Understand the operation of activities

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understand operation activities

This article is a summary of the two years' activities , Activities are never purposeless or purposeless , To clear the purpose and goal .

Activity operation must be in a certain period of time , A purposeful means of user growth or transformation . therefore , It's the same as the old four of user operation : La Xin 、 Retain 、 Promoting activity 、 conversion . In the final analysis, we do an activity to meet one or more of the purposes , The higher the level of activity , The more goals you can achieve .

such as , New people's welfare is to bring in new people , Flash buying is to keep , Daily coupons are for transformation , Most of what we've done this year S Level activities are means of transformation , Combined with certain means of retention and promotion , By the way, we have achieved our goal of innovation .

by means of , Build the process structure of activity operation step by step from scratch , Here's a question “ What is a good activity ?”.

First step : Divide “ Before the event ”、“ In the activity ”、“ After the event ”

We focus on the time of the event , Divide the activity operation into pre activity 、 In the activity 、 The last three stages of the activity ( object-oriented ,Object Oriented, It's software development methods ).

The second step : hold “ Before the event ”、“ In the activity ”、“ After the event ” As an object

1、 object : Before the event


Objective correctness : A correct 、 A clear goal is a necessary condition for the success of the activity

The effectiveness of the scheme : Had a target , There must be an effective solution .

Readiness : There's a good plan , We must be fully prepared .

2、 object : In the activity

attribute :

Enough time : The longer the activity is , The better .

Efficiency in time : The more efficient the activity is , The better the effect .

Activity diffusion : The more diffuse the activity is , The more users you can reach .

3、 object : After the event

attribute :

User experience : User experience , It is an important criterion to judge the success of our activities .

Self help : Be able to summarize and grow in the activities , It's the source of our continuous progress .

 Understand the operation of activities

Active object structure diagram

The third step : Methods to analyze the above attributes

First we enter “ Before the event ” Stage , Three things we need to make sure at this stage are : The goal is right , The plan works 、 Be well prepared .

1. Objective correctness

Make sure one thing is right , The best and most intuitive way is to turn it into data , So we take the approach :

  • Turn goals into user data goals ( How much is the sales 、 How many people are there , How many people will be promoted to live )
  • Budget data ( Be clear about how much it will cost )
  • Time data ( Be clear about how much time it will take )

2. The effectiveness of the scheme

An effective activity plan is the core of activity operation , So here we want to enlarge the space and focus on the plan , Let's put “ Programme of activities ” Become an object , Let's see what attributes it has ?

object : Programme of activities

attribute :



Attraction to users

User communication

Next, we start to analyze the above attributes , And began to recruit the corresponding method :

(1) Creative

Method : In the market ( Colleague 、 transcend trades and professions ) More mature and effective means , Combined with the characteristics of the target users for micro original , If full reduction, full gift 、 Assemble 、 Thematic interaction 、 There's a prize for guessing 、 vote 、 New product experience 、 Points exchange and so on .

Develop your reflexes , More observation , Think more about whether the habitual thinking about creativity encountered in life can be used in our activities .

(2) The feasibility of

Each department has a different approach to feasibility , Method :

Operation Department : Can the program make the company 、 Leader 、 Colleagues from all departments support this activity plan , In the activity evaluation stage, the purpose of the activity should be 、 cycle 、 Expected effect 、 Analysis etc. ;

Design department : Whether the vision meets the requirements of the operation , Focus on the purpose and theme of the activity ;

Customer service department : Is the script adjusted at different stages 、 Whether the staff can meet the expected reception of the event, etc

(3) Attraction to users

Method :

The copywriting and visual presentation of the event become as interesting as possible

The user operation level should be as easy to understand as possible

Try to find attractive material prizes within the budget

Try to find attractive virtual prizes , Like a certificate of merit 、 Titles and things like that

(4) User communication

User communication is around the user's sharing property, let users spread spontaneously , For this reason, the common methods are :

Method :

Make it profitable for users ;

Turn the activity into the user's “ Talk about money ”;

The activity itself should be fun , Generating value for users ;

When we consider an activity from the whole several methods , Basically ensure the effectiveness of the activities . Of course , There are different ways , It's not just about the above , We can also summarize more and more effective methods in actual operation .

3. Readiness

Make sure one thing is well prepared , Generally we can get through people 、 matter 、 Consider from three dimensions , Is the person in place ? Is the item ready ? Is there a plan for emergencies ?

Method :
  • Forecast sales as accurately as possible in advance , Provide basis for production and stock up , Ensure the fast delivery of the products ;
  • page 、 Design materials such as promotion and communication drawings are prepared in time , The page went online as planned ;
  • Develop detailed 《 Activity execution plan 》, Be clear about good people 、 Time 、 Thing 、 Goals and other key elements ;
  • Be as ready as possible 《 Emergency alternatives 》, For example, what to do when someone is sick ? What to do if there is an error in the activity settings ? What if there is a problem with the page ? wait . Of course , The unexpected situation is also inevitable , Every activity page can't consider everything , But the more we prepare for this , So the smaller the probability of a problem .

“ Before the event ” Stage summary

After that , We put “ Before the event ” I've got some of the key points for you , We go into “ In the activity ” Stage , The key points at this stage are : Enough time 、 Be efficient 、 To be able to spread .

4. Enough time

In the rhythm of our store operation , In the first half of the year, there were fewer large-scale activities, but more theme activities in the store need to be planned , In the second half of the year, various large-scale activities were launched around the platform . Throughout our activities, the explosive force of sales is inversely proportional to the time of the activity , It is proportional to the warm-up time of the activity .

Face double 11 In this way S Grade promotion , We are at least ready for half a month , One and a half months more , And ahead of time 2 Water storage will be carried out in more than a month . besides , And as long as 20 Days of pre-sale and warm-up will suppress store sales to a day of outbreak , If we only focus on the sales explosion of the day, we don't actually maximize the effect of the activity , In order to maximize the result of the activity , We will “ In the activity ” Lengthen , Divide into “ preheating ”、“ Activities ” as well as “ Waste heat ” Three parts , Make an event more time .

Method :

(1) Strengthen the activities of “ preheating ” part

Before the real warm-up, plant grass around the selling points of key products ;

Create some gimmicks and topics at the beginning of the event , Let the target user start the discussion ;

Focus on the selling points and benefits of products , High frequency effective push , Grab more people's appetite ;

Set up daily interactions , Get more frequent visits ;

(2) Enhance the activity of “ Waste heat ” part

Take stock of the hot products in the event , Sum up the illustrated dry goods to share with users ;

Record interesting people or things that happen in the activity , And share it in time ;

Some feedback and suggestions for users in the activity , Communicate and discuss in a timely manner , There may even be a new round of activities .

5. Efficiency in time

No matter how long it takes , But the real event is just a few days, so , Besides being well prepared , In order to ensure high efficiency during the activity , We use the following methods :

(1) According to the original plan , Orderly execution

according to “ Before the event ” The designated plan of , Orderly execution , Bring up the rhythm of the activity .

(2) Real-time monitoring , Focus on exceptions

During the activity, we must ensure a high degree of concentration , To ensure the sequence of each link , Always be alert to unusual situations .

(3) Find the problem , Timely optimization and adjustment

In case of emergency, it should be adjusted immediately according to the plan , If you find that the sales of a product is not good, adjust the page position in time , More inventory, timely modification of activities, etc ; If there is no plan , Also according to the actual situation , Make a quick decision , To prevent the problem from being amplified . Especially some market opinions 、 Platform rules 、 Some cheating loopholes in legal negligence, etc .

(4) Timely record the activity data and collect relevant materials, and sort out some feedback information from users

The importance of this point lies in the following “ Waste heat ” Part of the time and the second set of work efficiency to lay the foundation .

6. The proliferation of activities

The interaction diffusion here is different from the user communication of the previous scheme , Mainly from “ We ” Let the activities get more spread as far as possible .

Method :

All channels are in full swing , Make the event more visible , Fully reach the target users ;( Self operation 、 Private domain 、 Extension 、 Outside the station )

Real time active data 、 event 、 Spread and push . grasp “ People like to join in the fun ” Characteristics of , Create a lively scene to attract more potential users ;

Use “ count down ” The way to spread and push , To create an active “ Scarcity ” And “ Urgency ”, Promote the rapid transformation of potential users ;

“ In the activity ” Stage summary

above , Our activities have also been completed , But for event operations , We still have a very important stage , Namely “ After the event ” Stage . At this stage , What we want to get is this activity The real experience of the target user , To improve the effect of the next activity .

7. User experience

Our activities revolve around users , So after every activity , To understand the real experience that this activity brings to users , It's a necessary step . It is also one of the criteria to measure the success of this activity .

Method :

(1) Publish the result of the activity in time according to the activity rules , Implement in an open and transparent manner ( Especially some activities with prizes );

After the user participates in the activity , There must be expectations , This kind of time must meet their expectations on time , Otherwise, the consequences will be serious . And the integrity of an activity represents the integrity of a brand , Representing the integrity of a company . Don't cheat .

(2) Make sure the channel of user feedback is smooth , To get enough user experience feedback

We want to get the user experience , We must let the user experience feedback to us , Keep the passage smooth , If conditions permit , It's best to take the initiative to contact users to get some feedback . Comment on 、 Customer service 、 community 、 And opening the voting feedback portal is a good way to get user feedback .

8. Self help

To satisfy this attribute , It's usually an activity “ replay ” 了 , We need to sort out this activity from beginning to end , Complete an activity review and summary .

Method :

(1) Make a comparative analysis with the activity plan and the overall goal

We can review the objectives of this activity , See if the goal is achieved . If so, what are the highlights of the corresponding scheme ? If not , What are the failures in the corresponding scheme ? Highlight method precipitation summarizes methodology , The record of failure should be kept to avoid recurrence .

(2) Use specific methods and effects for comparative analysis

As mentioned above , According to the different effects ( page 、 Micro scouring 、 Taobaoqun 、 Wechat group 、 Text messages, etc ), Various methods have been used , So we still have to compare , Whether the method we adopted has achieved the expected effect . Whether or not it reaches , What is the reason ? Where else can I improve ? Where to strengthen .

(3) Analyze and summarize the dissatisfaction

After an event , Sometimes it's hard to avoid one or two points due to omission or negligence , Regret , This is what we need to summarize these places separately , Find other reasons and solutions , In case of the next one .

 Understand the operation of activities

author : Ma Qiang
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