What about Alipay and WeChat? Huawei and UnionPay joined hands to fight back

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Be caught off guard !

While you're still marveling at the changes brought about by code scanning payment , Two dimensional code may be out of date !

A thunderbolt ! just , Huawei officially announces : UnionPay , Official launch of mobile phone POS First batch of product application pilot cooperation .

Yes , You read that right : Huawei 、 UnionPay joined hands to fight back ! One represents a Chinese mobile phone 、 Highest level of chip , A representative of China's bank card boss , Originally, the wind, the horse and the Ox are not related , Now we're hugging each other , Join hands in cross border robbery , Building a new payment ecosystem .

 What about Alipay and WeChat? ? Huawei 、 UnionPay joined hands to fight back

From now on , A subversion has officially begun : Mobile phones and mobile phones “ Touch ” Then you can collect the bill , This new payment model , From individual cities , It expanded to the whole country !

In the future , All Huawei mobile phones , Can be converted into bill collection without cost POS machine . let me put it another way , From glory 8 From the beginning to the present mate20, There will be hundreds of millions of potential POS machine , Emerging .

Farewell. , QR code ! A revolution in payment methods is emerging , Payment form will face radical change !


Some may ask : What is a mobile phone POS product ?

In short , Connect the mobile phone with POS Combine machine with machine . The mobile phone itself is a mobile phone POS machine , All businesses only need to open online billing service on mobile phones , No need to paste any QR code , No need to buy POS machine 、 Scanning gun and any other equipment !

 What about Alipay and WeChat? ? Huawei 、 UnionPay joined hands to fight back

Yes , this is it , Just hold your cell phone , Touch the label , Pop up payment window immediately , Input amount , Complete payment through fingerprint or password verification .

 What about Alipay and WeChat? ? Huawei 、 UnionPay joined hands to fight back

Some may ask : Huawei's mobile phone has been transformed into a mobile phone POS product , How on earth is this done ?

The principle behind it is Near Field Communication: Short range wireless communication technology !

at present , Huawei has installed most of its mobile phones NFC Wireless communication chip , It is estimated that all new Huawei mobile phones will be available in the future , Will bring this function .

Some may ask : mobile phone POS product , In addition to face-to-face collection , What's the use ?

It's very useful .

Huawei mobile phones POS Can be a merchant Provide scene based acquiring function , Like buying tickets 、 Order, etc . Huawei mobile phones POS It can also support Online and offline identity authentication . Just keep the phone close eID Card reader and fingerprint verification , You can read the authentication user's identity information , Simulated hotel check in .

 What about Alipay and WeChat? ? Huawei 、 UnionPay joined hands to fight back

Alipay 、 Wechat payment , I've never been more scared than I am today : It used to be done by small companies NFC Gimmick , This time, it's Huawei and the bank . What is fatal is , Pay by scanning code every day 500 The limit will be broken in one fell swoop .

However , The old ones don't go , New don't come ! Huawei mobile phones POS Appearance , Let merchants not buy again POS Machine. , Save a sum of money ; And the masses will be more convenient 、 Efficient 、 Diversified technology financial services !

One mobile phone, all done , Hundreds of millions of mobile phones and soldiers .

3、 ... and

It's not that I don't understand , The world is changing fast !

Science and technology with rapid development , Is making everything strong , Become vulnerable ; To keep everything in place , It's changing .

Just Huawei POS The appearance of the machine , Let three rice bowls smash :

production POS The manufacturer of the machine panicked : All Huawei mobile phones , Can be turned into a portable device POS machine . that , Made by the manufacturer POS Who do you want to sell it to in the future ? It's dangerous to be a code scanner : Relying on WeChat Alipay, this wave of two-dimensional code bonus. , Sweeper gun manufacturers making a lot of money , There will be no code to scan . It's really thriving , His death is also absent . Cashiers face a second wave of shock : WeChat Alipay only “ eliminate ” Half the cashiers , Sometimes the cashier scans your QR code . Now? , Huawei will “ eliminate ” The remaining half of the cashiers !

The future has to ! today , Huawei just released a black swan , But we should see a group of black swans , See a new world in which all walks of life will face a huge impact !

please remember : The tide of technological development is unstoppable . Who follows the trend , Who can take advantage of the situation ; Who goes against the tide , Who will be abandoned by the times ! Rather than worry about “ Iron rice bowl ” Fracture , It's better to change yourself in advance !

Don't be like when Tangshan cancels all road and Bridge toll stations around , That's what the toll station staff said : I this year 36 Year old , Nothing but fees !

because , When the times abandon you , I won't even say goodbye to you !

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 What about Alipay and WeChat? ? Huawei 、 UnionPay joined hands to fight back

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