How brands use tools to monitor public opinion

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brands use tools monitor public

With the rapid development of big data analysis and public opinion monitoring , Enterprise brands pay more and more attention to Internet public opinion service , Good word of mouth marketing is good for communication , And more crisis public opinion will have a certain impact on the brand , Brands are also accelerating their growth , After verification , Good business model and tuyere will be favored by capital immediately .

Capital is like an accelerator , With intervention, you can expand rapidly , Take more market share , But when the market iterates fast , Brands will always encounter big and small word-of-mouth problems , As an enterprise PR, How to face these word-of-mouth problems easily from the perspective of brand ? today Zhiyuan Combined with their own experience to analyze .

First do PR Basically, we need to have three responsibilities and abilities :

1. Press repression , For those who discredit the brand , Or maliciously attacking customers , Our responsibility and ability to respond quickly to negative news .

2. The ability to delete news , How to communicate or channel , Make some mischief , The ability to quickly process distorted information .

3. The ability of journalism , What kind of platform is the brand press release released in different stages of the brand , What kind of audience to face , The ability of personal identification and Analysis .

 How brands use tools to monitor public opinion

1- Clever use of public opinion monitoring software -

So brand in the early days , May not use the monitoring of public opinion software system , When the brand reaches a certain number of users , Usually the brand is in Baidu , Or when Sogou established its own brand matrix , We need to introduce brand public opinion monitoring software .

What is public opinion Software :

It used to be the government , By purchasing computer software , For news websites , Forum , Blog , In the form of big data capture , Implement testing , Collect brand related data and key public opinions , Now it's also used in large enterprises , The listed company , Or face c Brands with more end consumers, etc .

You can understand that :

Using this public opinion Software , It can automatically analyze the development trend of brand related public opinion information , The first website of public opinion information , author , Reprints , Heat change , Evaluate interventions , The effect of handling public opinion, etc .

 How brands use tools to monitor public opinion

2- Misunderstanding of public opinion software -

1. Internet public opinion monitoring software is not of great value

For friends who have just come into contact with public opinion monitoring software , Or new PR, Some may understand the difference , Public opinion software doesn't have much value , This kind of idea is actually quite out of date .

Now the emergence of the Internet industry , Social media is also everything , The whole market is changing all the time , Public opinion crisis is breaking out faster and faster , A message , A video , At the same time, the burst time is short , Public opinion develops rapidly , And the media is becoming less and less popular , Weakening , Enterprises will not be able to obtain information in time , And after dealing with the problem , Seriously affect the customer experience , Create unnecessary public opinion behavior .

Enterprises or if they don't pay attention to consumers' experience and feelings , Consumers spread information about bad experiences on the Internet , Will bring crisis to the brand , The purpose of public opinion monitoring software , You can use the data , Fast , Find out exactly where public opinion happens on the Internet , It is conducive to the rapid processing of enterprises .

2. Public opinion software is to monitor the enterprise itself

Many enterprises think that , Using public opinion monitoring software , They tend to focus on their own one-sided information , In fact, this will cause deviation in the results of public opinion monitoring , This is because we can not clearly understand the scope of public opinion monitoring .

Now the public opinion monitoring software can basically cover , WeChat , Journalism , Microblogging , Forum , Short video , Q & a platform ,APP etc. , Supported by a lot of data , Enterprises can gain a higher and further understanding , Not only can you understand your own situation , You can also learn about competitors , public opinion , Make the whole environment , The depth of the whole vertical field , comprehensive , Get to know .

3. Relying on manual search can be better than public opinion monitoring software

A lot of big brands , Or enterprises , Will be set up specifically responsible for public opinion monitoring and collection work , Smaller companies may be PR I'm doing it myself , Or choose your mother to help , Sign up for an annual cooperation framework . There are also many bosses who misunderstand the public opinion monitoring software , Think that manual search can do the job , But also according to the results of artificial search to write public opinion report .

In fact, this kind of working method is not only inefficient , And the analysis is not necessarily all reasonable , Whether it can help the brand or the enterprise to complete the work , It's the same thing . Now a lot of public opinion monitoring software , It's not just about monitoring the media , Forum , Even communities can cover , And Party B will cooperate with professional people to give report analysis and reasonable operation suggestions .

4. Public opinion monitoring software can solve all problems

In fact, this is also a kind of misleading , The purpose of public opinion monitoring software is to more reasonably monitor the brand and the public opinion produced by enterprises in the society , And crisis warning , It's not about software , The software is just to find the problem more intuitively The fundamental point of occurrence , Increase of efficiency , Reduce communication costs , Solve it quickly .

5. Public opinion monitoring = Public opinion monitoring

Public opinion monitoring system is to capture the speech information data that is publicly visible on the Internet , Analyze and summarize the meaning behind the hidden data . On the one hand, enterprise network public opinion monitoring is to help enterprises find public opinion as soon as possible , Buy enough time for subsequent processing , On the other hand, the brand or enterprise can fully grasp the form of public opinion , Provide sufficient basis for responding to the countermeasures , Monitoring is like checking .

 How brands use tools to monitor public opinion

3- What should we do if we detect public opinion -

Data from public opinion Software , Once a week , Or monthly reports can be used to show , that PR The team assumes a crisis , Or how to deal with neutral speech effectively , Zhiyuan's analysis is as follows based on his own experience :

1. Small crisis talk ( From Weibo Or forum )

If it's we media , Such behavior , Through data capture , Can effectively find the source address , And contacts ,PR The team can actively and effectively communicate with we media .

If it's traditional media , Or forum , Such behavior ,PR On the one hand, teams usually use positive communication , If the communication fails, it will be handed over directly to the third party , Party B's mother deals with .

2. Reprint too many public opinion articles

Suppose an article , In the form of running data , It can be seen that the reprint exceeds 20 perhaps 30 More than one media , So this kind of behavior , Check where the source address is , Suppose it's neutral media , Or local stations ,PR If the team is handed over to Party B for communication, the cost is too high , It can take the form of press repression , Do a word of mouth marketing , A large number of key words for publishing ,SEO Optimize it .

3. Big crisis events

This is relatively speaking , Everyone is not very strange , An article , A short video burst in an instant , There must be a reason , Enterprises or brands encounter such problems , first time , Set up a crisis team , A clear division of responsibilities , Find the owner of the source article or video , Or the media , Active communication , Second time , Investigate the specific causes , Third time , Take the initiative to respond , Active response is not to evade problems , But to make a reasonable explanation for the problem and how to change it into . Fourth time , After processing , Actively do positive news dissemination .

 How brands use tools to monitor public opinion

4- What enterprises are suitable for public opinion monitoring -

Public opinion software is relatively used by Party B's company , It's also an essential part , Help Party A to analyze data and public opinion , I think Party A's company , If the brand is in its infancy ,A round , Or just B At a stage like this , You don't need to buy public opinion software directly , This matter can be handed over to Party B SEO Companies do . When the brand is big enough ,B round + above , Buy directly from your own company , It's more convenient to introduce .

At the same time, larger enterprises are essential , There is another case , The company has many sub brands , There are ecological chain plates , Then the parent company will have public opinion monitoring software , Monitoring the entire ecological chain , The data of subprojects is also very important .

About the price of public opinion Software , There are many kinds on the market , Some are calculated by year , Some according to the number of times , Use it a few times , Some according to the key words of monitoring , I hope the above is helpful to you in PR It helps in development .

At the end :

Public opinion monitoring does not exist in isolation , Monitoring is not the purpose , Managing brand image is the ultimate goal . Therefore, after monitoring the network public opinion, we should also manage it , Including the analysis and judgment of the monitored data , Dealing with crisis events , Maintenance and upgrading of brand image .


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