblog, the common platform of water army 、 Douban and Zhihu , And little red book and tiger puff .

Southern Weekend reporter contacted a water army team , Wechat avatar is red “ water ” word , They say Douban is very strict , Weibo is very loose , Little red book can also do , Comments can't do , Like can ,30 block 100 A great .

In all content platforms , The simplest is Weibo .

The above head is “ water ” The water army's offer is , Weibo is 50 cents , Provide “ Comment on + forward + give the thumbs-up ” Full service . Another offer from the navy is , Buy Weibo “ Hot search ”,6 Once a million or so , Guaranteed to hang up for about a day . in addition , Ten thousand forwarding 200 element , Ten thousand likes 200 element , Ten thousand reviews 500 element .

The price of Weibo is negotiable , because “ Comments and likes can be machine generated or manually generated , Brushes are cheap ”. They have a special program to do it .

Hold a star , A whole set of routine has been made on Weibo : Micro blog plus powder 、 forward 、 give the thumbs-up 、 Comment on 、 You can buy any star power list , It's also real-time “ Bullying screen ”, That is to use a large number of real-time number to send star content ; Can suppress negative information , This is calculated by item , How much is a bar , Generally speaking, star companies provide copywriting 、 Photos and videos are used to “ Bullying screen ”; And microblog hot 、 Make a drop-down box ( Keywords appear when searching )、 Delete the negative drop-down box , These three are more expensive , Because it can only be operated manually ; It's fine too “ black ” others ,5 A comment for $1 , Content is free to play ,“ It's been dark recently LC.” A marine said mysteriously .

Machines replace people

There are tens of thousands of microblogs “ water ” Law , It's mainly machine based . A group called “ The daily life of a programmer ” The blog of , The practice of microblogging machine brush volume has been revealed .

Bloggers found , A programmer , Multiple server windows can be controlled on the computer screen , Different windows perform different tasks . The process is , Constantly monitoring whether Sina Weibo has issued new content , Once you post a new microblog , According to the theme characteristics of the microblog , Extract comments from the comments Library , Automatic comments are under the original microblog , And then buy thousands of microblog accounts from the market , Batch automatically like this comment , Buy another batch of microblog accounts to automatically forward 、 Like the microblog .

“ That's it , One person with a computer , Plus thousands of accounts bought from the market , Complete the whole process .”

The blogger told the Southern Weekend reporter that , We can use text clustering analysis to check the water army , Generally speaking , The water army's behavior is characterized by a large number of users in a short period of time 、 The comments are simple and repetitive , And the information is relatively simple .

The content of automatic comments comes from the comment library , He said , The content of this review library is also collected . Technically , The data of all platforms can be machine scanned , It's just a matter of technical difficulty and whether the platform side manages it . I want to see which ones are machine brushes , Basically turn the comments back a few pages to see .

He said , The platform should be able to identify the Navy , But it's hard to deal with for two reasons , One is the fear of hurting users by mistake , A lot of water army's behavior is not very different from that of ordinary users ; Second, some platforms default to the existence of water army , Create the illusion of prosperity .

A large number of Navy accounts are stolen from existing numbers . For example, one 53 A 12-year-old male user told southern weekend , He just registered for Weibo in his early years , But now his micro blog is forwarding a lot “ Rocket girl 101_ Meng Meiqi ” weibo , And comment “ Calm and powerful onlookers !”. He didn't know who Meng Meiqi was . Look back at Meng Meiqi's latest microblog , Comment on 、 give the thumbs-up 、 The number of forwarding people has reached 50 ten thousand -60 Ten thousand times .

Can machine brush in addition to micro blog , There are also the number of hits and barrage of video websites .

a “ navy ” To Southern Weekend reporter ,50 Yuan can buy Tencent video 10000 hits , Youku and iqiyi can also do , The prices of the three platforms are similar . If the barrage is a line with multiple screens , Every one of them 1 element , If you brush tens of thousands 、 The price of hundreds of thousands of barrages can also be discussed , The minimum 5 Mao Yitiao .

He said , It's the rule of the trade ,“ Unless it's a good movie or TV series , Otherwise, many of them are painted out ”.

The other water army's offer is lower ,1 All amount of play 12 Yuan , It's all machine brushes . If the barrage doesn't hold time 、 If the copy is random ,0.8-1 Yuan one .

Regarding this , A person in charge of an Internet data statistics company said , The common algorithm of click through is actually based on “VV” indicators , That's the opening rate , As long as you're on any platform , Open the relevant webpage , Even one click rate , A piece of flower is also . There's a bill of exchange , E-commerce websites can buy it directly , Later, there was less on the Internet , We also form a gray chain online and offline ,“ I don't work hard anymore , Because this is so easy , Counterfeiting will form a closed loop ”.

Another founder of the data statistics platform told the Southern Weekend reporter that , Video hits are not monitored by a third party , But advertisers hire a third party to audit the data . besides , The amount of play has the final say , No third party evidence .

The real accurate monitoring method is called code monitoring , It is equivalent to adding a code to the video to be monitored , Each trigger will return information to the third party server , This is how to calculate the number of hits . But at present, such monitoring is only applied to the advertisement of video website , Because advertising is mainly about adding , But the data monitoring of video content is not open to the public .

Unlike ratings , Audience rating data is the standard for advertisers' early reference and later settlement , But the website click through rate is mainly a reference for advertisers in the early stage , Because the data that determine the settlement is relatively independent 、 Third party plus .

“ Competition between video sites , It leads them to blow the more hits each other , It's not enough for the Chinese .” The founder of the above data statistics platform said .

2017 year ,《 Three lives, three lives, ten li peach blossom 》 TV series on line 23 The number of broadcasts per day has broken through 189 Billion , Some deputies to the National People's Congress questioned , All Chinese netizens watch it day and night , It can't bring every day 8 Billion hits . And then ,《 Chinese film reports 》 Expose ,《 Gu Fang doesn't flatter herself 》 Website hits soared in one day 14 Billion , The data monitoring organization found that the broadcast volume was as high as 90%.

“ The amount of reverse brush ” Protest

2017 year , China's first video website “ Brush quantity ” And the unfair competition case caused by it is in court .2017 year 2-6 month , Three people from a company in Hangzhou , In the video website iqiyi, for a video , Made no less than 9.5 100 million false visits . The plaintiff iqiyi was finally compensated 50 Ten thousand yuan .

2018 year 9 month 3 Japan , Iqiyi made a statement , Farewell to the era of flow only , Turn off the display of foreground playback .

Ge Chengzhi, President of iqiyi Data Research Institute, told the Southern Weekend reporter that , Iqiyi will use “ Content heat value ” How to measure the popularity of a work , It includes viewing data 、 Interactive data and shared data, etc . Because the simple broadcast volume can not reflect the popularity of a play , For example, in iqiyi , The most popular ones are not 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》, It is 《 Peppa Pig 》, Adults rarely watch an episode three times , But children can often watch an episode more than ten times .

Founder of iqiyi 、CEO Gong Yu said in a recent activity that ,“ Turning off playback is one of the things we're very reluctant to do , But instead of confusing the market , It's better to make up your mind , Be the first crab eater , I don't want content producers to 、 Advertisers are still us , Spend more time on this boring thing , We should develop more scientific indicators .”

Linghe media CEO Bai Yixiang also said publicly that , The company is the first batch of traditional TV play to do network drama ,2014 When I was young, I thought it was very difficult to broadcast more than 100 million on the Internet . On the day when it was over 100 million , All the people on the team are crazy . But now , It's very strange to be online for two hours ,“ Can it really grow hundreds of times in three or four years ? We have a problem with the amount of play ”.

Southern Weekend reporter contacted Tencent video , The other side said that they would not participate in the discussion of topics in this direction in the near future .

A brush quantity water army says in the post bar , The essence of water army is public relations company , There are only two kinds of work you do , Praise and criticism . As a water army , You don't have to tell right from wrong , Just look at the benefits , And then use thousands of false identities to say what customers want to say .

In fact, the scope of the water army has already gone beyond the Internet content platform . stay APP The brush area , For the alliance data widely accepted by advertisers , A number of “ Number of friends ” company . The Southern Weekend reporter saw a reporter named “ There's dream data ” The platform of , It can simulate all kinds of mobile phone information download APP, The official website reads ,“APP Brush volume and alliance brush volume have become the fastest way to obtain financing ”.

A senior member of a public relations company told the Southern Weekend reporter that , Many enterprises love to buy water army , Brush the front manuscript , Hedge against negative information , Ensure that Baidu search the first three pages without negative reports, even if the task is completed .

But , In these “ The flood ” Wash down , Who knows what the real world is like ?

( source : Southern Weekend wechat )
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