12 employees with assets of over 100 million yuan will reserve 5% of the total shares to encourage more young people

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employees assets million yuan reserve

Our reporter Zhao Xueyi Trainee journalist Lin Pingying

In recent days, ,《 Securities daily 》 The reporter learned from famous and excellent products that , After going public , The company has reserved... Of the total number of shares 5% For subsequent equity incentive , The main incentive targets are the newly recruited talents and the employees who have been in service at present .

According to introducing , Whether it's prospective graduates who are included in the recruitment plan , Or old employees who have been serving the company for a long time , Will have the opportunity to be included in the subsequent equity incentive plan ,“ future , Also have the opportunity to enjoy the dividend of the company's listing and rapid development .”

since 10 month 15 Listed on the New York Stock Exchange , At one time, the market value of famous and excellent products reached 70 Billion dollars . Thanks to this , Have super 300 The wealth of employees of companies that have been granted equity incentive before listing rose , There is more 12 The wealth of the employees of famous and excellent products has exceeded 100 million yuan .

It is reported that , In order to establish a long-term incentive mechanism , Better attract and retain talent , In the formal IPO front , Mingchuang Youpin has carried out three rounds of employee equity incentive internally , The total number of employees involved exceeds 300 people . Employee rank coverage specialist with equity incentive 、 executive director 、 The manager 、 director 、VP All levels . According to introducing , In equity grants , Famous and excellent products are not based on rank , It's more about the ability and performance of employees , In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees , It also leaves opportunities for new employees and future candidates .

It is worth mentioning that , Among all the employees who have received equity incentive from mingchuang Youpin , Executive vice president Dou Na, this 85 Post female executives , To surpass 5 One hundred million yuan makes one's own “ The myth of wealth ”. According to introducing , Dou Na, who graduated from University, started as a buyer in the jewelry company founded by Ye Guofu . With excellent learning ability and strong execution , Stand out quickly , Step by step to product manager 、 Product director , To the executive vice president of mingchuangyoupin .

The data shows , Mingchuangyoupin is a product driven global creative household goods retailer , Focus on high value 、 High quality and cost performance , Provide more than 8000 Core SKU Beautiful daily necessities , Covering life and home 、 Electronics 、 textile 、 Bag accessories 、 Beauty Tools 、 Toy series 、 Colour makeup 、 Skin care and lotion 、 Snacks 、 Perfume fragrance 、 Stationery, gifts, etc 11 Categories .

The prospectus shows , By 2020 year 6 month 30 Japan , Mingchuang Youpin has more than 80 Countries and regions have built more than 4200 The retail network of every store , Among them, more than 2500 stores , Overseas market surpasses 1680 home . Just a week after the launch , The first store of famous and excellent products opened in Paris , The store is next to the famous Foye department store .

Well known research institutions Frost&Sullivan According to the report ,2019 Global private brand comprehensive retail GMV reach 520 Billion dollars , Famous and excellent products to 27 Billion dollars ( About us 190 RMB ) Proportion 5.2%, By Frost&Sullivan Referred to as “ The world's largest integrated private brand retailer ”. The report also shows , China's private brand retail market has great potential in the future ,2020 to 2024 The compound annual growth rate will reach 20.5%, The market size is 2024 At the end of the year, it is expected to reach 1800 One hundred million yuan .

Besides , In the context of more and more attention paid to entity economy , Some analysis points out that , The famous and high-quality products that deeply cultivate offline entities may benefit from the development of this east wind . Founder of mingchuang Youpin 、CEO Ye Guofu once said in his speech on listing that ,“ The future mingchuang Youpin must be a platform enterprise , Take offline as the scene 、 Relying on retail , To achieve more imaginative globalization .”

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